Gloria Tang Felt Guilty Asking Her Parents for Money

Since being crowned Miss Chinese International 2013, actress Gloria Tang (鄧佩儀) moved back to Hong Kong to kickstart her career at TVB. However, unlike the winners of the 2013 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, Gloria did not have a smooth-sailing acting career. With the lack of promotion and dull performances, the 27 year old encountered significant financial hardships. She had to rely on her parents for a few years before becoming financially independent. Although Gloria was extremely grateful for her parents’ constant support, she also felt ashamed and guilty that she needed to ask them for money.

Arriving in Hong Kong with high hopes, Gloria initially believed she could easily make a living, but the reality was harsh. Gloria spent a long period worrying nonstop about her bills. “Although I received monthly wages, it was still not enough to pay for rent and living expenses. Not only could I not provide for my family, but I had to rely on them to send me 10,000 Hong Kong dollars every month for support,” she expressed.

Growing tearful at the mention of her parents’ ceaseless support, she shared, “I was not filial at all. I felt so guilty, and I was so disappointed in myself that I still had to ask them for money as an adult. I had contemplated deeply on whether I should change careers.”

Despite her struggles, Gloria managed to pull through and is being rewarded for her hard work. Slowly gaining recognition with her eye-catching performances in The Defected <鐵探> and Barrack OKarma <金宵大廈>, many fans believe she has the potential to become a great actress. TVB also appears to think the same, as Gloria is being heavily promoted for her considerable acting skills and positive image. In fact, Gloria is already on her way to becoming a rising star with her performances in several past, current, and upcoming future projects, such as Airport Strikers <機場特警>, The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter <降魔的2.0>, Armed Reaction 2020 <陀槍師姐2020>, and Legal Mavericks 2 <踩過界II>.


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  1. She doesn’t really have a face that I am attracted to or keep me watching until the end of the drama. On top of that, her acting is not that great.

  2. ‘Gloria is being heavily promoted for her considerable acting skills’. Really? Not sure about her acting skills, but TVB sure is promoting her.

  3. She doesn’t have the fadan look,

    I don’t mind her , she was pretty decent in the The Defected…

    Airport strikers She was just blah….

    TVB should promote Roxanne Tong instead

    1. @mulder99 I think Roxanne is more promoted than Gloria. Roxanne is already a lead actress vs Gloria only had supporting roles so far.

  4. I didn’t like her at first but she is growing on me. I think it is OK to ask family and friends for money if you come across difficult times, as long as you don’t take it for granted and repay it when your financial conditions improve.

    Children should take care of their parents but it doesn’t have to always be financial. Parents shouldn’t expect to get paid X amount of money from their kids if their kids come into hard times. And you don’t stop being your parent’s kid after you turn 18 so I think it is normal for parents to help their kids out if they have the money around. It all depends on the relationship and trust and not on the sense of entitlement. No need to fit every family into a flowchart.

  5. Agree. She is pretty but forgettable. I think Tracy Chu & Iris lam have more potential than her.

    1. @snoopy I don’t think Tracy is in the industry anymore but yea Iris for sure – I feel like she’s a natural when it comes to acting. She was already pretty good in her first series

      1. @luye
        i had no idea iris lam was a star from the younger generation. i saw her in exorcist meter 2 and thought her acting is descent for a newcomer. i also thought her face was pretty for a green leaf role. however, i think she’s got a quite forgettable face too. there were 3 ladies on the show who i kept mixing up: her, the drug addict mom, and long mou’s wife. perhaps b/c of same hair, body, and face shape (wide faces)

      2. @m0m0 i havent watched The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter since i didnt finish the 1st one. I just remember Kenneth’s parents’ story which was very touching.

        Iris Lam played a major role in Girlie Days as Kristal’s daughter. I think that series caught my eyes more than her role in Exorcist.

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