Gloria Tang Wins Miss Chinese International 2013

Vancouver remains standing strong in the field of beauty and wisdom! For the sixth time in the pageant’s 25-year history, a delegate from Vancouver brings the Miss Chinese International crown back home once again.

Contestant #16 Gloria Tang (鄧佩儀) of Vancouver, a 20-year-old marketing student from the University of British Columbia, won the Miss Chinese International crown last night. The Hong Kong-born beauty beat out 15 other beauty queens at the two-hour competition, which was held at TVB City on February 24, 2013. Contestant #6 Denise Tan (陳楚寰) of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was the first runner-up, while #5 Carat Cheung (張名雅) of Hong Kong was the second runner-up.

What was Gloria’s winning factor? “It must be my sweet smile,” Gloria said. For the dance performance segment, Gloria performed a jaw-dropping jump rope dance. “[The dance] also allowed me to show the most beautiful side of myself.”

Aside from the three crowned winners, #2 Boonyisa Chantrarachai (王思翊) from Bangkok, Thailand and #15 Jessica Song (宋沁禕) from Toronto, Canada also became top five finalists. Miss Friendship went to #7 Lauren Weinberger (周慧倫) from Los Angeles, USA.  The Media Popularity Award went to #9 Jacky Cai (蔡潔) from Melbourne, Australia, and the Star of Tomorrow Award went to finalist Jessica Song.

With only one delegate from Mainland China, the Miss International Chinese 2013 pageant marks the first time since 2007 when a regional competition for China was not held. With only 16 delegates, this year also marks the lowest turnout of contestants to-date.

The Masters of Ceremonies for the pageant were Eric Tsang (曾志偉), Sammy Leung (森美), and Sharon Chan(陳敏之). Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Fala Chen (陳法拉), Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), Koni Lui (呂慧儀), and Whitney Hui (許亦妮) were part of the judging panel.

Fala expressed that she was excited to be able to sit behind the panel on her 31st birthday, saying, “I was also a Miss Chinese International contender, and it changed my life. Today is a very significant day for me.” Asked if her boyfriend, Sit Sai Hang (薛世恒), have sent any birthday gifts to her, Fala said, “He just came back from Singapore. I only received gifts from fans.” Will propose to her anytime soon? “Don’t scare me!”

During a question and answer segment at the pageant, Carat Cheung, 2012’s Miss Hong Kong winner, admitted that she was attracted to Kenneth Ma. In an after-party press interview, Kenneth said, “She was just being polite. She would probably say that to anyone she sees!” Asked if Carat was confessing her love to him, Kenneth turned red, “I don’t think so. Don’t scare her!”

Kenneth also expressed that he was very satisfied with the pageant results.

Carat assured that her attraction to Kenneth is strictly because she is a fan of his. “Please don’t take it the wrong way!” she exclaimed.

Miss Chinese International 2013 Gloria Tang  Miss Chinese International 2013 Denise Tan  Miss Chinese International 2013 Carat Cheung


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  1. Congratulations, Gloria Tang. Another winner from Canada, in particular Vancouver.

    1. I watched her, together with other top winners, at the interview hosted at 大城小聚 after crowning. She truly looked beautifully. She deserved to be Miss Chinese International 2013.

      1. Crystal Li is very pretty, but she is only 5′ 3″ the most unfortunately.

    1. Christine Kuo won 5 awards in Miss Chinese Toronto in 2009 (as per link) because all the other contestants in that year were terrible looking. It was the worst year in Toronto as far as I could remember. I watched the competition on TV. Christine was the only pretty one in the group.

      1. Yes, I remember that year quite well because of Christine’s 5 awards. Sad to say Toronto doesn’t have as many beauties as Vancouver.

      2. Unfortunately it is true though. Vancouver is well-known for her “人傑地靈”.

      3. I think Toronto has many pageant beauties too, but just that not too many win big at MCI. Do you guys know past MCT winners such as Elva Ni and Belinda Yan? I think they’re quite pretty. Elva is a model in HK now, and Belinda won 1st runner-up at ATV. Donnie Yen’s wife, Cissy Wang was a MCT winner. Another past winner, Lena Ma won Miss World Canada a few years ago. Candy Chang, the girl known for her role in THC was a MCT winner and a MCI 2nd runner-up. Aimee Chan and Janet Chow also participated in MCT. Funny they didn’t place in Toronto, but did place in MHK.

