Fennie Yuen Finds Filming Too Tedious For Her Age

After a ten-year hiatus, Fennie Yuen (袁潔瑩) returns to television screens in the currently airing TVB series, Never Dance Alone <女人俱樂部>. The series deviates from TVB’s usual themes and focuses on the lives of a group of women who have known each other since adolescence. Fennie revealed the reason for the long break from filming was because her body could not cope with the tedious work schedules. In order to ensure a routinely lifestyle, she may not film another series at this point.

Average viewership ratings for Never Dance Alone were 26 points, and peaked at 28 points in its first week of broadcast. Asked if she is satisfied, Fennie is unclear of what is now considered to be standard ratings. “Hopefully the ratings will rise slowly, because it’s rare to have this type of theme. The audience needs to warm up to it.” When there is time, Fennie would also catch the series from myTV on TVB’s online website, since it is very convenient. “I heard viewers on myTV also count [toward viewership ratings],” she said.

Fennie shared she treasures good sleep, which is difficult to achieve during filming. While shooting Never Dance Alone, there were many times when the cast had to work until 4 or 5 a.m. Fennie admitted, “It’s really hard for me to get used to more than ten hours of work. I’m also not young anymore, and it’s tedious to film for 15 hours. I can’t just say I want to quit in the middle of filming, because it’s a matter of professional conduct. I wouldn’t want to leave behind a negative image as soon as I return.”

In terms of future plans, Fennie decided she would only film if work ends by midnight. “Currently, I’ve been getting lots of sleep. Last night, I slept later than usual, and although I’ve slept for eight hours, it still felt lacking.” Not wishing to impact a good sleep cycle by having to stay up late, Fennie may not film another series. Although she truly enjoys her job as an actress, she expressed she will leave the job up to the younger artistes.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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    1. me too. was not expected to enjoy this. seems like having 7 main actresses isn’t too bad an idea. at least i don’t get bored easily. the younger counterparts are really good too!

      1. yea, i didn’t think i was going to like it. after watching 1 episode then the second, i am hooked. i like the story development and the acting is good. theme is something i can relate to, we all can relate.

  1. Wish Fennie, Flora & Angie have more screen time. Love watching tem..fully of character, uniqueness & attractiveness.

  2. I really do respect artists who do manage to strive through long hours of filming and well into the early mornings..i mean, i cant even imagine how dead one would feel with the lack of sleep as well as having to still be in character and memorise lines while staying consciousand clear minded…….thr body wouldnt evenknow when is day and night anymore o_O

    1. I respect anyone with work ethics in any job. She is paid to such hours as with other people. Not the worst job in the world, it has its perks.

      1. Yea, being an artist is hard but yes, it is not the worse job in the world. At least they get paid well compared to many other jobs where people put out a lot more effort but get paid less.

    2. I also agree that artistes are paid well to do that kind of job ………. hard work, super tiring, no privacy, but could be very rewarding (with money and fame).

  3. I know how she feels. I am about her age. I truly enjoy sleeping. Always feel lack of sleep even though have around 7 hours of sleep and get tired easily. I think this is called mid life crisis.

  4. Didn’t Fennie suffer from an eating disorder? So, perhaps her health isn’t like how it was before. I still think she’s skinny.

  5. She’s not that old but why does she look so pale and sickly in the drama?

    1. You do not need to be old be look pale and sick. You can be young and be pale and sickly, while you can be young and be healthy.

      1. Then there must be a problem. She should take care of herself and change her makeup. Her eyes are so droopy

  6. I like Fennie with long hair. She does not look too pretty in the drama series “Never Dance Alone”, and her appearance is very short up to Ep. #6.

    1. In “Never Dance Alone”, I like Rachel Lee (李麗珍) the best. She is the best actress and prettiest one among those 7 women in the drama series. Can’t comment on Flora Chan yet as she has very little screen time up to Ep. # 6.

      1. But Flora Chan looks pretty ugly and too sophisticated. She is never a pretty actress to me anyway. Sorry, Flora’s fans …….

      2. To Sandcherry,agree that Flora Chan is not a beauty but she’s not as ugly as per what you’ve described. Eventhough she’s not pretty to me, I find she has an aura of a capable and strong willed woman maybe these characters make her look good. Well, I really must say that all of us have different perception of what beauty is. I see Gigi Lai is pretty but I’m sure there are some ppl out there who contest no.

      3. @sandcherry

        Flora’s not a classic beauty. I feel like she embodies her own type of “beauty/pretty” if that make sense haha. I’m not a big fan of her, but I’ve always enjoyed her dramas. Maybe it’s the eye makeup (or her aging), I don’t seem to quite enjoy seeing her on screen anymore.

        And the chinglish.
        Don’t know why but it makes me cringe.

