Flora Chan Tired and Moody on Set of “Good Morning, Boss”

Occupied with taking care of her family and pursuing higher education, Flora Chan (陳慧珊) has been less active in the entertainment industry since her marriage to Mike Chung (鍾家鴻) in 2006. While filming Good Morning, Boss <波士早晨>, reports claim that Flora’s moodiness and diva attitude made her difficult to work with.

A staff member revealed that although Flora was scheduled to meet with the media, she ignored the request and isolated herself to a corner, making the reporter wait awkwardly. Flora was then seen harshly throwing her stack of papers on the floor and made her assistant pick them up. When filming of the scene began, Flora told the reporter, “Let me finish my work first.”

When asked whether her personal life is reflective of her character in the drama, Flora responded, “I usually don’t like talking about my personal things. People can think whatever they think.” With the busy filming schedule, Flora expressed that she has not been getting enough rest, “I try to find more time to rest. I’m just trying my best to adjust.” When asked how she is managing her daughter’s daycare with her busy schedule, Flora responded, “It’s okay. I have good people helping me.”

Ben Wong (黃智賢), who plays Flora’s ex-husband in the drama, was not present during the incident. When asked whether Flora has a bad temper due to lack of rest, Ben said, “She has a lot of scenes and the work hours are long. Being tired is understandable! But she is quite nice to me! We don’t have issues communicating. She is someone with high standards and is very detailed with her work. She just wants to do well. This is a comedy series, so it’s a fun filming experience.”

Flora Chan Accepted to Hong Kong University’s PhD Program

Apart from her filming schedule, Flora is also currently busy preparing for the start of a new school year. She shared the exciting news that she has been accepted into a PhD program at Hong Kong University. “I can finally achieve my dream. I’m really happy. School starts in September.” When asked whether she will continue acting after completing her PhD, Flora said, “No need to think so far ahead. Time-wise and with other factors, I won’t be leaving the industry. After all, I enjoy acting.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This photo of Flora is not very flattering. I used to like her a lot as she played the formal office professional roles really well. Till now there is no fadan in TVB whom can carry off that type of cool professional look. I think she did quite well in Never Dance Alone although she does show signs of her age.

  2. She has definitely aged and it shows. Perhaps stress is making her age faster. I don’t think she has a diva attitude, perhaps stress has taken its toll and she’s just being straight forward and doesn’t mean she has to be nice to everybody. Maybe she ought to slow down a bit.

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