      4. Vancouver and Toronto have the highest Chinese populations in Canada. Of course, they have many beautiful and talented Chinese girls. However, fewer and fewer Cantonese-speaking girls are joining the local Chinese competitions now. Most of the contestants are visa-students from Mainland China and speak Putunghua.

      5. So true. Visa students from Mainland China are taking over the Chinese pageants in Canada. Their Chinese are much better than those Canadian-born-Chinese girls though, if you compare. I’m biased towards Canto-speaking girls though, because I am one hahaha 😛

      6. Cantonse-speaking girls have a better chance to get promoted by TVB, especially in their drama series. Leanne Li is pretty, but she is not highly promoted by TVB because of her Cantonese. If a Miss MCI does not get promoted and become popular within the first 3 years, it is very hard for her to become popular again as there are more and more young and pretty winners joining TVB every year.

      7. ^ I disagree sandcherry. The reason Leanne Li is not being promoted is not because of her Cantonese. Just look at the likes of Aimee, Christine, Eliza and you’ll see that perfect Canto isn’t a prerequisite for being promoted.

      8. Aimee got promoted highly because: a) her acting has improved quite a bit and she is well-accepted by Hongkong audience; b) her attachment to Moses Chan and became more popular

        Christine Kuo and Eliza Sam got promoted because there is a lack of good fadans in TVB now. All the veterans are gone to film drama series/movies in Mainland China (e.g. Jessica Husan, Charmaine Sheh, Ada Choi; and Kenix Kwok and Flora Chan are full-time mothers). Their new top 5 fadans are not that great yet in acting.

        Moreover, TVB will have to face new competitions in 2013, and TVB was always a monopoly TV station in the past. There was only ATV which was not popular at all.

      9. TVB never promoted newbies so quickly in the past. It took Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui, Tavia Yeung 5+ years of acting experience before they got promoted heavily by TVB.

      10. If Leanne Li started now as a newbie, she might get promoted heavily by TVB.

      11. Not true. Myolie and Linda were almost instantly promoted right after their beauty pageants. Linda was playing one of the main leads in moonlight resonance, myolie was one of the main leads in triumph in the skies. Whereas tavia, Fala and Kate were promoted near the five year mark like you said. Fala and Kate are considered in the top five fadans, they don’t get nearly as much promotions as tavia or myolie.

      12. Tavia as she loves to emphasise and her fans as well as myself was never a “graduate” from any beauty pageant but from TVB acting classes. Linda once had her smaller roles too. All Miss whatever started out with smaller roles but the problem is they are thrust into the leading role after 1 or 2 smaller roles.

      13. Leanne Li probably not ambitious enough? Not aggressive enough like Aimee?

      14. Are there anymore TVB acting class graduates other than Raymond and Tavia who has risen to 1st leads?

      15. Well, Myolie and Tavia only got promoted after they were recognized for having a breakout role. Myolie had a lot of the little sister type roles before her role Golden Faith earned her the Most Improved Award. Same for Tavia who got a lot of recognition for her role in Vigilante Force.

        The other 3 had an easier time because they all basically won an award the 2nd year of acting. Linda started off in big roles by taking over for Bernice in Virtues of Harmony and then moved on to a lot of 2nd lead roles. Then Kate got the Most Improved the year after and then moved on to lead roles as well. Fala skipped the Most Improved award and got Best Supporting Actress in her 2nd year as well. There was controversy at the time of their wins because a lot of people thought it was undeserved (and a lot of people kept thinking Bernice was going to take Most Improved but didn’t). Those 3 are just a lot more accepted now.

      16. A lot of sister roles before golden faith? Myolie got that role in golden faith after joining tvb for about 1-2 years. Triumph in the skies is aired in the same year. Myolie’s breakthrough role was golden faith and she got most improved actress that year for that role.

        Tavia played much more minor roles before she was promoted to first lead. Around 5 years or so she started leading. But What is tavia’s breakthrough role? I can’t seem to remember what it is/was.

      17. “But What is tavia’s breakthrough role? I can’t seem to remember what it is/was.”

        Without a doubt, Vigilante Force. And then another breakthrough was Land Of Wealth (if I remember correctly where she was a golden couple with Steven Ma). After that she stopped improving when she was promoted to bona fide 1st lead.

