Flora Chan Absent from Key Promotions for “Never Dance Alone”

To prepare the Hong Kong audiences for Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) first self-produced TVB drama Never Dance Alone <女人俱樂部>, the cast endured a whirlwind press tour around Hong Kong. The star-studded comedy drama, which features nineties stars Carman Lee (李若彤), Rachel Lee (李麗珍), Flora Chan (陳慧珊), Fennie Yuen (袁潔瑩), Gloria Yip (葉蘊儀), Angie Cheong (張慧儀), and Elvina Kong (江欣燕), premiered on April 21, 2014, a week before its intended broadcast date.

Never Dance Alone’s premiere episode achieved 25 ratings points, which is an underwhelming result. However, Eric Tsang believes the series will eventually reach wider audiences and will work on promoting the series.

Eric pulled many strings to gather the seven ladies together to star in the aerobic dance series. Although Eric stressed that all seven ladies were female leads, it has been observed that only Carmen, Rachel, and Elvina had the most screen time in the series. Various gossip reports claimed that Flora, known for portraying professional roles in the past, was unhappy that she was demoted to be just a “supporting” role in Never Dance Alone.

Flora portrays Diana, the villainous CEO of D Dance Fitness and a rival of M Club. Flora once said in an interview about her role, “In the past I’ve only been offered likeable roles. This time, my role is lonely. She has no friends.”

Reports claimed that Flora was initially hesitant about shooting Never Dance Alone after receiving the script, but she was persuaded by her husband to continue with the project. A source close to the cast of Never Dance Alone revealed that Flora was always sour-faced and stayed in her own bubble. She was the first to leave the set once work was completed and did not socialize with the cast. The source also added that Flora was easily irritable and had poor communication with the production staff.

In addition to Flora’s alleged diva attitude, she also avoided attending promotional events for the series. Flora was absent from three promotional events for the series so far.

A source explained, “Originally the PR wanted to promote the cast separately – Carman and Rachel in one team, Angie and Elvina in another, Gloria and Fennie in a third, and Flora on her own. However, it was really hard to get a hold of Flora, and when she did pick up her phone, she said she wouldn’t be able to make it because of school. Sometimes, for convenience we would arrange for promotions at night, but Flora would give the same excuse.”

Flora did attend the grand red carpet premiere for the series on April 19. However, she skipped out in the after party and immediately left for home after the event ended.

Source: Sudden Weekly via ihktv.com 

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Flora oh Flora, your role may be small but I find Dan Dan the most exciting. So do what you’re paid to, promote the series. You’re probably the most accessible female star of this series to the younger generations who may not know the other 6 female actresses.

    1. I agree even though she had a “princess Sickness” attitude as a kid I felt like the other girls were being pretty mean to her.

  2. This series have a lot of old generation actresses, so I think it probably appeals to those typical HK “see lai” lol so I’m shocked ratings are quite low. I doubt they can complain about anything in this series since it’s basically a bunch of old women dancing 😛

    1. I think it appeals more to the young boys who grew up watching them or myself from that generation (carmen Lee onwards). The ratings is expected. This is not the sort to have high ratings. They need Greed Of Men sort of series for high ratings.

      It isn;t about old woman dancing. It is about 2nd chances in life to relive the past where they were once young and full of dreams and hopes. It should appeal to anyone.

  3. She did go attend the ‘grand red carpet premiere’, so she did do what she was paid to do. She just didn’t go to the after party, which is not obligatory.
    Sounds like another article that’s trying to make a mountain out of a a molehill. Actors and actresses do have the right to say no to parties and to say no to TVB without being a diva.

    1. I heard that she did not go to certain promotional events because she is busy. She is working oh her masters and she has to film another China series soon. This news is just so BS and twisted by the media from what I feel.

    2. Oh please….this is obviously just another bogus report from the tabloids. Flora already said from the beginning that she agreed to film the series because it would be completed within a short amount of time and wouldn’t interfere with her schoolwork. Her first priority right now is taking care of her daughter and family and second priority is school, so of course she’s not going to have enough time to accommodate every single promo event…that’s not a secret and I’m sure the entire cast and crew already knew this from the start. I hate how the tabloids always try to make a big deal of every little thing…it almost seems like their goal in life is to make artists’ lives miserable….

  4. I actually like this series solely because of the cast. They were the beautiful and still lovely fadans I grew up watching in the 90’s until now. I absolutely adored Fennie and hope she will have more screen time. I guess I am a ‘see lai’ at the age of 27 according to one of the other reviewers. ^_~

    1. At age 22 here. Apparently I’m a “See Lai” as well.

    2. Same here! Haha, I am only 20. This is such an amazing series and the songs they used (from the 80’s/90’s) are excellent! The canto songs today are crap, so it is definitely refreshing. AND FINALLY, actresses/actors who can act!

      1. apparently im a ‘see lai’ too. Im 17 years old. But I don’t care at all; I grew up watching TVB, and I adore Flora so much.

    3. Me too. I saw her in Dragon Love several years ago. She’s the only one I know out of them (excluding Chan) and I hope she’ll have more screen time as well. Her character as of now is still a little boring…

  5. Flora got the job done. Of the 7, I find her acting the most natural so far, followed by Fiona Yuen and then Rachel Lee.

    I was watching Dinner Confidential with Anthony Wong as host (also interviewing Ada Choi in the same episode). You can get a glimpse of Flora’s personality. She’s not exactly the personality where everyone will get along but that doesn’t mean she’s what the report is saying, “diva.” She’s likely the type that takes time to warm up to!

  6. I watch this series just because of having Flora; she is a very good actress.

  7. i’ve watched this ‘never dance alone’ tv show
    and flora chan is okay at the never dance alone’
    tv film she is a quite good actress as well

  8. flora is always my favourite in the 90s.

    she is super cool.

  9. i actually looking forward to this series when it was first announced… has been following up until ep.5 and can’t wait for the other episodes to air.. oh, the thing I’m most excited about is they used the cantopop from the 80’s!! yeay!!! can’t wait to hear which Danny Chan’s songs that they are going to use 😀

  10. Was quite surprised to see fiona in such a role, cos as she said, all her previous roles are the likeable, vulnerable girl kinda roles..

    But ‘dan dan’ goes to check on cyndi when she dances on the roof top, not that bad right..

    I enjoy watching this more than swipe tap love (i like that show for eddie kwan, the small girl and 009!)

  11. I love this drama, maybe not everyone cup of tea but its light hearted, funny and bring back so much memories. I am 32, so maybe that’s why, hehe. And can we talk about all those awesome songs they play, love it.

  12. This drama is amazing I love it! I am only 16 but it’s great seeing all the actresses from the 90’s. I watch a lot of old TVB dramas so I know who they are :p

  13. The theme song with Mag lam was horrible. That’s how she sound like. Shirley sing way better.

  14. ((((((Flora Flora Flora))))))!!! I watch this drama BECAUSE of YOU only…love & miss your acting sooooooo much.

  15. my goodness, HK media really cannot think outside the box? can’t she been sour-face because she’s thinking of her daughters? Worried about her daughters when running back home immediately after filming?

    I am not saying other actresses don’t have their own lives but the truth is most of them are either unmarried or divorce with kids that are already in their teenage years, so really hard to compare the lifestyles.

    Sometimes, don’t attack people just because they are loners.. Anyway, ain’t Flora Chan supposed to be a LONER in this show… So she’s just acting as what she’s suppose to do…

  16. I’m watching this series because of Flora as well, doesn’t matter whether she seems like she’s “dancing alone”. I love her anyway 🙂

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