Gordon Liu Neglected Under Care of Lying Assistant

Above: Gordon Liu with his new legal guardian, Amy Fan.

Martial arts star Gordon Liu’s (劉家輝) situation is similar to many disabled elderly whose lifetime savings were taken unwillingly from them.

Gordon has been plagued by family and financial woes since suffering a stroke in 2011. Gordon’s estranged wife and two children from his second marriage are only interested in his money and pressured him to transfer his million-dollar (HKD) home under their ownership. His former assistant, Eva Fung, refused to return the million-dollar (HKD) cash savings he had entrusted to her care since last year.

Last year, Gordon’s spokesperson to the public was Eva Fung, his former assistant of five years. In December, Gordon’s relationship with Eva went sour; Next Magazine reported that Eva had neglected Gordon’s needs while he was under her care.  Gordon’s close friend and fellow artist, Amy Fan (樊亦敏), has replaced Eva as Gordon’s assistant and guardian.

Gordon Neglected Under Former Assistant’s Care

Theresa, Gordon’s twin sister who resides in the United States, was enraged when discussing Eva, “I once sent Gordon some clothes, but Eva never gave them to him. She told me that retirement homes have strict rules. It is heartbreaking to only see him wearing the same two t-shirts over and over again. Now that Amy Fan is helping out, Gordon is looking a lot better.”

In regards to Amy replacing Eva as Gordon’s assistant, Theresa said, “It was Eva who offered to care for Gordon, but she would always scold him. She always brought up the topic of his children and his money. That greatly impedes Gordon’s mood and his rate of recovery. The retirement house and the social services department once complained about Eva. Gordon’s psychological report also mentioned that he would get tense whenever Eva is mentioned. Eva will not be able to visit Gordon unless he agreees.

“It was Amy who arranged for Gordon to stay at a retirement home, who paid for his legal team out of her own pocket and arranged for all of his hospital check-ups. Eva did nothing. Under the witnesses of friends, lawyers, and Gordon’s psychiatrist, we have decided to have Amy replace Eva as his assistant and guardian. In the past, we have suggested to Eva to help Gordon hire a private nurse, but she told us that the retirement home did not allow private nurses. Now under Amy’s care, Gordon has one. Eva was lying.”

Eva Took Money from Gordon’s Savings

Theresa also revealed that when Eva had decided to step down as Gordon’s assistant, Gordon’s legal team discovered that there were discrepancies in Gordon’s finances. Eva admitted that she was “temporarily protecting” several million RMB of Gordon’s film remunerations.

Gordon’s friends stressed that Gordon has lost the ability to work for himself and has to rely on his savings for retirement.  Amy stepped in and requested for Eva to return Gordon his money. Despite multiple requests, Eva refused, stating that she will only return them when Gordon completely recovers.

Theresa exclaimed, “Eva says she would return [the money] when Gordon is completely recovered. Everyone is aware that it is impossible for him to completely return to his original mobility and state. That is just her way of saying that she will be keeping the money for good. Gordon really needs the money to pay for his medical bills and living expenses. It is fine if Eva is unable to care for Gordon. I am still thankful for her sacrifices. That is why I told Amy Fan to inform the lawyers to calculate a sum and repay Eva for all the transportation expenses she spent on him. I also stated clearly to her that she must return Gordon’s money.”

Gordon’s Legal Team Hopes to Recover Money

When Amy visited Gordon last Saturday, she admitted that she has hired a team to help Gordon recover his money. “It should not be a surprise to see Eva in possession of Gordon’s remunerations when she was still acting as his assistant, but that does not mean that she should keep it all until now. Not only is she refusing to return the money, she claims that she will hire a lawyer to speak with Gordon’s lawyer. That is just a waste of Gordon’s money.”

Gordon’s son, Kris, alerted the police when he lost contact of his father in early March. Eva also stated that she did not know where Gordon was at the time. To this, Amy angrily said, “I can’t believe that she had the guts to say that she didn’t know where Gordon was! At the beginning of the year, Gordon was not feeling very well and was admitted to a hospital. The retirement home thought that Eva was still Gordon’s assistant and contacted her about his admission, but she still told everyone that she didn’t know where he went!”

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. that’s sad…..why his family don’t take care of him?

  2. He should sue her for stealing his money. Let this guy live already. It’s his money and not yours.

  3. I hope the bank side helps to freeze his assets from being touched by his lying assistant, and police to recover what has been taken and put her to jail.

    1. You are right. In this situation the authorities should step in immediately to solve the problem once and for all if not sooner or later all the money may disappear.

  4. Wow, that’s sad. I’m wondering if his assistant said some things that furthered the riff between him and his family. I’m glad that he has a good friend taking care of him right now.

