Fennie Yuen Parted Ways with Long-Time Lesbian Lover

Former actress, Fennie Yuen (袁潔瑩) started a high-profile lesbian relationship with Yuen Ka Yan (阮嘉欣), sister-in-law of socialite Yvette Yung (榮文蔚), in 2005.  Fennie and Ka Yan were often photographed together at concerts and out shopping, never leaving sight of each other. However, it appeared that the lovers parted ways and did not survive the 7-year itch.

Fennie Yuen started her acting career in the 1980s in the Hong Kong film industry, before filming TVB dramas in the 1990s. Fennie’s notable TVB dramas include Revelation of the Last Hero <風之刀武林啟示錄> and Dragon Love <人龍傳說>.  Although retired from acting, Fennie still attends media events and films occasional advertisement endorsements.

Fennie Yuen and Yuen Ka Yan were high school classmates, but they did not develop feelings for each other until they met again in 2005 at a friend’s birthday party. Ever since their relationship came to light, Fennie and Ka Yan were like a pair of Siamese twins, always accompanying each other to public events and boldly taking photographs together.

When Fennie had an eating disorder several years ago, causing her weight to fall dangerously below 100 pounds, Ka Yan was constantly by her side, nursing her back to health. Fennie and Ka Yan had described each other as “very good friends” while Fennie hinted that her family was accepting of her lifestyle choice as long as she was happy.

It was understood that due to differences in their personality, Fennie and Ka Yan had drifted apart and parted ways amicably last year.

Ka Yan was spotted with her new long-haired girlfriend at Kathy Chow (周汶錡) and Julien Lepeu’s Hong Kong wedding banquet. At midnight, a drunk Ka Yan was seen leaving the party with her girlfriend, thus bringing to light the end of her relationship with Fennie Yuen.

Source: The Sun

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I didn’t even know Fennie Yuen was in a lesbian relationship until this news. Really a shock to me.

    1. hahaha LOL…had absolutely NO IDEA shes a lesbian until i clicked in here as well haha….wow, she is not that popular anymore but i remember she used to date men no??? oh well…haha

    2. Me too and was wondering what had happened to her all these years. I did hear that she was retired but never knew that she was lesbian. Maybe she is bi if she had dated men before??

    3. Kidd you are not the only one! It is so high profile that no one knew?!

    4. Kidd,
      Fennie had faded out from the TVB scene when she started dating Yuen Ka Yan, maybe that it why it came as such a surprise to find out now that they were attached.

      I can’t remember who Fennie was romantically linked with in the past. She didn’t really have that many rumors come to think of it.

      1. Wasn’t she dating some guy? An actor or someone? Who was it…

      2. Funn,
        I can’t remember. Was it a wealthy businessman named Law Siu Yeung, who had also purportedly dated Carina Lau?

      3. I really wonder if she will return to acting now that she has broken up with her lover??

  2. wow, I didn’t know she was a lesbian either. Double news for me. I never knew Fennie came out or did she?

  3. Wow, I didn’t recognize the actress with her fatter face as being the cool one from Happy Ghost and Siu Ngo Gong Woo.

  4. I thought she was a guy at first. Gy couple break up too. She should act again.

    1. Me too. Is it d pix her upper lip has a shadow of a moustache mann!

  5. wow so surprise.. she is one of my fav actress.. i like the series face to face..

  6. Shocked as well didn’t know she was a les. I used to think she’s super cute in Revelation of the last hero with Aaron Kwok. She must have retired at a very young age…heaven’t seen her since 2000. Was she rich or something? Just curious…

    1. I just rewatched Revelation as well and it was great seeing her with Ada,Aaron and Noel. Ada and Noel are both happily married and still acting. Aaron is active as well but Fennie just faded out of the e world. Have not heard about her for the longest time. Maybe one day she will return to acting??

  7. Wow just like most ppl I never knew of her sexuality but I’m very supportive. I’ve always wondered about her, I quite like her as an actress. I remember her in Dragon Love and the last Monkey king series but it wasn’t with TVB. She also played a minor role in Swordsman 2 with Jet Li

  8. wow didn’t know she is lebs till i saw this news. she’s pretty and good actress. hope she get back on screen.

  9. whoa what a shocker this is , never knew Fennie was a lesbian..

    she’s quite pretty

    always wondered what happened to her after TVB

  10. She wasn’t naturally les. I remember Wong Pak Ming once said she caught his eye on the streets because she was arguing with her boyfriend then and he thought she had a lot of character. She’s probably like Susanna Kwan…turning les only after several failed relationships with men.

    1. That’s a crazy reason to go for a homosexual relationship – because you find yourself undateable with the opposite gender – I have actually seen it happen in college and I have always found it suspicious. So if you are the last person on the planet, do you start dating monkeys or fishes?

      I still don’t think Gigi Chao is naturally gay but she seems to be very uncomfortable because she is so rangy. Is her father Hakka or Korean?

  11. I thought Fennie was the long-haired one on the right of the picture??? I’m sure she’s not the moustached short-haired one ><

  12. Like everyone else here, I’m totally surprised as well and never knew until I read this article.

  13. It is shocking to me. Recently, I was re-watching a John Woo’s classic “Bullet..,” and I just noticed F.Yuen is in the movie. I can’t help how pretty she is in the movie.

  14. I always thought she is but I never know about this high profile relationship! Hope she’ll make a comeback after this.

  15. Frank and beans are for the ordinary people. She likes abalone!

    Apologies for the crude joke, but I really couldn’t help myself…. :p

  16. I loved her in Heartstrings with Gigi Lai and Aaron Kwok and the other series with Louis Koo in it (something with ICAC).

  17. I still remember when she acted tvb drama “face to face” with ekin Cheng. She”s so pretty.

  18. I didnt reccognise who she was in that picture, but she was actually lead female in a lot of series back when I was a kid.
    I guess because she retire from the biz there was only so much coverage she got. If she’d stayed in showbiz they probably would have hounded her alot more.

  19. She’s still very pretty after all this year! I love her in Face to Face, Dragon Love and Food of Love~~Wish her all the best! 🙂

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