Gordon Liu Enters Nursing Home And Suffers Estranged Marriage

In a band practice in September last year, 57-year-old martial arts actor, Gordon Liu (劉家輝), suffered a stroke. Due to paralysis in one side of his body, the renowned martial arts actor reportedly entered depression. Under the encouragement of his friends, Gordon regained his morale and accepted rehabilitation treatment more positively.

Receiving constant comfort from friends, Gordon allegedly received little support from his family members, as reported by Next Magazine. On the pretext of visiting Gordon, his children reportedly demanded money from him, and suggested to split up his assets. Gordon reportedly was so despaired that he chose to enter a nursing home in order to avoid his family. 

A Glorious Martial Arts Legend

In 1978, Gordon rose to fame when he displayed his martial arts skills in The 36th Chamber of Shaolin <少林三十六房>. In 2003, Gordon received an invitation from Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino to act in Kill Bill, starring alongside Uma Thurman.

Gordon Liu Turns Frail

Gordon was hospitalized and received treatment for two months after suffering a stroke last year. A muscular man in his younger days, Gordon felt despair in suddenly being wheel-chair bound. It was fortunate that he started to face his condition more positively after constant encouragement from his close friends.

Admitting into a nursing home in July, Gordon reportedly refused all visits from his colleagues in the entertainment circle. Gordon finally opened his door to Eric Tsang (曾志偉) and Bryan Leung (梁家仁), when the pair visited on the premise as representatives from the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild. After the visit, Eric Tsang disclosed that they will assist Gordon with his medical bills and accommodations.  

Gordon Estranged from Family

Gordon had two heartbreaking marriages. When recalling his first marriage, Gordon revealed that he had let his wife down. Determined to make up to his two daughters from his first marriage, he insisted to bring them over to stay with him after he remarried a Thai woman. Unfortunately, his daughters reportedly did not get along with their half brother and sister from Gordon’s second marriage. He then provided for his daughters to further their studies in the United States. However, Gordon reportedly felt that he could never redeem himself for giving his daughters a broken family.

Gordon’s relationship with his second wife reportedly turned sour too. In order not to repeat the same mistake of letting his children grow up in a broken family, he has allegedly been sleeping in separate rooms with his wife rather than get divorced. 

After entering a hospital last year, Gordon’s four children visited him occasionally, but his current wife reportedly did not visit him at all. His current wife allegedly even instigated her 20-year-old son and 17-year-old daughter to demand a monthly household allowance of $7,000 HKD from Gordon after he fell ill. Gordon allegedly was also being forced to dispense his disability subsidy to them. His wife allegedly also eyed Gordon’s savings and a property which he had bought over ten years ago.

An insider revealed, “After Master Liu was discharged, he stayed in an apartment in Prince Edward to recuperate. The rental and hiring of a maid was all paid by his friend. His wife never visited him at all. Although his son and daughter did visit him, it was always talking about money! The son would always coax his father to transfer his savings and property to his name. The most absurd thing was to ask Master Liu for household allowances. It was very obvious it was taught by his mother! Their marriage also turned sour when she constantly demanded money from him. When Master Liu said he did not have any money, the children just disappeared!” 

Wife Has Boyfriend?

Gordon reportedly was so despaired over his family’s financial disputes that he refused to eat. He has lost noticeable weight and was much thinner than before.

The insider also disclosed that his family had intended to send Gordon away, “Gordon’s children disclosed that their mother was thinking of sending him to Thailand, and to let her relatives take care of him. Although Master Liu is disabled, his mind is clear! Upon hearing it, he knew what they have up their sleeves! Master Liu then called his friend to inform his sister in America for help. His sister immediately arranged for him to stay in a nursing home to avoid his money-greedy wife and children!”

Gordon reportedly also made up his mind to divorce his current wife in June this year. An insider said, “Initially, Gordon did not want to affect his children. Even he knew that she had a Thai boyfriend. Although Gordon and his wife had separate rooms, he never thought of divorcing her.”

Gordon was recently spotted dining with his friends. Looking gaunt and frailGordon sat in a wheelchair as a young teenage boy, reportedly the son of Gordon’s friend, steered him into a cafe for lunch. Since the right side of his body appeared to be paralyzed, Gordon used his left hand to pick up food with his chopsticks. His hearing may have been affected as well, as his friends spoke closely into his ear.

Afterward, Gordon was led back to the nursing home.  Gordon appeared to be in deep thought, as his health condition and reportedly estranged family situation may have taken their toll on him.

Source: Next Magazine # 1171 via ihktv.com

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  1. Gordon Liu was my childhood martial arts hero, then I graduated to Jet Li in my teen years.

    I hope his family situation is not as estranged as reported. Although most elderly would choose not to enter a nursing home if their family members are able to care for them.