  2. all ugly, full stop.

    they’re nothing compared to sonija kwok, myolie wu…

    1. Agree with you on Sonija Kwok, but not Myolie Wu (especially at the competitions).

      1. so true myolie is not pretty. SONIJA KWOK IS GORGEOUS only after Michelle Reis in my opinion.

    2. myolie isntt pretty. shes cute but not beautiful like sonija. i think gloria is not pretty. i guess her smile is cuyte

  3. Sonija Kwok is amazing imo.
    Congrats to Gloria Tang! I’m happy for her since she did represent Vancouver (my hometown). But I feel like Gloria Tang may be a bit too skinny.

      1. not only skinny and tall but they all have the same preference as well

  4. Gloria Tang looked a bit like Natalie Tong in the above photo.

      1. I don’t think they look alike in real person, only in the above small photo. I watched Gloria Tang’s interview at Fairchild TV’s 大城小聚. I have never put them together.

  5. OMG! Chicago only has 43,000 Chinese and LA 67,000 and they get to be represented in the Miss Chinese International?


    USA only has 2.5 million who identify themselves as Chinese, a mere 0.75% of the population but they have 4 cities representation.

    Canada’s Chinese only consists of 1 million, 3% of the population but they have 3 cities.

    Australia is worse, yet still has 2 cities.

    But HK has 7 million, Malaysia has 7 million, Singapore has 3.5 million but all are only represented by one city each.

    Is this fair, TVB???

    It means one city in Canada only serves to represent 330,000 Chinese vs Kuala Lumpur’s and HK 7 million each. Based on this ratio, Malaysia should have 21 cities representing them, same with HK and 11 cities for Singapore

    Then, this 3 countries should sweep all the top 5 positions in the pageant year after year.

    Step aside please, Canada, USA and Australia.

    The pageant seems to be ‘dominated’ by 6 main countries every year; Canada, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, HK and Australia.

    But North America already holds 7 cities, so of course they can be sure to have easier entry access into the top 5, and hence the queen.

    The statistics shows a deliberate attempt by TVB to give biased priority to talents specifically from these western countries, no two ways about it.

    Boycott the pageant if the Asian countries has any pride left !

    1. did you get denied from entering because your country was “under represented”?

      1. No, of coz not. But if Canadian girls are so talented, then you just need one. You don’t need 3 to up the probability stakes. LOL

    2. Or perhaps there are not that many talented and beautiful girls in those countries. Hong Kong is a host, so they only allow Miss Hong Kong to compete in MCI.

      1. No, not more talented or beautiful, but it is now a numbers game.

        If these countries’ girls are so talented, then let it be one country, one vote, not one country, 3 to 4 votes.

        Of course, if you have 4 girls up there, you just throw a dice, and you will still get ‘hit’.

        Is that talent to you?

      2. so youre saying that malaysia and such deserve more because they have less talented contestants? sorry but they are not selected by chance, the judges arent rolling a dice to see who wins. if malaysia, singapore had great a contestant they would be chosen, irregardless of how many others there are.

      1. Fairchild TV is the host organizing those beauty pageant shows in Vancouver and Toronto every year, and Fairchild TV is partly owned by Hongkong TVB. I guess TVB has to support the contestants from these two cities more.

    3. Ughhh is there some sort of confusion or is it just a rant? Fact of the matter is the MCI is populated by contestants winning various pageants organized or affiliated with TVB. It makes no difference how many chinese ppl there are in a country if TVB does not organise any eligible contests in a particular country. This explains why hk always has 1 rep. There is no issue of fairness, its an issue of pragmatics and business, it is just how TVB has organized their entries. Also, I would hardly say the eligibility criteria for admission into beauty pageants and fairness go hand in hand by mere fact of the very thing beauty pageants supposedly celebrate.

    4. Pure logic? Sorry but I find your logic completely misguided. A higher representation from a particular country does NOT automatically mean higher chance of winning. You’re supposed to calculate individual odds. For example, if Canada has 3 contestants in an Olympic event, does that mean their chances of winning is suddenly higher? No. You’re asian, isn’t math supposed to be one of your strong suits?

      1. Certainly. IF every contestant had an equal chance of winning (6.25% or 1in16), then yes, that would increase Canada’s odds in winning the crown up to 18.75% or 3in16. But in order for that to be true, each contestant must be equal in their ability.

