Gao Yuanyuan and Mark Chao’s Love Not Threatened by Costar Huang Haibo

Romantic drama We Get Married <咱們結婚吧>, which is slated to begin airing this month, will feature Gao Yuanyuan (高圓圓) and Huang Haibo (黃海波) as an unlikely couple. Since the two hail from Beijing and have known each other for years, they share a natural chemistry and both recently admitted to having dreams about the other. However, these sparks cannot hold a candle to Gao Yuanyuan’s real-life romance with Taiwanese boyfriend Mark Chao (趙又廷).

When Mark and Yuanyuan first announced their relationship after collaborating in the 2012 film Caught in the Web <搜索>, many netizens doubted that the cross-strait, “elder sister-younger brother” romance would last. But over time, they noted that Yuanyuan seemed exceptionally happy and comfortable in the relationship, an analysis with which she agrees.

“It’s because I feel like I met someone who shares my system of values, who is extremely similar to me,” she revealed in a recent interview. “In our hearts, he is the most similar to me.”

She also praised Mark for being “very cute,” after hearing a story of how he joked about overcoming his fear of heights when filming a jumping scene in Caught in the Web. Since Yuanyuan’s last name means “high,” this play on words can also indicate that Mark overcame his fear of Gao Yuanyuan herself – which is appropriate, seeing as they began to go out soon after.

Although Yuanyuan is undeniably still head-over-heels for Mark and often promotes his new films on her Sina Weibo account, she could not give a definite yes when asked about the possibility of marriage. “We’ll let nature take its course on this one,” she replied.

For those who cannot wait to see Yuanyuan get hitched, do not forget to check out We Get Married when it begins airing on November 6.


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  1. Is this another big sis/younger bro relationship? I always thought that Mark guy is kind of young? haha..

    1. Yes, GYY is born in 1979 while I think Mark is born in 1985. There are a lot if jiedi relationships lately.

    2. HTS,
      I knew it!!! haha LOL…I guess it’s not hard to tell since women tend to look older than men anyway and clearly it’s easy to spot when Mark is a cutie.
      It does seem like a trend right now but i guess 6 years is nothing compares to some.

    1. I think she looks a bit like Fiona Yuen Choi-Wan who just gave birth to a baby girl.

    2. Yes she does look like Yammie. Pity Yammie she used to be so promising but now her life is in the ruins. Sad

    3. I have always thought that she looked like Yammie. When I first saw her, I thought of Yammie. It truly is a big pity that Yammie’s life is a mess now. Yammie used to have it all just like any celeb. I guess she is a good example of how you can be beautiful, famous, have a promising career, etc… But can easily lose it all and end with a sad and depressing life at any point in your life.

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