Fred Cheng’s Future Girlfriend Must Get Along With His Dog

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Fred Cheng’s Future Girlfriend Must Get Along With His Dog

Extremely caring towards animals, Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) adopted a black Labrador named Riley after coming across a “Need Help” post on a friend’s social media page last year. The puppy quickly became an extremely important part of the 31-year-old artiste’s life. Fred hopes to stop discrimination against black dogs, and added that his future girlfriend must get along with his pet.

When Fred first brought Riley home, things had been out of control due to his untrained behaviour. Every time they went out for walks, Riley fought for the leash and stopped them in their steps. He was also afraid of other dogs and fought with them as a move of self-defense. Fred shared, “He ran away super fast every time I let go of the leash, and I couldn’t even call for him since he didn’t recognize his name. Once, he ran off while I was chatting with a neighbor and almost got hit by a truck!”

Realizing that things were not going to work out with Riley’s uncontrollable behaviour, Fred decided to enroll him in a two-month dog boarding school. The first month consisted of teaching Riley basic commands, such as “sit”, “stay”, and not to fight for the leash during walks. Training in the second month became more difficult, including teaching Riley how to follow his owner without being on a leash. Fred also took time to attend some of the classes. However, it was all worth it in the end, since Riley transformed into an obedient and friendly dog.

Nowadays, Fred takes Riley into consideration in whatever he does. His future girlfriend must also get along well with the dog. Fred added that many people hold negative beliefs about black dogs, and hopes to stop discrimination against them. “The chance of adopting a black dog is relatively low, and yet the chance of having them euthanized is quite high. Many people are afraid of Riley when I bring him out, but he’s actually very friendly! I hope people will not consider colour a factor when they adopt dogs!”

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  1. shekilledit says:

    Do people actually discriminate black colored dogs?
    That’s absurd.

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  2. azndoraemon says:

    Chinese/asian thinks black dogs are ugly/dirty/scary looking and they think it will bring bad luck.

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