“The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter” Cast Shares More Details About New Series


The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter <降魔的2.0>, the highly-anticipated sequel to the 2017 TVB drama The Exorcist’s Meter, has premiered on Monday. Set directly after the previous series, the drama continues the exorcising adventures of the human taxi driver Ma Kwai (portrayed by Kenneth Ma 馬國明) and his close friend Ho Jai (portrayed by Hubert Wu 胡鴻鈞).

One King, Three Queens

Mandy Wong (黃智雯) reprises her role as Dr. Felicity Chong, who now gains the ability of identifying lost souls. Moon Lau (劉佩玥) continues her performance as Bella, who died in the previous series. Her love for Ma Kwai had given her the power to remain in the mortal world as a spirit.

“[My character] is in love with Mandy Wong,” shared Kenneth. “But Moon still hasn’t forgotten me so she’s reluctant to leave the mortal world. I don’t know what to do between the two of them. I do have some intimate scenes with the both of them, so I guess you can say that I’m a pretty lucky guy!”

Newcoming cast member Zoie Tam (譚凱琪) plays Thalassa, a regular customer of Ma Kwai’s. “There’s a lot more to her character!” revealed Kenneth.

Mandy as the HK Version of Gong Hyo-jin

Mandy’s character, Felicity, has been compared to Gong Hyo-jin’s character in the Korean drama Master’s Sun. Gong Hyo-jin’s character is able to see ghosts. “There are similarities but the differences are there,” said Mandy. “My most memorable experience about this character is the arc where she entered an emergency room and saw a ‘child.’ It turns out that the child was abused by its parents, but it refused to tell the truth because it is trying to hide a story. It’s a very touching storyline, and I believe it’ll move the viewers.”

New cast member C Kwan (C) plays a guardian lion spirit who he describes as “smutty.” His character idolizes Mandy, and will be the show’s comedy relief.

Character Development Drives the Plot

Producer Dave Fong (方駿釗) shared that one of the climaxes of the new series will be a story arc involving Kenneth Ma traveling into a time tunnel and meeting important past people in his life, such as Kitty Yuen (小儀) and Anthony Ho (何遠東). His encounters cause him to reconsider his missions in life.

Iris Lam (林凱恩) will return as a guest star, playing the mother of a demon baby. Having witnessed Kenneth killing her possessed boyfriend twice, she vows for revenge. Hubert Wu and Ram Chiang (蔣志光), both who had died in the previous series, return as different characters—the former reprises his role as Kenneth’s close friend Ho Jai, and the latter transforms into Kenneth’s old friend IT Man.

Gloria Tang Lost Count of Her Kissing Scenes

Playing Riz, a second generation spirit exorcist, Gloria Tang (鄧佩儀) will have a romantic subplot with Hubert. There is an important scene in the show where both her and Hubert have to dance on top of a pond of water. She laughed and said, “We actually kissed a lot, so much that I have completely lost count. Sometimes we have to kiss several times for one scene to accommodate the different camera angles. We felt pretty awkward about it at first but we eventually got used to it and filming went by smoothly. I’ve never this experience before!” Gloria added that she won’t mind teaming up with Hubert as an onscreen couple for appearances.

From fighting, to hanging on wires, to falling into the sea, Riz is a very action-packed role for Gloria. “I really enjoyed it,” she said. “The process was very thrilling! This show was definitely a huge challenge for me.”

Susan Tse’s “Explosive” Acting

Susan Tse (謝雪心) will continue her role as Hubert’s mother, continuing a story line that ended tragically with Ho Jai’s “death” in the previous series. Susan will also be having a “relationship” with IT Man. With the many different relationships and emotional struggles that her character will have to go through, The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter is a challenging drama for Susan.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I just realised Ram Chiang 蔣志光 plays IT Man Ngai Tit-Man 艾鐵文 in Ghost of Relativity and their appearances if I remember correctly are exactly the same woah…
    Also not related, looking forward to 唐人街 drama wonder when it’ll air?

    1. @oligodendrocytes Ram Chiang also has a similar role/appearance in Angel in the Making.

      Definitely looking forward to 唐人街 Chinatown. According to wiki, it should air Oct 2020

  2. So now everyone has super powers, how stupid. Cheesy costumes. Lame CGI. Shesh.
    Curious, anyone knows who wrote the sequel script?

    I did like the first one though. Kenneth’s char was wholesome-ly written. Some storylines were enjoyable, like Kitty and King Kong bit, and even the romance btwn him and Mandy in the beginning. Though Mandy was boring af as both the doc and villain. Hubert fitted that role since he didn’t really have to emote any emotion besides bland and confused; so I’m very skeptical that he can pull off the whole big bad wolf in disguise role.

    1. @jjwong It’s the same scriptwriting team as the first one (led by head scriptwriter Ruby Law). Even so though, since it’s a sequel, it’s likely not going to be as good as the original. One of the reasons why the original series hit a note with audiences was because it was fresh and different and a huge departure from TVB’s usual series…but now, the novelty has worn off and by the looks of it (with the age-old trope of bringing dead characters back to life and such), seems like it is back in TVB old formulaic story arc territory. I’m sure fans of the original will watch this (just for the record, I’m not a fan) and it may even get high ratings still (though they’re starting to lift stay-at-home orders in HK so highly doubt TVB’s winning streak with ratings will continue), but doesn’t mean the series is any good. I guess we will have to wait and see…

      1. @llwy12 Rephrase my question – is the story written by the same author/winner as the first one? iirc, the first story came from someone completely off the street who put in for a contest? That was why it’s different(ish) from the typical TVB formula. Though at the end, it was still TVB peepee’d all over it.

        I liked it because it reminded me of 90s “jumping zombies” series and movies. I loved those. They’re truly original Chinese folklore.

      2. @jjwong The TVB employee who won the contest (I think his name was Loewe Lee if I remember correctly) was not directly involved in what ended up being the final script for the first series. From what I had read back then, he had provided the story concept and then TVB’s scriptwriters took that and developed it into the final product. It’s not clear exactly how much detail he had provided in his story concept though or how much of that got used in the final script, but TVB must not have felt it significant enough because his name is not listed anywhere in the script credits for the series (which means that after enough time has passed, most people won’t remember that the idea for the series came from him in the first place).

        Given the above, I’m 99.9% sure he had no involvement in the sequel.

      3. @llwy12 That’s right! Now I remember how unfair that TVB gave no credit to him. Yea, this sequel is definitely a pass for me.

  3. haven’t watched it. the first one was refreshing and am looking towards to the second one. is it incomparable to one another sequel and original?

  4. The start of this season has been ok so far but definitely missing some of the same soul that the previous one had. This one is starting to feel very comic-book-y.

    TVB really needs to stop with the CGI and tacky outfits. It cheapens the entire production.

    Mandy’s character continues to be boring here but maybe she will be more interesting once her powers set in.

    Hubert doesn’t feel convincing as a powerful villain and I miss him as Sek Gum Dong.

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