        However we know that in all forms of competition, this is not true. For instance, take an Olympic swim event with 10 swimmers. If canada has 1 swimmer in the event does that mean they have 10% chance at gold? What if they had 9 swimmers, does that mean they have a 90% chance at gold? What if Michael Phelps is in the event, does that mean he only has a 10% chance of winning? No.

        This is why individual odds are calculated based on an individual’s ability. This is also why in horse racing, each horse will have different odds of winning. It would be inaccurate to say that each horse in a 10 horse race has 10% chance of winning.

      2. Good analysis, and it is 100% true. It is judged on the qualities of individuals.

      3. @c3

        Ahhh I understand what you mean now and I agree with you on a general level. However, I think the OP is concerned with the ‘fairness’ of the competition as disclosed by the general issue of representation at the country-level which, as you say, simply means assuming all contestants have an equal chance of winning.

        If you assume individual odds for each contestant in MCI are calculable then I’d agree with you that the mere fact that Canada has 4 contestants participating does not necessarily mean it will have a higher chance that the winner will be from Canada than say the 1 contestant from Malaysia. That’s because, as you said, different individual odds will vary. That reasoning assumes that individual odds are calculable and meaningful for a competition as the MCI.

        However, I think you overlook the fact that for individual odds to be calculable and meaningful, those odds must be calculated with reference to something that is easily measurable criteria. Such odds are not nearly as meaningful for every type of competition. Why? The reason is, horse racing odds are calculated with reference to a horses ability to run fast which is measured based on objectively measurable pre-determined and post-determined factors. The pre-determined (as in worked out prior to the day of the event) ones are usually age, injuries, race experience and wins (etc.). Whilst the post-determined factors relate to bets placed at an event which are not relevant for MCI. Overall, it’s based on an educated guess.

        Now for a beauty pageant to create ‘individual odds’ that are valid and meaningful would near impossible because with a reference point of ‘beauty’ your criteria is naturally going to be subjective, which means you have to place the utmost faith on the person or persons who have defined and measured the contestants against the criteria to extrapolate the odds of any particular contestant of winning. Two problems already – who do you trust to make such criteria and how do you ensure that on the night of the event, the judges will apply and measure the criteria as they have been defined?

        Personally, I think there are a host of other statistical problems with trying to create individual odds for a beauty pageant. For example: have the contestants participated in enough pageants to make win history a reliable criteria? What are the facial features that make someone ‘prettier’ than others and how do you allocate points to that to make it quantifiable?

        So whilst I agree with your view in theory (that is, if valid criteria existed that can be reliably measured to determine the chance of winning beauty pageants), on a pragmatic level, I don’t think it is possible. Main reason is a beauty pageant is not a competition where the winner is measured against a readily observable event – who is the fastest – all the criteria are essentially subjective meaning any odds are only valid and meaningful after A LOT of people have come agreed that whatever criteria you have used is most suitable and will be used by people generally. Only then will the odds calculated in a beauty pageant be useful. My conclusion is that to attempt this exercise for a beauty pageant would be pointless.

        As calculating individual odds for a beauty pageant is probably fruitless if not pointless, your only safe bet is to ‘guess’ or ‘roughly estimate’ and leave out the details. This inevitably means your default position is probably the best position, that is, every contestant in a beauty pageant has a 1 in however-many-contestants chance of winning (same goes for each country by adding up those basic odds). Again, I don’t think the OP was concerned with the specifics, but even on consideration of the specifics, I doubt the argument can go beyond the theoretical level for beauty pageants.

      4. @SDS

        I definitely agree that a beauty pageant is not a competition where an individual’s odds can be measured against anything readily observable. However I find the ability to measure irrelevant in this case. Given that we are unable to measure something subjective, it doesn’t change the underlying concept of individual odds – calculable or not.

        For instance, if a mother entered 4 of her babies into a baby contest, it doesn’t mean she has a higher chance of winning that contest than say a mother with just the 1 baby. We don’t know need to know, let alone be able to measure/calculate, what their individual odds are to know that. 🙂

      5. I agree too that individual odds are different. But statistics only operates on assumptions and given it is not possible to make any stable assumptions to calculate those odds in a beauty pageant you are left with something that is unknowable which helps no one who wishes to predict an event such as the chances of a win in MCI or to know what the odds are. meaning your best option is your fall back probability.

