From Friends to Lovers: Elanne Kwong Announces New Relationship

It turns out that love had been before her eyes all along.

On April 29, Hong Kong singer-actress Elanne Kwong (江若琳) suddenly announced on social media that she is now dating her friend of ten years, Oscar Siu (蕭潤邦). Elanne’s last relationship was with the Chinese actor Cao Yunjin (曹雲金), whom she split with last year.

Oscar, a former member of the band Bliss, left the group in 2008 to pursue the culinary industry in Shanghai. He returned to Hong Kong three years ago to open his own Shanghainese restaurant.

elanne kwong oscar siu igElanne first announced the relationship on her Instagram. She uploaded a picture of her leaning on Oscar’s shoulder, writing, “It’s true, I’ve found it; someone who understands me [and] loves, in the years that will come, just like the ten years that have gone by.” She thanked fans and the media for supporting her, and promised to repay with sincerity.

Oscar posted the same picture on his own Instagram, and wrote, “Ten years ago, I met a girl with huge eyes. As friends, we worked hard and fought on the same field, cheering and supporting each other […] Ten years later today, we’ve come across each other again. Maybe it’s now the right timing, and that we’ve met the right person. Everything will be just like how it was before, and we will still be each other’s biggest supporter and partner. The only thing that has changed, is that we’ve now gotten together! Your boat is me, your lighthouse is me, even the shore is me!” Oscar was referencing Elanne’s newest single “Little Lighthouse” <小燈塔>, released in March.

Congratulations to the new couple!

Source: Eastweek

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