Filming is Delayed for “Big White Duel 2” and “Children’s Hospital”

With COVID-19 infection rates increasing in Hong Kong recently, TVB decided to be more cautious and postpone the start of filming two high-profile productions, Big White Duel 2 <白色強人2> and Children’s Hospital <兒科醫生>. Starring in both dramas, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) reveals that he is using the extra time to prepare for his doctor roles.

Children’s Hospital was originally scheduled to start filming in July, followed by Big White Duel 2 in October.  Now that Children’s Hospital‘s filming schedule is delayed, this will ultimately affect the latter drama. The producer of Big White Duel 2 Marco Law (羅永賢) shared, “We will likely delay the start of filming until early November as we have to wait for Kenneth to finish filming Children’s Hospital first. We will not film any outdoor scenes in China–the earliest we would go is early 2021. I hope the pandemic can stabilize soon.”

Filming both dramas back-to-back, Kenneth has been taking advantage of the time to prepare more fully for his role in Children’s Hospital. Though Kenneth has portrayed doctor roles 13 times in 20 dramas, including specialists in neurosurgery and cardiology, this will be the first time Kenneth will be a pediatrician, so he has to familiarize himself with the medical jargon.

When teased if he is spending time with girlfriend Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯), Kenneth said, “We do not go on dates every day.” Aside from studying his script at home, Kenneth has been trying to exercise more. “I do jump ropes on the rooftop, push-ups, and planks. If there is no absolute need, I avoid going out. I hope the pandemic will pass soon.”

On whether his work and earning power have been affected by a slowdown in work, Kenneth replied, “It’s still okay. My manager will continue to book jobs that will start later. It hasn’t affected me too much. In my past projects.”

Also starring in Children’s Hospital is Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣). As this is her first drama since becoming a mother of two children, Linda had especially flown back to Hong Kong early to allow time for quarantine.  Since the drama is now delayed, Linda was asked whether she will return to Canada to spend time with her family. She shared, “The most important thing is that everyone is safe. The plan is still to finish filming the drama on time, as originally scheduled. Hopefully, we can control the pandemic soon.”

Taking part in Children’s Hospital as well, Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) added, “It can’t be helped. The delay is because of the government’s restrictions on large gatherings. Everyone wants to feel safe, so we are delaying filming. Everyone is dealing with the situation as best they can, and we are exhibiting great team work. It’s a good thing!”


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  1. Wouldn’t Big White Duel 2 be delayed even more since Natalie is filming a drama in September?

  2. Someone should be fired for casting one actor in two series in exact roles …. but I guess when Kenneth sold his soul for a new contract he was promised more series. TVB didn’t promised they’d be good roles lmao … evil TVB.

  3. I just lost all interest to watch “Children’s Hospital” knowing that Linda Chung is in it.

      1. @scarlett013 I don’t think he has! Though it would take some serious styling and character writing since Ron has zero doctor vibes. I’d like to see him play a lawyer more lol

      2. @bubbles23 i actually skimmed through his wikipedia to see if he has played a doctor before and turns out he was a vet in the brink of law! didn’t watch it though so not sure if he was convincing

      3. @scarlett013 omg yes Ron was pretty convincing as a vet in The Brink of Law. I really like Ron and think he has so much potential. I hope he gets different roles.

      4. @luye you have to watch the new video of him and Kenny doing the don’t laugh challenge. It’s on YouTube. He’s next level humour 😛

      5. @luye Ron and Bosco were heavily promoted at the same time. Unfortunately, Ron got into too many rumours about him playing the field that TVB had to put him aside and concentrated on Bosco. He’s lucky to get a second chance.

  4. I don’t find Kenneth great in doctor roles? I much prefer him in comedy roles such as exorcist meter. Either way I will still watch even with Linda chungs horrendous acting.

    Wish Ali was back in BWD 🙁

    1. @karina TVB is so desperate… ppl kinda moved on from Linda I feel. For my part I completely forgot about her. I used to really really like her a lot now I just feel she comes back to make good money.

      1. @jujuxoxo All these TVB “actors” born overseas bail HK the first chance they get whenever there’s an obstacle or aim to marry rich cuz their career aren’t sustainable if it wasn’t for TVB having no more talent. The HK entertainment industry is sooo sad rn

      2. @jujuxoxo Linda isn’t the only artist who is chasing after money and fame. The same standard applies to all celebrites such as Ron, Bosco, Kevin cheng Bobby au, Charmines sheh. They’re all chasing after the fame and fortune and attention the entertainment industry brings them. After they became famous and popular at Tvb. They leave Tvb to go to Mainland to dig more golds and would only return to Tvb to film a per series contract. Do you think celebrites will retire from the showbizz and take a low paying jobs and be satisfied and content living a frgual life like the ordinary citzens? They all hopes to earn big bucks and live a luxurious lifestyle. It’s because they’re materialistic, and they’re putting the added pressure on themselves to consume fancy cars, mansions, and a variety of luxury material possessions that they actually don’t need. For these people, it isn’t enough to have $1 million; they want $4 million, and those individuals with $4 million want $10 million and so forth. They have so much, yet it’s not enough because lifestyles expectations increase as their net worths soar

      3. @sam01 I was suprised that kevin came back to tvb considering he was focusing his career on the film industry. As for bobby I think he just film tvb series for fun, not really for money since his wife family is quite rich.

      4. @scre Bobby never depend on her wife’s family for financial support. He earns big bucks from China and HK in all these years.

      5. @sam01 Saw many interviews from tvb green leaves and they all say people join TVB and hope to leave as soon as they can. They only join TVB not because of the money but for the fame. After they get the fame, they will leave and make more money elsewhere. Most never get to leave.

      6. @mike @scre That’s what I’ve said earlier. They joined Tvb in order to gain fame and popularity. Soon afterward, they will leave tvb and go Mainland china to dig more golds and would only return to Tvb occasionally to film a per series contract. Do you really think celebrites will retire from the showbizz and take a low paying jobs and be satisfied and content living a frgual life like the ordinary folks? They all hopes to earn big bucks and live a luxurious lifestyle.

      7. @sam01 What you described is what everyone does no matter which industry they are in. When ordinary folks gets a better paying job, they’ll leave for that high paying job and earn the higher bucks and live a better lifestyle. They won’t be satisfied going back to a low paying job. That’s everyone, not just showbiz.

  5. Children hospital sounds like taking care of little kids only if that’s the case Linda could have put her daughter in the drama with her so they both make extra money. Look at Ron Ng and Michael Miu they both act as a policeman alots too.

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