        However that is another issue. The basic issue is at the level of representation which the OP seems more concerned with and whilst the inference of winning is premature, for someone who were to predict the winning odds, your left no choice but to agree canada has, on paper, a better chance of drawing a winner than say Malaysia. But thats obviously incorrect pragmatically cause hk more often than not gets into top 3. But again, its no good for someone who needs to predict the winning odds to have such information if it cannot be reliably used or measured. Hence why I think those basic probabilities re reputation are your best odds on paper.

      6. I think the misunderstanding is slightly based on how you’re seeing the application of statistics and statistical theory.

        What you are suggesting is not a case of individual odds, but bordering on knowing fate or destiny. Odds aka probabilities, are used for prediction, which are calculated by reference to data/measures. To say odds can be incalculable yet useful is very obtuse.

        Alternatively what you suggest can be interpreted as stating the ideal-world case of statistical analysis and probability where sampling sizes are infinite so those odds are in fact known. But as you agreed, if they cannot be calculated for a beauty pageant that what’s the point?

        Why I keep saying the issue is one of representation is this (presuming individual odds are knowable): in a competition of 10 people, Country X has one candidate with an individual odd of 30% to win the beauty pageant, whereas Country Y has 3 candidates with individual odds of 15% each. Assume the other 6 candidates from other countries shared the remaining % chance equally. Now it is obvious when considered alone, contestants of Country Y are not more likely to win than the contestant from Malaysia. But considered at the level of the country representation, Country Y has a 45% chance the winner will be from it’s country. That is basic statistical analysis and inference. It is inescapable. At the country/representation level, Country X cannot have a higher chance of beating out Country Y. That is why (I presume) the OP says it is unfair for Canada to admit so many more candidates. Of course this example can go the other way and it may be Country X’s contestant has a 90% individual odd. But all things being equal it’s not likely a Country X will always produce a candidate that high quality, meaning, accepting the law of averages, Country Y in the long-run will have more winners than Country X because the same thing can happen where Country Y produces 3, 4 or 7 candidates with very good or even the same individual odds as Country X’s 1 candidate.

        So yes, in terms of the ‘individual’, the OP is wrong. But the OP is not concerned with that level of prediction. Moreover, even if the OP was concerned at that level, to be unable to calculate the odd is to simply suggest to someone – “there is an absolute chance a danger will occur, but we don’t that absolute chance – now decide whether that danger will occur”. Therefore, meaningless in real-world application.

    5. i miss the contestants from europe this year,especially england who usually has one contestant every year.

  6. LOL did you guys know that Miss Hong Kong Carat Cheung was the 1st runner-up of 2009 Miss Chinese Vancouver? The winner that year was Eliza Sam. Canadian girls do seem to succeed easily when they go back to Hong Kong.

    1. Yeah. I know because we do have a lot of talented and beautiful girls here. Moreover, the beauty pageant shows are well-run by Fairchild TV and the contestants are also well-trained.

      1. Don’t know if the pageant shows are well organized and highly recognized in Malaysia, Singapore, Bangkok, and European countries. I think they are also well-run in Sydney and Melbourne.

      2. Yes, they are well run in Malaysia and Singapore and HK. But however talented they are, they will still lose out when you are 1 vs 4.

        Pure logic. No need a genius to figure that out.

      3. If there are more contestants from different cities in Malaysia and Thailand, then they have more chances to win. I did not watch the show, so I am not in a position to tell. Were there contestants from other cities in Malaysia and Thailand?

      4. @sandcherry: In answer to your question, only the winner of Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant get to represent Malaysia in MCI.

      5. The organization hosting “Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant” should negotiate with TVB to get more winners from different cities in Malaysia to participate in MCI competition.

  7. Vancouver is an extension, an off-shoot of HK. They call it Hongcouver.

    Of course, they can win.

    1. How about Toronto? Many people call it “A Little Hong Kong” in Canada.

  8. A beauty pageant is only fair, and for that matter, any competitive event, if one country is represented one time.

    It would be better of the Miss Chinese International is open to one country, not each city, and to extend the footprint wider.

    At this moment, Macau, Taiwan, London, Paris where there are also substantial Chinese population, are not represented at all.

    Canadian winners won’t feel they are at the top of their ‘game’ if half the world are not even in the competition, and on top of that, they get 3 times more votes than the rest.

    Similarly, I wouldn’t feel I’m the true champion if my worthy opponent is to give me a walkover due to injury. Different scenario, but same concept.