  5. I feel so bad for him. Nowadays, people have no sympathy for anyone. All they care about is themselves. This women named Eva should be ashamed of herself. How would she like it if people did that to her. She is to selfish.

    1. I do too and it is sad how our world is becoming more and more selfish with many that just live in their own little world and care about no one but themselves. I can’t believe Eva would do that… She will get punished when her time comes.

  6. Never knew Amy was close to Gordon. Well, I really hope she’ll take good care of him and for Gordon to be healthy.

    1. Me too and hope she is a good guardian to Gordon…

  7. Eva has NO HEART, why steal money from this sick old man? One day she will be old too, she wants people to treat her this way?

  8. Thank goodness there are people like Amy in this world. Hopefully he can get back everything that Eva stole from him and he will get better. It was really sad reading these two articles, great society we have stealing life savings from an old man who can’t fend for himself. Also shame on his kids who are being greedy when their father is ill and in a retirement home. Really?

  9. is any of this true? It does sound like he resents his current family even though it is his second so he might have a transactional take on being the sole breadwinner twice over. Obviously, every penny should be spent to make him as healthy as possible but I’m not hearing one note of concern on his part about the welfare of his teenage(?) offspring in the event that he passes away – there’s no rush to do estate planning on his part and that’s not a good sign about him. I know many old fashioned uneducated Chinese will use the excuse that it is unlucky to do estate planning but that really isn’t believable when concerned parents would worry about the welfare of their children no matter if grown if the parents should pass away. It can’t all be the fault of the people around him – he is on his second marriage to a younger woman and does he choose young single females as his assistants?

    1. Disgusting comment. I have lost hope for this world with humans like you.

    2. What a disgusting comment. It’s his hard earned money, he has a right to decide what to do with it, even if he wants to take it to his own grave. End of story. And that’s not being old fashioned, uneducated, or Chinese.

    3. what a long comment but i agree with you.. why did he choose a young single female as his assistant??

      1. none of them have legal experience or financial planning insights – it’s weird – they don’t even have nursing degrees.

  10. God bless Amy Fan. Sooner or later Eva will get what she deserves- she’s one heartless being.

    1. Amen to this! I hope justice will prevail sooner than later, so that Gordon will have his hard earned money to live a more peaceful life after such a tough ordeal.

  11. Amy Fan looks chubbier in there! I really liked her in the drama featuring Chilam Cheung and Ada Choi (forgot the name though) she was such a sultry woman! I believe she still works for ATV?

  12. It would be tragic for this super hard working guy to lose his savings because of a greedy scam artist. I hope he sues her and recovers more than he lost and she dies a horribly painful slow death. What she is doing is unbelievably evil.
    People who take advantage of other people when they are down or because they are in a position of power are the worst scum of the earth.

  13. hey guys! from what Gordon Liu says on his facebook page, he seems to be doing alot better then what people are saying in the press whenit come to health. i am surprised no one has mentioned his face book page. he added some photos in january which show him looking much better then the picture above. :
    i do not know if this is really his facebook page, but the photos make me think it might be.

    and if that is so…then send some get well soon messages to him everybody! !! ^_^

    1. Nobody mentioned it because those are OLD pictures of him. Common sense please.

      1. Nobody mentioned it because those are OLD pictures of him. Common sense please. – HAHAHAS!!!

      2. Heheh. But it’s still sweet to see so many fans interested in and caring about him. Shame that the same can’t be said for those around him – those who *should* matter most.

        Anyway, had to google Amy Fan; I couldn’t recognise her from the photo above. Hope she’ll be a great support for Gordon.

  14. Another sad story of society’s indifferent, callous attitude towards the elderly. They are people are work most of their lives, but once they become unable to work, society and sometimes sadly, the elders’ family, just tosses them aside. I hope karma bites Eva in the ass in the future and kudos to Amy for being such a great friend.

  15. eva so pretty but so wicked, don’t worry her time will come, she’ll be old, sick, get cheated and without money in no time, that will be her curse

  16. On the other side, what makes you think that his new ‘assistant’, Amy Fan will not ‘eat’ up all of Gordon’s fortunes after he transfer his money over to her?

    Maybe, Eva Fung knows more than what meets the eye and refuses this transfer for his own good, to safeguard his money.

    Can Gordon thinks logically and rationally at present to make his own wise decision or is he being ‘manipulated by people presumably closed to him?

    Same for his children. Isn’t giving back the father’s money to his own children better than landing in a third party coffers? Its like the nurse who takes care of a rich man when he is ailing and then gets his full fortune!

    Its more than what we hear, I supposed.

    1. that’s why its not good to put all eggs in one basket

    2. “Isn’t giving back the father’s money to his own children better than landing in a third party coffers?”
      – There isn’t much difference. He will still end up with nothing either way. No money for medicals, no money for food. It’s an unfortunate thing when friends and family see you only as an ATM machine.

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