Gigi Leung’s Husband is an Involved Father

Gigi Leung‘s (梁詠琪) husband Sergio relocated from Spain to Hong Kong after getting married with the singer in 2011. Celebrating their daughter Sofia‘s third birthday, Sergio recently spoke about the couple’s parenting style.

Giving up his career as an executive in the food industry, Sergio started venturing into children-related businesses. Living in Hong Kong for for over six years, Sergio will qualify for permanent residence next year. Happy to have relocated to Hong Kong, Sergio said he has grown to love the city as much as Spain.

Explaining that family is very important in Spanish culture, Sergio grew up being very close to his parents and siblings. Taking points from how his father raised his family, Sergio shared, “My dad was in the architecture business in Spain and he was a very successful businessman. However, he told us that his biggest regret was choosing career over family, having missed our childhood. Support from both parents during the early stages in a child’s life is very important. I don’t want to repeat what my father did and miss my daughter’s childhood.”

Sharing the responsibility of raising Sofia with Gigi, Sergio said the key is to not spoil her. Taking a leaf from his mother’s books, Sergio said “We’ll never raise our voices as our first resort. We have to be patient with children and explain to them. I try to teach her good values. I’ve always incorporated reading in her childhood. Gigi and I don’t have a good or bad role; raising our daughter requires teamwork and we’ve long understood this concept. For example, we have to be respectful of elders and let them eat first during dinner. Sofia has learned to also give food to her elders – she often takes initiative to give her grandma food first.”

Although times have changed, Sergio said his mother’s methods are not outdated. Learning from a small age that you should not waste food, Sergio imparts this idea onto Sofia, stating that she has even eaten porridge that was a day-old in order to not waste food.

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