  2. I am so sad to read this piece of news and hope that it is not all true. Gosh, what a terrible wife and what bad kids if it is true. Their father is ill and yet all they seem to think about is money. His second wife seems to only care about money too. Gosh, Gordon seems like such a great husband and father but that’s all he gets?? Life is just so sad and unfair these days… I hope that he will recover and that his “family” can treat him better before they regret it one day….

    1. Yeah, some human beings are worse than wild animals and only have money on its mind.

      Even predators care and won’t devour its offspring.

      Still kinda strange since he seems in good shape and yet got a stroke.

      1. My parents said that no other animals can beat humans when it comes to compassion or other good things. However, on the same token, no other animals can beat humans when it comes to greed, cruelty,etc… It is so sad that we all live in a more and more materialistic world where money seems to be more important than anything, including family and love… I get so depressed seeing that…

      2. exoidus, perhaps you can visualize the situation from the children’s POV.

        The reason why they have so few ties to Gordon Liu is because he seriously messed up their upbringing, which means he was never there when he needed them the most.

        Which, you know, when he needs his children the most they’re just there to demand money from him. Everything happens for a reason.

      3. @dd,

        according to the article it’s the children from his 2nd marriage that demanded money.

        Messed up with their upbringing? Master Liu remained in this “empty” marriage just bc of the children and didn’t mind wearing a “green hat” in the process.

        If it was the children from his 1st marriage your statement would make more sense but still very flawed.

      4. exoidus,

        and I quote:

        “Gordon had two heartbreaking marriages.”

        >If it was the children from his 1st marriage your statement would make more sense but still very flawed.

        So I guess you’re implying that kids will turn against their parent based on natural instinct, without a cause or origin?

      5. dd,

        children’s perception of parents actions might be misunderstood e.g parents restrictions of internet/game etc.

        We don’t know their situation, not everything happens for a reason. Based on the article master Liu seems protective of his children.

        If they don’t like their father for however reason that’s fine, however don’t go ask for money and make his condition worse!

  3. This kinda reminds me of “heart of greed” LOL

    Hope Master Liu can regain his martial arts soon so he can teach his wife and children a lesson.

    1. I never saw that series Exiodus. What was the plotline? Is it similar to Gordon’s life? I hope that he will recover and live a happy life. His life sort of reminds me of martial arts writer Gu Long. His wives and kids did not seem to care for him at all while his friends did. No wonder his martial arts novels emphasized and valued friendship over love. Friendship can be a lot stronger than we think as long as it is true…

      1. The series is abt a rich man who got 2 wives (check), 4 children (check) and internal battle for the family fortune (check) 🙂

      2. Thanks for the info Exoidus! Oh my gosh, it does sound so much like Gordon’s life… What a coincidence…

  4. That is so sad. I hope Gordan will recover and send his wife packing!

    Get better soon!

    1. This is terribly sad. Whatever happened to staying together “through thick and thin, through sickness and in health”? *sigh* How many married couples actually follow through with their vows nowadays?

  5. It is very hard for a martial guy to accept that he cannot walk and move around again. Very sorry for him. Hope he will recuperate one day soon. He is still quite young.

  6. Wow, I feel bad for Gordon Liu. He really needs his family’s support right now and it seems like they just all turned his back on them. I’m glad to hear that there is artist guild that will help pick up his expense at least.

  7. Very sad news. For Gordon’s sake, I hope the media is gravely exaggerating in this case.

  8. Oh how very sad!! Surely, there must some exaggeration or this is extremely pitiful!

  9. omg… wat childrn.. mney dont brng happiness.. am sick of ppls obsession wth mney… hopefully he recovers and say good riddance to hs wife.. he was a great actor n mrtial artist..

  10. So sad, gave a lot of enjoyment to people through his work.
    Hopefully his friends and his sister will continue to help

    Maybe he can recover because he is not that old, plus
    he must have very strong will to become a successful
    martial art star.Hopefully his friends can ignite the
    fighting spirit within him,paving his road to recovery.

  11. I’m absolutely shell-shocked, to say the least… I hope Gordon can find his happiness.

  12. I think the situation (and stories about his family) is quite true because there’s almost little news about his situation since he had that fall last year. He refused to give interviews. For a man who’s always been active, it’s a situation difficult to accept. Hopefully, with his martial arts background, he can find that determination and strength to overcome this problem.

    Gordon is a traditional man who place heavy emphasis on family relations (filial piety, etc). If his children from this second marriage get coaxed by their mother to demand money from Gordon, it’s too pitiful cause the teenaged children are idiots. Gordon should divorce this moneyfaced wife (coz she already had a Thai bf….) on the grounds of adultery and not give her a single penny of his hard earned money.

  13. Am so sad to this shocking news of Gordon. Hope more of his friends and TVB colleagues can help him out. Master Liu, be positive and DON’T GIVE UP! Cheers!

