Four Controversial Relationships In “The Penthouse”

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Four Controversial Relationships In “The Penthouse”

Popular Korean soap opera The Penthouse: War in Life is topping ratings and dominating online discussion forums. With its cliffhangers and soul-grabbing storyline, The Penthouse holds nothing back when it comes to shocking its viewers, and that includes writing in controversial couples that make us cringe with discomfort and thirst for more.

Controversial Couple #1: Shim Su Ryeon vs. Gu Ho Dong

Physical education teacher Gu Hu Dong returns to Korea to avenge for Min Seol Ah, his adoptive younger sister. Believing Shim Su Ryeon as the true killer, he sets off his plan of attack, only to realize that he’s had the wrong target all along—Shim Su Ryeon, the birth mother of Seol Ah, had always loved her daughter. Su Ryeon and Ho Dong later team up to search for the killer together. In trailers, it is implied that Su Ryeon and Ho Dong develop a strong chemistry with each other, a chemistry that may result in something forbidden.

Controversial Couple #2: Joo Seok Hoon vs. Joo Seok Kyung

Seok Soon and Seok Kyung are twin siblings who suffer from long-term abuse by their controlling father. They are inseparable, to the point where Seok Kyung develops this strange possessiveness for her brother—she would try to get rid of any girl her brother has romantic interest in. One cannot exist without the other, and this is made clear. There are fans who support them to become a romantic couple, and hope that the writers will find a way to write them to be unrelated by blood.

Controversial Couple #3: Joo Dan Tae vs. Cheon Seo Jin

It’s hilarious to think that this extramarital couple to be the most normal coupling of them all. Fans are eager to know what would lead to the downfall of this villainous pair.

Controversial Couple #4: Ha Yoon Cheol vs. Oh Yoon Hee 

The star-crossed lovers were once a couple, but due to various circumstances they had to stay apart. With Yoon Cheol now married to Seo Jin, love between Yoon Cheol and Yoon Hee was never meant to happen again.

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    1. anon says:

      Oh great another positive article on kdrama while the next article on cdrama will be negative.

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    2. funnlim says:

      Misleading sensational article. Since I’m watching I can answer these;

      Couple 1 : not happening but then this series is insane so anything can happen. Even if happened, they are not related and the adoption was cancelled.

      Couple 2 : Whilst their maternity issue is questionable, who is their mom, this twin has very close relationship because they are twin siblings. Again since this series is crazy, they may not even be siblings. But so far they still is. And no, not even a hint of romance but yes, there is a sense of possessiveness by the sister to the brother and the brother is now realising how toxic their relationship is. If this is movie or european movie, maybe there will be incestous affair but this is TV kdrama, so no, won’t happen.

      Couple 3: What’s so controversial? THey were having an affair, neither is related, and 1 is divorced at this point.

      Couple 4 : the guy is divorced, so yes can happen but nothing did because the daughter dramatically hates the idea of her mom so called affair with her first love and the guy’s daughter is insanely crazily hate the woman’s daughter. And they are not some star crossed lover. The guy left the girl who paid for his medical fees to marry up, aka our evil seojin. The guy is despicable. Everyone in this series is despicable. Except the poor dead girl. The rest are just despicable and so unlikable. By now we even know who pushed the poor girl.

      So frankly where’s the controversy? The only controversy is do chaebols really act that way?

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    3. jingxi2943 says:

      Can’t wait to watch:)

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