Frankie Lam Portrays Plastic Surgeon in CTI’s “The Three-Sided Doctors”

On August 23rd, CTI’s sixth drama, The Three-Sided Doctors <三面形醫>, held a press conference in Tsuen Wan’s Nina Tower. The drama stars Frankie Lam (林文龍), John Chiang (姜大衛), and Wilson Tsui (艾威) as three plastic surgeons who are conflicted with the morality of their occupation.

According to CTI, The Three-Sided Doctors will be the first drama in Hong Kong television history to present a “realistic” portrayal of medical surgeries. Like the rest of CTI’s dramas, The Three-Sided Doctors will be filmed entirely with an HD ARRI camera and will be filmed in real hospital settings.

The medical drama will come in two versions – a television drama version and a web drama version. The web version will reveal the actual processes involved in plastic surgeries.

CTI hopes that The Three-Sided Doctors will inspire the public to reflect on the definition of “beauty,” while relating to their own values.

The Three-Sided Doctors will be directed by Kwan Shu Ming (關樹明) and written by Choi Ting Ting (蔡婷婷), whose latest work with TVB was Forensic Heroes III <法證先鋒III>. Kate Yeung (楊淇), Sam Chan (陳宇琛), Benji Chiang (姜文杰), and Lesley Chiang (姜麗文) will also star in the drama.


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  1. Well, perhaps it is worth it. Frankie Lam is the 1st lead actor in “The Three-Sided Doctors”; he has not been acting as a 1st lead actor for a while.

    1. Do you know why he hasn’t been a 1st lead actor for so long?……’s because he’s a “has-been” and is no longer popular or in demand in this industry anymore……..he’s been out of the limelight for so long and should just stay out of it cause he’s not gonna make any meaningful comeback…..look at him in this pic……he is far from his glorious days as a young good-looking guy at TVB……..I can bet you 99% that this series is gonna flop and he will just sink even lower than he is right now……he can still get lower if he doesn’t find another line of work………

      1. It’s true and even the once-to-be-princes like Bobby have awful role recently, I still love watching them. What an competitive environment.

      2. I never seen him as a good looking actor before. Nothing special about his acting. He only good as the 2-3rd line who stand next to the lead. He don’t have the charisma who can lead a show. Never even impressed or leave a deep impression in audience with his masterpiece during his days in tvb

      3. I think I have seen Frankie in Malaysia before, can’t be sure. That guy looks like him, very good looking.

  2. i miss watching frankie lam in dramas. the last series i can remember with him in it was forensic heroes 2..that was 4 years ago. i wonder when this will air?

  3. I haven’t heard from Frankie Lam since his scandal. This series look interesting

  4. I find Frankie’s acting very bland and boring.

    Also, I think it would be more realistic to portray one of the plastic surgeons money-hungry and push their patients to do more operations. 😛

    1. Agree. I also find Frankie’s acting very bland and boring. That is why he could not move up. He was very handsome when he was young.

    2. I think Frankie is bland and boring too. Kenix has always been more successful than him. Until they got married and both career stalled.

  5. This reminds me so much of Nip Tuck 🙂

    Even “Fish” father left TVB for CTI, hehe. I hope there will be female surgeons i.e not just as patients and playtoys.

  6. never heard of these: Kate Yeung (楊淇), Sam Chan (陳宇琛), Wilson Tsui (艾威), Benji Chiang (姜文杰), and Lesley Chiang (姜麗文)

    cti doesn’t have the license to broadcast

      1. There series won’t be able to air. Then they’ll have to hope that someone buys the series to pick it up. Pretty risky if you ask me it’s like throwing money down the drain if he doesn’t get it.

    1. Seems like a lot of veteran actors are able to get their children to act with them in CTI as well. Felix and his daughter, and now John Chiang and his pair of children.

      1. Those two are not John Chiang’s children. They are his nephew and niece. Children of Paul Chun. 😀

    2. Kate Yeung is more well-known in the film industry.

  7. Sam Chan was with TV, he played Ruco’s pupil in The Other Truth, thought his acting is solid…also Deno is in this as well, hopes he finally get some recognition. I always liked Frankie, nice to see him back on screen.

  8. Many of the supporting artists left TVB.

    Frankie’s acting bores me. He was better in the early 90’s, when he was given a variety of roles to work with.

  9. Hmm well sounds a lot more interesting to me than CTI’s planned musical one, and maybe even the ghost one. I really hope they can make quality shows for my own entertainment lol.

  10. This sound interesting.. hope CTI get their network license soon so we can watch their new dramas!

  11. grest for frankie.. love his acting.. he deserves to be 1st lead actor

  12. I hope this series gets aired. I miss watching Frankie and the veterans.

  13. “Forensic Heroes 2” was one of Frankie’s good drama series. A lot of people still remember him as Dr. Koo (古澤琛), a Forensic Pathologist/Mystery Writerpathologist. Unluckily he did not have many drama series after this one.

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