Gigi Leung Loves to Match with Daughter

At the bat of an eye, Gigi Leung‘s (梁詠琪) daughter Sofia is already four years old, and as she gets older, she is becoming more obsessed with looking beautiful. This comes as no surprise since Sofia is a model for Gigi’s children’s clothing brand, Nanos, and Gigi often takes the photos herself. In fact, Sofia will choose her own outfit every day before she goes out, and Gigi will wear matching clothes with her.

“Children begin to have their own opinions at the age of three or four. Sofia likes to wear skirts because she thinks it looks pretty flying when she twirls,” Gigi shared. “Sofia likes to pick her own clothes; in fact, it’s not up to me most of the time. At most, I will choose two sets of outfits first – I have a sense of what style she likes, and then I give her the option to choose one of the two.”

The mom added that wearing matching outfits can increase the bond between mother and daughter. While fathers and sons can play sports together to interact and understand each other more, dressing up can create more topics between mother and daughter. “I can also let her know what should be worn on certain occasions while picking out clothes. For example, you need to wear pants when playing sports and a skirt to attend a birthday party,” Gigi said. “Of course, convenience and comfortability is a priority.”

Gigi documented their matching outfits of the week for Ming Pao publication. In the photos, Sofia resembles her mom with her large round eyes and luscious black hair and her dad, Sergio, with her lengthy frame.

Source: MpWeekly

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