Gordon Liu’s Assistant Refuses to Return Millions in Lifetime Savings

Gordon Liu (劉家輝)’s former assistant of five years, Eva Fung, has refused to turn over Gordon’s savings worth several million HKD.

The 57 year-old martial arts actor suffered a stroke in 2011 that left his right side paralyzed. Since then, Gordon experienced a series of financial rifts with his estranged wife and two children, Kris and Sonia. He continued to refuse to see his children. Gordon entered a nursing home and began rehabilitation, regaining partial mobility.

Last year, Eva acted as Gordon’s spokesperson and was granted access to his cash savings. She used the funds to pay for Gordon’s nursing home care, medical bills, and distribute monthly allowance to his two children. Gordon was grateful and even thanked her publicly for taking care of him.

Gordon Betrayed by Assistant? 

Since last December, Gordon and Eva’s relationship went awry. Gordon’s close friend and new guardian, Amy Fan (樊亦敏), hinted that Eva is unwilling to hand over access to Gordon’s entire savings.

Eva stated that she will return Gordon’s savings after he has completely recovered. Amy criticized that the term “recovered” is relative. Gordon is the rightful owner of the cash savings and had only assigned Eva to handle Gordon’s finances temporarily.

“Miss Fung (Eva) should return every single thing that Gordon Liu owns. Unfortunately, it may turn out to be only one photograph and his personal documents,” Amy hinted that Eva may not return the several millions HKD in dispute.

Meanwhile, Gordon continues to have tense relations with his two children from his second marriage, Kris and Sonia, after they pressured Gordon to transfer his $13 million HKD home under their ownership.

Sources: Sing Tao, Ettoday.net

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I truly feel saddened and bad for Gordon Liu’s situation. He was a talented actor and a role model for many martial artist enthusiasts. Doesn’t feel right that he has no access to his money and his children are estranged from him.

    Storyline is a little similar to the current TVB series, Reality Check, no?

    1. RLF Lover,
      Last week, when Gordon’s recent situation made headlines, I had a feeling that he had a disagreement with his assistant. Since he hasn’t spoken to her in a month and she has access to his cash savings.

      In times such as these, we really need trusted family to help us out. It is disheartening to learn that Gordon only has his friends and not his family by his side when in need.

      I truly hope that Amy Fan will be a good guardian to Gordon.

      1. I also hope that Amy Fan will take good care of Gordon and not cheat him of his money. He can’t work now and really needs that money…

    2. It reminds me of Reality Check too.
      Super sad to see that Gordon has to seek help from friends when it should be his wife and kids supporting him… not trying to steal his assets!

      1. Is that how it is in Reality Check too? It is sad that you usually would trust and rely on family most, but sadly Gordon does not even have that and has to rely on friends only. Imagine if he did not have any friends, I wonder who would help him? IN such tough economic times like this, when someone has such a big amount of money in their hands, I really wonder if they would return it?? I had a feeling that it would be hard for Gordon to get his money back from his assistant. I wonder if he can bring her to court to get it back??

  2. Poor man, he doesn’t deserve this.

    Gordon’s family is so selfish; all they want his $$, so Eva is not the one to blame.

    It’s their fault for letting gordon hire an outsider to be in charge of his affairs, so if he loses it, they lose it too

    Anyways, eva is just as bad as his family. If only I knew where she lived…

  3. to those out there reading this, I didn’t really ‘mean’ to know where eva lived – it’s just an expression of upset/angr

  4. Where are Gordon’s celebrity friends? Eric whats his face that’s a big head over at TVB. Where are the friends coming out to help him.

    This is really sad and pathetic. I mean you would think his friends in the industry would come and help him out. It’s bad enough that his family and his assistant who he put in charge or this Amy person is after his money, but he needs friends. Despicable.

  5. Gordon does not in anyway deserve what is happening to him. Has anyone paused to think that Eva Fung has personally used some of the money for her own personal usage, and cannot return all of it at this time?. I think that is what has happened. I that is the case, it is so wrong. that money is Gordon’s, he is sound of mind and eva should return his money to him, as per his request.

  6. I can’t believe that a martial art super star like Gordon, who work expanded over more than 3 decades is worth so little, talk about being under paid. Then their are those with no talents but willing to show some skin and making millions in no time. I wish him well.

    1. He has to support 2 families.
      And they weren’t properly getting paid back then.

  7. I feel so bad for Gordan.. first his wife then his kids.. and now his assistant… I hope he can trust Amy. May he recover and get back his $$!!

  8. It’s indeed a sad situation for Gordon given that he has worked in the industry for decades. Two things to consider, i.e. an obvious falling-out with his 2nd wife & children (who seems to be incessantly after his money) and his current financial situation.

    Who is this Eva person? A friend (what relationship) he had known for a long time?, someone to be trusted with those money? and why didn’t Gordon get his lawyers to handle his finances when things started to get messy (when his wife/children wanted more money).?? Gordon still has old friends (many from days with Shaw Bros) in the industry whom he still keeps contact, i.e. Chen Kwan Tai, Eric Tsang, etc. How come he didn’t seek their advice? Perhaps he wish to keep private the amount of $$$ he has but with this mess, everything is exposed.

    When Gordon first went missing and everyone was frantic, Eva stated that she was keen to contact Gordon cause she wanted to return all $$ to Gordon. So how has the situation change ?? And who is this Amy/what relationship?

    And, what are those lawyers doing ??? No word from them at all **

  9. oh no, liars are going to get hot burning stones in their mouth in hell, thieves.. better watch out!! have to pay back seven fold of what you stole or else..

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