    1. it’s a matter of whether those cities are willing to host a Chinese beauty pageant. Fairchild organizes pageants in three different cities in Canada so Canada gets three spots. other countries might only have one city that has a Chinese beauty pageant so of course only one representative

      1. I think Fairchild only hosts pageant shows in two cities (Vancouver and Toronto) now, instead of three. I think that Calgary has been eliminated.

      2. A contestant had to fly from Calgary to Vancouver in order to join Vancouver’s beauty pageant show in 2010 or 2011.

  9. I was only able to watch the first 40 minutes of MCI so far so not really sure if I would agree or disagree with the results.

    Sharon Chan was a pretty great co-host. The interview part starts off with the contestants asking one of the hosts a question and Sharon’s comment was pretty funny and clever.

  10. you know who the winner reminds me of? that newbie actress in GPS that got thrown frogs at her in one scene.

    the hosts were pretty much racist. like if you didn’t speak cantonese properly then you pretty got treated like s***. the winner spoke cantonese fluently, so eric didn’t bag her out as much. same with carat. which sucks cause there were heaps that deserved to be in the final 5.

  11. to those complaining about the cities not getting equal representation. i think it mainly boils down to money at the end of the day. if the city has the money and resources to get 2 cities from the same country to participate, then they can.

  12. you know number 9 melbourne had a chance to win but she got a bit too arrogant in the interview which led to her downfall. carat’s performance overall was really flat and boring, can’t understand why she got 3rd place when i can think of others (like toronto) who could of taken her spot.

    1. carat’s family is rich, ppl want connection and support from the rich

  13. To the girls trying to introduce “logic” into their arguments of who should’ve won: all beauty pageants are rigged, you know.

    Especially TVB ones, it’s pretty much scouting talent for drama roles.

  14. I watched the whole show yesterday… but to be honest i don’t think vancouver deserved to be the winner. a lot of the other girls performed better than her in both talent and interview portion.

      1. agree, her talent performance was skipping ropes, while other girls danced and played instruments. She was very bland and didn’t stand out much.

        When they announced that she won, she didn’t look surprised and looked like she knew she would win.

        after all, most beauty pageants are rigged, just like this year’s Miss HK.

      2. agreed. her rope talent was lame. i thought she was going to showcase some real jump rope skills but all she did was hop a few times and swung it around over her head. not to mention all of it was slow.

  15. I’m shocked that Toronto didn’t place. She has this exquisite aura to her. Now that I watched the performance Gloria Tang is a smart girl but she didn’t prove her worth… I’m curious what her family background is. My friend said her family’s pretty well off. SO maybe that’s why?

    1. I think tvb picked her to win because she can speak cantonese and they want to promote her to become a tvb artiste.

      1. until they notice that she’s a little bit cross eyed lol! they probably wouldn’t really notice it much in person, but on tv it was easy to spot, along with some of her pictures online.

    2. I knew she wouldn’t place. The judges didn’t even place her initially in the top4. she barely made it into the final on her talent.

  16. How come last year 1st runner up from Singapore is not present in HK to pass the award to the new 1st runner up? But last year 2nd runner up from Malaysia is present to pass the award?

  17. Gloria – is the prettiest and is from HK – but when she revealed that she was born in HK, Eric was proud/happy… I feel since it’s Miss International – they should have a diverse panel of judges because I feel the selection isn’t fair sometimes.

    WHY chose #5 Carat Cheung? Just because she’s Miss HK? I guess if you were MIss HK, you would automatically get a crown? Why can’t the Toronto #15 or #9 get her spot? I watch this show two times and I really think this show is more like Miss Canada vs Miss HK. They should cancel out other and just allowed those that were born only in HK, Vancouver, and Toronto.

    1. I think Carat was pretty good. I dont think she was given a placing just because she’s Miss HK. Lots of past MHK winners did not even qualify for top 5 in MCI

      1. I wouldn’t exactly say lots. Out of 24 editions of MCI only three Miss Hong Kong’s have failed to make the Top 5 when they have had it. They are Winnie Yeung, Aimee Chan and Tracy Ip. Rebecca and Mok Ho Yan made the Top 10 of their respective years but there wasn’t a Top 5 announcement.

        You have to be kidding yourself if you think Miss Hong Kong’s don’t have an advantage over the rest. Maybe not blatant higher scoring but the MCs always give them more help whether it is being more excited when they introduce them or being more helpful in Q&A rounds, it’s not a malicious way of trying to skew the results but it’s how the pageant has been for a long time – you speak Cantonese, you get more room to showcase your skills.

