Four Reasons Gigi Leung Knew Her Husband was Mr. Right

In 2011, Gigi Leung (梁詠琪) met her husband Sergio Crespo Gutes. Within a year, the couple got married. Three years later, their daughter Sofia was born. Although everything seems to have proceeded on the fast track, Gigi revealed the four reasons that made her certain Sergio was Mr. Right in a recent interview on Stephanie Che’s (車婉婉) program.

Gigi’s love life was not always been smooth sailing. She dated Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) for seven years before it came to an end. Afterwards, she also dated Sly from France, and Matthew from the United States. Though she experienced heartbreak, she was lucky to have met Sergio while on vacation in Spain and brave to follow her heart. What may seem like an impossible romance for some people, Gigi and Sergio made it work out.

Four Reasons Why Sergio is Gigi’s Perfect Match

  1. They are Very Compatible

Gigi shared that she met Sergio through a mutual friend and when they met, they instantly connected and the spark was there. For Gigi, seeing Sergio was love at first sight. At first, she did not know how to explain her occupation so she told Sergio she was a model. However, eventually due to her fame, Sergio realized she was actually an actress. Sergio said, “I really respect your job, so I will not Google or search up news about you online unless you want me to see it. I don’t care what you do, I just love you as a person.”

  1. He is Very Unique

Due to work, Gigi eventually had to return back to Hong Kong, which led to their long-distance relationship. Whenever they said goodbye at the airport, it was filled with tears and hugs. Regardless of distance, they were still each other’s support system and they counted the days when they can see each other again. However, they knew the separation was only temporary. Seeing each other as marriage partners, they decided not to wait too long to get married.

She shared, “People always ask if it was too fast, but I think it was very natural and the feelings we had were so magical, so we decided to get married.”

  1. “He Made Me Change for the Better”

With her fame, there was always negative news surrounding Gigi, which at one point made her feel very unhappy. However, after meeting Sergio, her life changed and he made her happier. With him, she felt that she could be her true self and from that point on, she realized she didn’t really care what others thought of her and lived a more carefree life.

  1. Sergio said, “Home is Where You Are”

After marriage, Sergio gave up his home in Spain and moved to Hong Kong so that Gigi can continue her career. This choice was very difficult, but it made Gigi very emotional to know that he sacrificed so much for her. In the interview, she revealed that she felt guilty because her husband was the oldest son and his grandmother and parents really miss him. However, Sergio reassured that it was his choice and he does not regret it. To Sergio, home is where Gigi is.

When asked about their daughter, Sofia, Gigi shared that her daughter has Sergio’s sense of humor so they both make others very happy. She and Sergio both love kids so they don’t mind having more children, but will leave it up to fate.

Source: Sunday More 

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  1. Why do we give so much narrative to WMAF? Why are we kept on being pushed with stories about these couples?

  2. I love this phrase “home is where you are” coincidentally today when my husband came home and had conversation with our kids something about house, he said he doesn’t have a house & pointed to me and said “I have a home” that really made me feel loved.

  3. I find it a bit sad that men sacrifice so much to be with the women. Why can’t women make some sacrifices? I guess it depends on the situation too. If he were the only child, it would not have been good to leave his parents and grandma behind. You can divorce your wife, but your parents will always be your parents. I hope he does not regret it one day when he loses his grandma and parents as they get older and older. However, it was his choice and now he may not regret it but he may one day.

    1. @hetieshou
      I hope the fellow had found work in HK while sacrificing otherwise it does not seem much of a sacrifice. They probably realised that Gigi would earn the easier money. Once famous in HK the money is easy…

    2. @hetieshou i think it’s nice that for once, a guy moves for a woman’s career versus the other way around. usually they do that if the woman’s job earns more. maybe gigi makes more money than him.

      1. @coralie
        Not really as I have seen most women force or even blackmail their husband to relocate to where they are. My own cousin did the same thing which I did not agree with. I guess I am more traditional as I think the girl should follow their husband. But it depends on the situation I guess. Maybe she makes big bucks and even sends money to her in laws, who knows?

        Maybe in this case, if she earns more then I guess it is ok if their marriage works out. However, if it does not work out in the long run then I bet he will regret it since his parents and grandma are only getting older. I think I feel differently as I lost all of my grandparents and both parents so I know how limited time with loved ones can be. Many who have not experienced it yet may take it for granted and may regret it in the long run.

      2. @hetieshou traditionally, women follow the men because men made the money. one of friend’s husband is from across the country and decided to move to her because she made higher income. I mean, if you choose to be in a ldr, someone’s gotta sacrifice something. and it’s either going to be the man or the woman. sucks for the party that has to move, for the reasons you stated, but someone has to budge and make the compromise.

      3. @coralie
        Linda didn’t really sacrifice either since she is flying back often to make quick money so frequently that it is easily more than her husband’s income. It would be dumb for Gigi and her husband to live off her husband’s salary even if salary is big in employee terms when there is unlimited money to be earned by Gigi in HK. It’s more difficult for a singer to move to a foreign country and still fly back to earn money since singing performances requires a lot more preparation with stage crew. While Linda just need to attend events to sign her name which takes a few hours…

      4. @jimmyszeto i think it’s tiring and troublesome to always travel to meet your spouse. I am in a semi-ldr with my husband and even though our distance isn’t very far (like an hour drive roughly), I still find it tiring. so for her to travel back and forth like that isn’t easy. it’s definitely a sacrifice she’s making.

        on the other hand, Linda’s family is in Canada. she didn’t sacrifice her family to be with her husband. but there’s an opportunity cost for her to stay in Canada versus in HK where her career flourished (somewhat.)

        in any case, linda is just one example out of too many. most women choose to follow their husband instead of having their husband follow them. I think finances have a lot to do with that, more often than not.

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