  14. This is awful! I too hope he doesn’t give up! His wife and kids sound so so bad!

  15. This is such tragical news. I’m currently rewatching the old journey to the west series, and he was a great character as 牛魔王, and the other characters that he’s portrayed :\

    Hope everything turns out well for him.

    1. Yea, I love him in so many series and hope he can come back to acting after he recovers. I love him as Yan Bian Tian in Mystery of the Twin Swords. He was really sweet and funny.

    1. This is a one sided report. The situation could be different or maybe the same but for different reasons.

      A sad end for someone who was so strong in the past.

      Sometimes if very difficult to care, nursing home may be the best option. But nursing home in asia has a more sinister connotation than the western.,

  16. I feel bad for Gordon that he is such a great husband and father but have such bad wives and children. It is hard to find such a good man like that. Sadly, many do not know how to enjoy the good things that they have. At least he still has his sister and good friends whom I hope will continue to help and support him. All of his fans will support him as well! Stay strong and positive Gordon!!! I believe good things will come to him after he gets past this big hurdle…Jia you!!!

  17. Gordon Liu is such an great actor.. It’s kinda bewildering that someone as fit as him, can get a stroke at such a young age.. Really shows us that life is unpredictable, and to live it, before it’s gone.

  18. This is truely sad sad news and his greedy wife and children should go to hell.

  19. I hope that’s not true but we don’t know the reason behind the news, he might have done something in the past or he might have been too busy to take care of the children and let that evil Thai woman teach them whatever she wants.

  20. Battle of the Spinners.

    Obviously you know who can spin better with the media.

  21. I think his 2nd wife is afraid that he will give his assets to his 2 daughters from his first marriage

    1. This is probably true. The second wife might be afraid that Gordon will give everything to the 2 daughters

  22. My dad and I have recently watched his old movies together and we are such big fans of him. It’s so sad that he is in such a predicament. I hope the media is just exaggerating and things aren’t as bad as it is reported.

    I wish him a speedy recovery.

  23. sad indeed to read of Gordon’s current situation. wishing him speedy full recovery.

  24. How about his two daughters from his first marriage? Are they independent yet? If they are, perhaps they can do something for their father.

    We hope to watch your martial arts again in drama series in the near future. Think positively!

  25. I’m very sad for Gordon Liu. His wife and children are heartless

  26. Thai again! Smh…my grandfather just recently went bak to the village because his daughters and son refused to care for him anymore at age 95. He’s in the village and no one will go see him until he is dead. So sad. Those daughters expected the daughter in laws to care for him n complain but they were the b….that never care for their father. I’m sure gordan is a great guy. But some parents deserves to be neglected. Especially the ones that thinks they are parents and they always have the right of way. The ones that gives no encouragement and support. Those hypocrite parents. My bf’s parents are like that. The mom was sick recently n my bf refused to talk to her. The daughter is never home n the older brother goes gambling all the time. Sometimes how u treat your children is the way how they will treat u back. My bf mom is so greedy saying that she does everything for her children but all wrong. Her kids were like beggars. They didn’t have money to buy lunch n no money to take the subway and begged in the streets. Now I know why my bf don’t want to talk to his parents. I understand wholeheartedly. The article only said how those step children asks for money. I hope his two daughters will treat him well because he means well n wants them to have better education. Ny bf’s parents never encourages their children to go to school. They ask them to make money. No offense but his mom deserves to be neglected. WhT do u guys think? I’m glad I don’t have my bf’s parents. I’m spoiled.

    1. wow screamooh i got to say. if indeed tht mum treated th childrn like tht. we as kids should learn forgive hard to forgt.. i know its hard to forgive but do try.. carryng grudges wll do us no good.. my mum to say the least was the worst critic n needlees to say nvr supported me in anything.she wll complain abt mney.. yelling at her grandkids even my kids rfuse to go to hr house.. but i stll take it.. she is my mum after all.

  27. do hang tough. just gve your bf the support n love he needs

  28. WoW! I feel so sad for Gordon. I watched his movies and dramas going up. He spend his life working and making a name for himself. It’s disappointing that his family could not support him. If I was part of his family I would be honor to have a father like him. I would try to keep his legacy alive. I really hope his family gets nothing.

  29. Ytd when I read it I feel very bad for him. I hope he can recover. I don’t know what’s wrong with his children, letting their father in this situation. If it happens in Europe or US, I may find some excuses for them but in an Asian country?

  30. so sad to hear about gordon liu’s present condition…luckily he still have siblings and friends who cares for him..wish he recovers completly .. he is still young

  31. i dunno if i can remember correctly. but i thought roger kwok’s wife is his daughter? did i remember wrong?

    1. No, Roger Kwok’s wife is Cindy Au and she is not Gordon’s daughter.

  32. I’m incredibly sad to read about this. He’s one of my all time favorite actors ever. It’s just too heartbreaking. I hope he finds his happiness.

    1. Hope Gordon has a speedy recovery and return to TVB series or the big screens.

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