Gordon Liu May Sell Home to Pay Hospital Bills

Above: Gordon Liu with legal guardian, Amy Fan.

Martial arts actor, Gordon Liu (劉家輝), may have to sell his home in order to pay for his hospital bills.

Financial woes and family disagreements plagued the 57-year-old action star after he suffered a stroke in August 2011. Believing that his family only had eyes on his fortune, Gordon refused to see his wife and two children. Gordon’s former assistant, Eva Fung, also refused to return his 2 million RMB film remunerations that were left in her prior care.

The stroke, which struck the left side of Gordon’s brain, affected his language abilities and his mobility on the right side of his body. Gordon initially stayed at a sanatorium and had the strength to walk and play simple physical games. However, the outbreak of his family drama took a toll on Gordon’s health and he now has to stay hospitalized in bed. Gordon’s hospital bills cost $100,000 HKD per month.

In an interview, Gordon’s current assistant and guardian, Amy Fan (樊亦敏), revealed that Gordon may have to sell his own home to pay for his medical bills. She also disclosed that Gordon had already made a will, which was witnessed by both Amy and his lawyer.

“Gordon chose me to be his consignor because Eva used to be my assistant, so I was very familiar with Gordon’s situation. Before, there were a lot of contractual problems and Eva couldn’t handle it all. I was the one who helped out. Gordon has already arranged everything that needed to be handed down under the presence of his lawyer. I am just a witness and I will not get any benefits. I’ve been a fan of Gordon since I was very young, and I think I am doing the right thing by helping him out.”

Amy told Sudden Weekly that Gordon already used up most of his saving and has to partially rely on his social security disability benefits. With Eva still refusing to return Gordon his remunerations, Gordon may be forced to sell his 800-square-feet flat on Caine Road. Gordon purchased the property for $1 million HKD in 1992; the current market price has risen to $8 million HKD. According to the reports, Gordon’s two children – Kris and Sonia – still reside in the flat.

Amy admitted, “Gordon will not rule out the possibility of selling the flat or mortgage it to the bank. His family and children all say that they don’t have the ability to take care of him.”

She added coldly that out of Gordon’s family, only his elder sister Theresa and niece would pay visits to Gordon and show concern for his health. The rest of his family only had eyes on his money.

With the support of Amy and close friends, Gordon is slowly recovering. When the press paid him a visit, he smiled and made a ‘victory’ sign hand gesture.

Source: Sudden Weekly #924 via ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.  

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  1. That’s so sad. I feel for him. Gordon has been around for as long as I can remember and see him as a wonderful actor. Shame on those around him trying to take advantage of him. I hope u can rest and recuperate to your former self Gordon. Get better soon. PS: do what you gotta do to make your life easier and comfortable

  2. How did Amy Fan and Gordon meet? Where did this strong bond came about? So confusing!!!

    1. She did a few dramas back in the days with TVB and also a few HK dramas so maybe that’s how they met. She’s one of those actress that don’t flaunt who she knows etc. I am happy Gordon found somebody that he can trust to help take care of him.

  3. Give him back his money. Geeze Karma is a B.

    His family is so messed up. He needs a lawyer to sue that greedy assistant. Hope she will go to jail.

    1. ^ agree. that lady better give the poor man back his money.

      1. That’s disgusting behaviour if the assistant is holding back money that is not rightfully hers.

    2. yeah, how could she do that. she should have being sued

  4. His situation is bad, he needs to sue the witch. I hope he has a speedy recovery process.

    1. He won’t recover…just wish that he will be happy and not have to worry about these negativity around him

    2. Larry 3,
      Suing his ex-assistant for the money will be a long process. It’s a matter of having enough cash flow to pay for Gordon’s current medical bills.

      Hopefully there is a more positive development in his health situation, as he looks very frail in the hospital photos.

      Also it’s not clear as to why he has been hospitalized for a lengthy period. Hopefully not due to a heart condition.

  5. What is the world coming to, people cheating the sick, the elderly and their own families. Sigh. Depressing.

    He looks so frail compared to his past. It’s very sad.

  6. How sad it is to be in this position and everyone close after your money only. Not that he has much money now anyways. How heartless of these people. Hope by miracle he recovers. Geez..the world today!

  7. Very sad to see Gordon Liu looking so old and skinny. He was always a very athletic kungfu/martial master. Shame!

    Sadder to learn that he has to put up with his greedy wife and children, and now with an additional cheating assistant. Poor sick old man.

  8. This is just so sad. I was just rewatching some series that he did in 2010 which was not that long ago. It is sooo sad to see how he is now. It just shows that life is unpredictable and you never know when you will fall ill, become poor, or any other bad thing happening. I hope that he can at least be happy and be able to move around. It is even sadder that his own wife and kids only care for money and not him and his well being. What has our world come to??

  9. Watched him as d martial art expert Johnny Mo n shockingly c his health deteriorated so quick! How many yrs was dat! So sad!