      2. Still couldn’t believe Carat Cheung got the Ms Hk spot, it should have been Tracy Chu.

      3. @Chen: Oops my bad. I’ve always had the impression that MHK in recent years have downgraded, thus not being able to qualify for the top 5 spots.

        Yes, MHK over the years are no doubt given an advantage over other contestants, But Carat was pretty good during the pageant. If one said that Carat’s 2nd runner up spot was undeserving, i think the 1st runner up, Denise’s win was even more undeserving. And i’m a Malaysian (still happy with her win no doubt).

      4. @939393
        People have different opinions, I personally believe that Denise was very deserving of 1st Runner Up but my main point was that MHKs are nearly guaranteed a Top 5 spot.

        To be honest Carat making the Top 3 wasn’t my main grudge of the night, I expected it and she didn’t perform too badly. My main grudge was Vancouver winning. She didn’t even have figure in my Top 5.

        Recent winners of MHK have downgraded but the judges still favour them.

        I did prefer Tracey at MHK but I didn’t think Carat was that bad a winner at MHK (even though she wasn’t one of my favourites), what was bad was that the public votes went awry. I was a bit shocked with Tracey at MCI, she looked terribly washed out, verging on ill!

      5. Prettiness is very subjective. Personally I think Carat Cheung was the best one in Miss Hong Kong Pageant Show in 2012. Tracy is not pretty at all, except she is taller than Carat. Her gum is showing too much when she smiles which ruins her pretty face.

  18. Carat was just moderate that night tbh, she wasn’t impressive. I like the girl from Toronto better. I think Gloria won based on her talent performance, she was quite good, and maybe partly it’s due to her language.
    Denise Tan is so pretty! I like her a lot, she has a sweet look, but she can’t be heavily promoted by TVB since she can’t speak Cantonese.
    Oh the 2nd runner-up from last year’s (IS it Lena?) is so gorgeous, I like her a lot better than the winner.

    1. I don’t understand how some people deemed Gloria’s talent performance good. Out of the Top 9 her performance had the least talent or intrigue. Gloria’s win is down to the way she speaks, she speaks confidently and eloquently in Cantonese even though she performed average in the Q&A. Out of the 16 she has what TVB is looking for the most, they’re looking for the next Christine/Eliza to promote!

      1. Exactly how was her talent performance good!? All she did was basically spin a rope above her head for half of the time.

      2. That’s what I mean, Gloria’s performance was just so “hea”. I can’t believe people are actually using her talent as a justification to her winning when Toronto danced beautifully and Melbourne actually showcased a talent she must have worked hard on. Even the weak singing performances put more effort in than her.

      3. oh sorry chen was meant to reply to original poster. but yeah totally agreed with you, no effort at all went into that ‘talent’ performance. it was embarrassing to watch.

    2. How is a rope dance considered “talent” when everyone else can do it

      1. ‘Talent’ isn’t defined as what you can do that others cannot do. It’s when someone appears to perform very well at it that it is deemed as a ‘talent’ for that person. As for Gloria performing her rope act, it wasn’t that actual rope dance or whatever she was doing (lol, I was like o_O after she finished her very short performance) that she was trying to sell, she was trying to sell the confidence side of herself which I think she displays quite well compared to the other contestants. Not saying other contestants do not display confidence, but I think Gloria is one of them that stands out. But Eric made it quite obvious that he was one of his favoured ones to win with his ‘addditional info’ that she was born in HK etc. lol

      2. Are you trying to say being able to display confidence is a ‘talent’? I think having a talent means to be able to do something superior to others whereas in her case, the average person can do what she did.

  19. Did anyone think the contestant who asked the ‘what would you use as toilet paper, photo of a loved one or a $1000(?) note question was kind of inappropriate for a pageant? Sounds like a random question you ask your friends.

    The skipping was not jaw dropping!!

    Kenneth was lookin’ good. That is all. 😉

  20. This pageant is a joke. It’s not even a pageant, they are just scouting for potential TVB actresses because of the current shortage of good fadans. Sad. And i bet if of Gloria does sign on, she’s gonna be promoted like the plague, just like Eliza.