      4. It is perfectly okay with me if some people find Flora Chan pretty. I just voiced my personal opinions.

        As for Flora’s “chinglish”, I think it is her acting. She purposely speaks like that to show her character. Flora speaks beautiful English, she was brought up in Boston since her young age. I think she couldn’t even read Chinese when she first went to live in Hong Kong.

      5. Flora Chan’s heavy makeup makes her “Da Da” look ugly in “Never Dance Alone”.

      6. bloom@
        ……. agree that Flora Chan is not a beauty but she’s not as ugly as per what you’ve described.
        Sorry. I just meant “Flora looks pretty ugly in her character ‘Da Da’ in [Never Dance Alone] due to her heavy make up”.

      7. Hi Sandcherry, thanks. Sorry, I guess I missed that out 🙁 Sorry ya…. I didnt watch Never Dance Alone…

      8. You are so rude. There’s nothing wrong with her makeup or her face. You are just jealous. Hahaha

      9. Wow SandCherry, you must be a beauty then (Being sarcastic) really, Flora looks fine. She is one of the few actresses that can actually act and not get me annoyed, even with this character she is playing. After watching today’s episode, I can see why she “hates” her so called friends in MClub at the present time, what the MClub girls did was so mean to her giving her a laxative and making her poop on stage in front of the whole school to get back on her just because the other girls can’t compete. I am rooting for her character now, Carmen’s character gets on my nerves bad! By the way, the adult versions personality seems to have switched. Seems like Carmen’s personality were more like the young “Mainland” girl, and the Modern Rachel Lee personality is like Carmen’s Young character.

      10. @jkfan
        you must be a beauty then (Being sarcastic) really
        It is okay. I don’t mind your sarcastic comments on my look. In fact, I do look good, especially when I was young, and I still look good now. He he ……

        Perhaps it was not fair for me to make that comment on Flora Chan. My comment was made based on the first few episodes. She looked better in Ep. 6. However, I never consider Flora Chan pretty. Her face is a bit too long, but she does have some charisma being a professional woman in a drama series. It is okay if you like her. As most people say “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, and everyone’s standard is different.

        I don’t get offended at all at your comments. Everyone is entitled to voice her opinion.

      11. In fact, I must say that Flora Chan acts quite well in her character “Da Da”. If people get annoyed at her character, it shows that her acting is successful. Also it is a big change for her …… first time to act a villain.

  7. Hmm, she speaks as if she’s very old. One can say that you’re not used to such long hours of work when you dont really need to work anymore. I guess she has quite a lot of savings or she has her endorsement deals otherwise, even if you feel tired, you’ve to work just like me or most ppl out there.

  8. 26 is not a horrible start. It did peak at 28 which is pretty good considering the 30 ratings is acting like an asymptote these days – ratings going near the 30 mark but never touching it

    anyway, I find these series interesting so far!

  9. I miss her when she filmed in Dragon Love with Benny Chan. She used to act as those innocent/cute roles….I don’t like her role in this drama.

  10. Come on, there are older people than her who haven’t complained :/ To each their own though, she should stick to whatever her career has been since leaving acting.

    1. True, I guess she is whiny because maybe her passion for acting is pretty much gone?

      1. Hi HeTieShou, maybe like you said her passion for acting has died off. But she obviously doesnt need the money, else it’s quite difficult for someone like entertainer to sustain to live (even not extravagant) if they dont have savings, or no endorsement deals. I’m sure there must be certain standard of living as they’re after all being recognized. To cut short, she probably has enough money to say that it’s tiring to act at her age. As there are still many older people who still works (whether acting) as probably they still have lots of commitments or still require some source of income.

      2. Hi Bloom,
        Yea, I was wondering what Fennie has been doing since she left showbiz?? Maybe she made successful investments or has some type of business going so does not need more income?? It is not all about money though because there are many who just love to act at any age even though they are financially stable. Basically acting is their passion that they would do as long as their health permits. I have a feeling that Fennie has lost that passion for acting if she did have it in the past.

  11. wow, she is going to be 45 this year. She has reached the midlife crisis. No wonder she doesn’t look that cute and sweet anymore. Next, she will be playing role of grandmother soon. If you’re over 40 and beginning to experience blurry vision up close, time for reading glasses.

  12. Isn’t she a heavy chain smoker, anyone knows? Maybe that’s why she looks so pale and aged a lot.

  13. Fenny still looks better than the normal 40 year old si lai though!

    She is already a Jie Jie in acting and already had her fame for so long, I doubt she needs to be PC as much as when she was younger. She started really young though, I think in her teens, therefore, she has a right to whine as much as she wants.

  14. I love that half the cast of Happy Ghost is on this show!

    1. Only Fennie and Rachel… Is that considered half?

  15. One of my 90’s crushes back when I was a kid lol I don’t think she lost her passion for acting, it’s clear that she likes it. But it seems like she hates being in the spotlight, that just sucks since there are so many people talented for this but are just too shy. Besides its been years since she last filmed along with Angie, it’s understandable that she did not adjust to it than 10 years ago.

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