  10. Hello, where are his wealthy celebrity friends? Hello, paging quentin tarintino

    1. agree. all his wealthy celebrity friends are nowhere to be seen and all that stayed by him might be only the less wealthy and less well known ones that’s why the nameless friends. some people whether family or friends just stick around when you’re healthy and financially good. selfish world.

      1. I agree and it is sad that many are only with you when you are well and rich. But once you fall ill or are poor, they all turn their backs on you. How sad is that??

    2. Eric Tsang did help him with some expenses and a iPad as gift.

      1. Wow, an iPad, that must be what, pocket change to him. I’m sure that’s how much he spends on a meal at a fancy restaurant.

      2. double standard. when gordon got sick eric gives ipad and some expenses that seemed like didn’t change gordon’s financial status at all. why not pull some of his strings to get justice at eva and get gordon’s money back? when gullian chung got peeked by hidden camera eric gathered big name artistes to help her and get jackie chan to lead.

      3. Probably Gordon Liu is too old as an artiste for Eric Tsang to help. Eric likes to help the young ones more ……… with a better future.

      4. Sandcherry – Well that’s BS if Eric only helps the young ones. He’s disguisting and I’ve always thought of him as that. He’s too arrogant and I can’t believe he has a high position at TVB.

        I watched a documentary about how he has a restaurant that helps people with special needs, at first I thought, WOW that’s great. But they are hearing impaired. Fair enough that is a disability but I thought it was people that are developmentally challenged which is much different.

        People that are hearing impaired still function like ‘neuro typical people’. So that wow moment didn’t last long.

        620 and all upper mgmt at tvb and the execs at shaw should be ashamed of themselves. He helped them make those movies and built the legacy and when he needs help no one is there.

        Money talks, even when you are a celebrity.

  11. “..the rest of his family only had eyes on his money” but on the other hand, he may need to sell his own home to pay for his medical bills. So, what money has he have left to fight over?

    1. The money is with his ex-assistant Eva bank account. She’s claiming to take care on behalf of Gordon.

      If Gordon pass away, I’m sure Gordon family vs Eva vs Gordon’s will court battle will take place.

  12. Wow, Gordon has lost even more weight recently. I’m glad that he has a good friend trying to take care of him but it’s horrible that his assistant and family are only after his money.

  13. If the law cannot do something soon to get the money back from the Evil Eva then can someone post her address and picture on the Web so that people especially the fans can harass her where ever she goes.

    1. I agree and am on board. Anybody know the link to taunt Eva pls share

  14. i wonder if they can set up a donation or trust from generosity or charity to help pay bills.

  15. that eva is heartless. she should wait for retribution.

    1. where are gordon’s friends? i’m sure many of them are wealthy successful individuals now and can help gordon financially! the least they can do is to buy that house at higher than market price. price is 8 million, his friends should help to buy it at 10million or more! i’m sure most of his richer and more famous friends can afford it. where is eric tsang the so called hk artiste representative?

      1. When it comes to money, no one is your friend. Eric has always been a jerk imo and clearly this is evident.

      2. Eric is more interested in helping young artistes, not old ones who do not much a future.

      3. That is how I feel too. It feels like if he wants to help only the young ones who may make it big, not stars that have fallen or are old now. I used to think that Eric was a nice person, but now I don’t feel he is just a shallow jerk with good connections that everyone wants to kiss up to.

  16. I believe on the reports that his wife and children are eyeing his fortune, since gordon seems disappointed with them and avoid to see them. He knows the best! It is obviously bullshit when his wife and children defend themselves and lie in other report. Even amy said so.
    I think eva is also eyeing for his money for taking care of him because she is able to guard his money and hope he dies soon, and keep all the money. Bcos she doesnt seem like caring genuinely for him. She volunteers to care for him, doesnt seem like it. Be careful ppl, dont trust 100% on any ppl esp on money. If u let ur money on the hands of other ppl, prepare to lose it, even if it is close friends, siblings, family. Look at anita mui’s mom and brother.

  17. come to think, eva is evil, but his wife and children are more cruel treating their own husband and FATHER that way, they must live longer to suffer

    1. agree. can’t believe the children and wife is this heartless to treat gordon this way when he needs them the most! this is your HUSBAND and FATHER who gave you love! this world is sick.

      1. and the two children are shameless enough to live in gordon’s house using his property. clear enough what they want from him is only money.

    2. I agree and it is a sick world we live in now where all people care for is money and power.

  18. This is awful. He’s as old as my father and it looks like he has aged 25-30 years overnight. Quite a difference from his youth! I’ve always admired him growing up. I hope his health improves and that he will find some peace and happiness in his personal life.

  19. so no public assistance for his medical bills in HK, correct? Singaporeans should be grateful that their stern patriarch forced them to tow the line all their lives to earn housing and retirement benefits for themselves.

  20. O c’mon d ipad won’t feed nor financially support him to his end of days! D guy needs lots of support n $$$$$$$$$$$$$…………….mann!

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