  21. If one would ask me, I would say Ms HK was the most undeserving one to be in the top 3. Having said that, when i watched the show, I was very certain that Ms HK will definitely be one of the 5 finalists. Why? Because it happens most of the time. Ms Hk’s Q and A session was just so so and her belly dancing was just ok. I would say her place should have been given to the 3rd/4th runner up. As for the winner, she is pretty, but based on her performances that night, she didn’t quite stand out. I guess TVB is just looking for another TV star. I think they should just step up their game when it comes to pageants. Eric tsang can sometimes be too annoying as a host. At least if you want to organise a pageant, make it a proper one instead of a an obvious vote rigging hoo-hah

  22. Let’s just say I agree with many of the comments above. Gloria’s talent was okay… it showed off her youth but honestly not much skill involved.

    I loved Melbourne’s talent and thought she would have killed it had she made the top 5!! Unfortunately Bangkok and Vancouver advanced over her……

    I wasn’t too happy that Toronto made the top 5 in the end but her talent was definitely really impressive hence I had to “let go” and accept that she made top 5 but had there been a TOP 9 performance to determine the top 5 spots and top 3, then surely Vancouver, KL may not have placed that high.

    Agree with everybody questioning Gloria’s win……………

  23. All look ok and even ugly. How can they selected such an ugly girls for chinese beauty pageant. Sharon chan and fala chen look way prettier than them.

    1. Don’t worry. All the contestants, especially the winners and future actresses of TVB, will definitely look prettier. TVB will have the “magic power” to make them look prettier (plastic surgery or makeup). Fala Chen surely looked prettier now than she was the 1st runner-up in MCI, same with Sharon Chan.

      1. I actually dont think sharon chan got any prettier. She still looks the same just tvb make up artist is adapting to the korean ways of using make up. So the make up is actually doing her wonders, not prettier, maybe more radiant?

        As for fala, she was pretty then and still is. Its probably a combination of both make up and maybe shes older now? Hence more mature? And losing her baby fat. I think her baby fat made her look cuter. Now shes plain pretty. Lol.

      2. I don’t quite believe in “baby fat” as “declared” by the artistes. Many of them must have done some kind of plastic surgery. People don’t get “smaller” faces easily. They can exercise to lose weight, but not to make their faces smaller. It is obvious that many artists’ faces had been “trimmed”. Sharon Chan’s face used to be quite wide, but is getting “not as wide” now. Fala Chen’s used to have a wide chin, but it is a lot more “pointed”. They both look prettier now with their “trimmed” faces.

      3. The human body has fat all over including the face. It is possible to have a smaller face when you shed that fat. The chin area that you mentioned is a very common aftermath when you shed that fat. The face becomes smaller due to it becoming pointier and narrower.

        Make up is what makes these celebrities so extravagent. It doesnt necessarily mean they went under the knife. Going under the knife on the face is actually quite painful and not recommended by most professional cosmetic surgeons. Botox is usually the supplement but that hardly counts as ‘surgery’ . The only artists I can know for sure who went under the knife is carol cheng. Her cheek bones were never as prominent and no weight loss or gain program can do that.

        Though the numbers of cosmetic surgery is on the rise, it is still quite petty to suspect all celebrities would go under the knife. Im no celebrity but I use to have baby fat. I went on a diet and my face was slimmed down. People noticed but did I get plastic surgery? No.

      4. Botox is usually the supplement but that hardly counts as ‘surgery’.
        If Botox is not considered plastic surgery, then perhaps the celebrities just had Botox to make their faces smaller. I know that a person’s face will become smaller if she loses weight, but it should be the whole face, not just around the chin areas.

        Anyway, I know it is a common practice for TVB artistes to do minor surgery or Botox. It is highly recommended by TVB Management. After all Hongkong girls like to be pretty-looking and slim in their drama series.

  24. i dont know about the winner. definitely didnt expect her to win, as her talent was just ‘jumping ropes’
    the other contestants by far had better talent than her..
    but i guess she won because she was only the few that spoke perfect/if not good cantonese…
    the rest are just mandarin/english speakers…

    1. Well, perhaps they should make canto-speaking a requirement and change the name of the pageant to Miss Canto International to avoid these sorts of linguistic imbalance.

      With the name Miss Chinese International, one would expect the majority of the contestants to be Mandarin speaking since it is the predominant language of the Chinese people.

      1. that is definitely true, but since this pageant was held by TVB…one would expect the winner to be cantonese speaker anyways.
        cause ofcourse, they need new actresses/hosts in the future. haha

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