Gillian Chung in Good Mood Despite Rumored Breakup

While the public awaits details about Gillian Chung’s (鍾欣桐) rumored break up with Korean boyfriend Tyler Kwon (權寧一), the 32-year-old appeared surprisingly cheerful while out shopping this week. Gillian and Kwon first revealed their relationship last November after reporters spotted the two going on frequent dates. Gillian seemed deeply in love, vowing to learn Korean to better communicate with Kwon and his family. She even tried to help Kwon’s career by connecting him with EEG’s boss Albert Yeung. Kwon returned her affections with overseas vacations and luxury purses. The two lovebirds were inseparable, and Gillian often talked about Kwon during public interviews.

On May 20, Gillian and her Twins partner Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) suddenly unfollowed Kwon on their Weibo accounts. This prompted speculation that Gillian and Kwon had broken up, ending their 10-month relationship. There are reports claiming that the couple was dealing with issues for some time, and finally decided to part ways in early May. Some point to the long distance and their busy schedules as reasons for their break up, while others believe their cultural differences are to blame. In addition, there are rumors that Gillian is displeased with Kwon’s chauvinistic nature, and unhappy about the beautiful women frequently by her boyfriend’s side.

Although Gillian is known to take her relationships seriously and suffers great pain when they end, she was in high spirits when out running errands the day after cutting ties with Kwon. Yesterday morning, Gillian was seen driving to EEG to discuss work projects with boss Albert Yeung. Afterwards, Gillian went shopping and purchased several expensive pieces of jewelry, including a pair of diamond earrings worth $200,000 HKD.

Gillian, who recently completed filming for The Fox Lover <白狐> in China, declined comments via her manager Mani Fok (霍汶希). “[Gillian] has just returned to Hong Kong. She is very tired these days and is currently resting. She will not issue any comment.” Mani further stated that the rumored breakup will not affect EEG and Kwon’s work relationship, and that Gillian has plenty of work lined up this summer, including several film and drama series currently in negotiations.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Ehh, she’s beautiful, rich, and pretty young. I’m sure she’ll get over it 😉

  2. Of course she’ll be fine because it was a staged relationship. Now, she’s going to keep her silent until the press conference of her album just to keep her name in the news.

    1. Well, that explains why she is in high spirits. It was a successful joint venture.

  3. She is in a good mood because

    1. she went through worse
    2. perhaps rumoured breakup stems from rumoured hook up meaning just all show.

  4. i think her spirts was not that bad because 1) she’s the one who made the choice to dump him 2) sth is seriouly wrong about the rich and powerful guy, which is scarier / more dangerous than her reputation damaging news about their breakup

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