G.E.M. Requests for Contract Termination from Management Agency

In a public statement released on social media Thursday night, Hong Kong singer G.E.M. (鄧紫棋) announced her decision to request for early contract termination from her agency Hummingbird Music (蜂鳥音樂), her management agency of 11 years.

The decision did not come lightly for G.E.M., who sat on the idea for months. She began to consult a lawyer three months ago, which helped her throughout the negotiation process. G.E.M. said her agency had “severely breached contract terms” and received jobs for her without considering her consent. For months, G.E.M. had tried to maintain peace by yielding to the company’s demands, even if they were in violation of her contractual rights. After giving multiple second chances, G.E.M. has decided that it is finally time to step up and say no.

G.E.M.’s statement is as follows:

In my life, besides my father, you two were the men I trusted the most. It’s a pity that we have come to this, the end.

These years I have tried again and again to adjust my mindset while being treated unfairly; time and time again I brushed off my tears and reminded myself to stay peaceful, be patient and accommodating; even a few months ago when I discovered that my agency had severely breached contract terms, I stayed calm and tried my best to communicate with them, hoping to settle with peace. I know in my conscience, I’d really tried my best.

For three months, I communicated with my lawyer every single day, and even brought my lawyer along during negotiations with my agency. We even hired a mediator. Time and time again I lowered myself, and during this process, I continued to do the jobs that they’ve already given me (besides one, which was an endorsement contract that my agency had signed without my permission). I accommodated and made an effort to finish the jobs because I wanted to peacefully settle in a low profile manner. In late January, I thought we were getting closer to a settlement, which was why I talked about the second part of my concert tour on Weibo. I did not expect that it would come to this. They even disregarded the severity of the situation and continued to announce new dates for the tour. I really didn’t want this to turn into a big deal.

My lawyer had asked me to consider legal action multiple times. There were times when I felt angry and was close to doing it, but I still gave them a second chance, because I believed there could still be a peaceful resolution. It wasn’t until today when I’ve reached my limit. Tomorrow, I will be leaving for Macau for concert rehearsals. Should I continue to let this pressure compromise me?

A few days ago when I was on the plane, I watched the film Green Book. Jamaican American pianist Don Shirley had been receiving unfair treatment. On the day of his final performance in Birmingham, he was refused entry into a whites-only restaurant. Don Shirley stopped Tony Lip from attacking the owner and told him, “You never win with violence. You only win when you maintain your dignity.” At the same time, he stood up for himself and refused to perform. That scene really encouraged me.

After considering over and over again, I finally came to a decision. As for the upcoming eight shows that have already been sold, as well as the announced dates, I will not cancel them and will continue to perform my best. I don’t want to let down the fans who have already purchased tickets. However, I am now declaring my position: Hummingbird Music and I no longer have an agency and artist relationship. I am willing to continue the last eight shows of my concert because I want to reduce the amount of damage as much as possible.

Three feet of ice does not form in a single day. I’ve come to this stage only after losing hope from a long journey. No matter what, I know I really have to stand up for myself this time. I really do not want this to end up in court, but if that is the only way to justice, then I will face it with courage. I will not back down!

Finally, I am extremely thankful to those who continue to love and support me. You give me the courage and power! Thank you!

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Well her agent Tan Cheung is def the one going against GEMs wishes. He’s the one thhat caused those incidents with HK reporters which started the rumours that GEM is rude and all that… wonder if Lupo is on this too.

    So maybe GEM didn’t want to have additional tour dates …. Tan is really just treating her as a money tree ever since she went on I am a Singer.

    1. @bubbles23 Totally agree. Tan Cheung really thinks he’s a superstar manager. I feel like GEM has gotten tired of being his workhorse for the past five years, but he keeps taking up job offers for her without her consent. Considering how much she makes (and how much he gets from her), she should have a say in what she wants to do.

      It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out because Tan needs her more than she needs him. He has nothing without her, whereas GEM can sign to a big international company after this dispute because she’s still marketable and obviously has the talent.

  2. Hummingbird Music, like most Hong Kong business, only have the capacity look for short monetary gain instead of long term growth and development.

    Really hope GEM will find a better management agency to continue her future growth. She does have talent.

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