Gordon Liu’s Children Forbidden to Visit Him at Nursing Home

Martial arts star, Gordon Liu (劉家輝), is currently staying at a nursing home after suffering from a stroke last year. While Gordon’s health condition has improved with physical therapy, his family scandals continue to escalate. It was reported that Gordon has become estranged from his second wife and children, refusing to see nor talk to them.

Police Alerted

Last week, Mrs. Liu accepted an interview in Thailand and denied allegations that she was eyeing Gordon’s assets and money. Three days ago, Gordon’s two children from his second marriage, Kris and Sonia, were forbidden in visiting their father. Since his children refused to leave, the nursing home alerted the police to resolve the conflict.

Subsequently, Kris and Sonia also had a private meeting with the staff of the nursing home and requested to see their father.  Their request was turned down, with the staff explaining that they were carrying out Gordon’s instructions. In order not to affect Gordon’s emotions and his recuperation, the nursing home staff told Kris and Sonia that they needed to inform Gordon’s guardian first.

Turned away, Gordon’s children were upset and claimed that a person had stopped them from visiting their father.

State of Gordon and Children’s Relations Unclear

Claiming that they had a good relationship with their father, Kris and Sonia stated that they had a meal with Gordon before his admittance into the nursing home. As Gordon’s guardian did not inform them the address of the nursing home, Kris and Sonia had to seek out the information from the disability allowance registry.

Revealing that this was the third time in which the siblings were not granted visiting rights, Kris said, “Last month, I knew Eric Tsang (曾志偉) had visited him. As his children, why can’t we visit him?” He added, “They even said that Daddy did not wish to see anyone.”

Attempting to reunite with their father, Kris had called Gordon’s manager, Eva, but his call was always rejected. “I left my phone number, but there is no news from her,” said Kris.

Was Gordon Manipulated to Not See His Children?

Implying that someone had manipulated Gordon, Sonia said, “The nursing home did not know that Gordon has two children. After he suffered a stroke, he doesn’t have a clear mind. Maybe someone has done something behind our backs!”

Kris and Sonia had tried asking the nursing home to call Gordon, but he refused to pick up the call. The siblings felt helpless and are currently seeking their friends’ help in the matter.

Gordon’s Manager’s Response

In response to Gordon’s children’s claims that a person had manipulated Gordon, his manager, Eva, replied, “I will reserve my legal right to pursue this matter. It’s not the guardian who forbids (the children from visiting him), it is Master Liu who decides who he wants to see.”

Source: ihktv.com

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  1. Hmm…The whole story from both of the sides sounds fishy. This is the typical article where both part just blame on each other. Makes it hard to determine on which story is the true story, expectly when Gordon aint able to speaks out.

  2. Is this a TVB Drama? I just can’t believe that a father refuse to see his children!

    1. Exactly! What kind of father that refuses to see his own children?

      1. A father who knows his children’s intentions to nogitate in taking his assests instead of whole-heartedly visiting him when he is emotionally and physically ill.

      2. To me your insinuations are nonsense because he can see them in the presence of his manager or others. Don’t tell me that they are going to put a gun to his head to sign documents.

  3. My goodness leave them alone let them deal with it privately there is no need for the media to be involve with other ppl family issue!!!

    1. LOL, aren’t we saying that in every aricle, still the media never stop 😛 They love making money you know 😛

    2. Omy,
      Gordon’s children from his second marriage are filing open complaints, accepting media interviews etc.

      Since they already said that their father does not have a “clear” mind, I would not be surprised if his children continue to protest that their father has been “manipulated” into actions not of his true choice.

      1. Does he has any children from his first marriage? Why didn’t Gordon come out and address this issue once and for all??!!!

    3. To be fair to the media, it seems the children are trying to use the media to put pressure on Gordon and his Guardian. If people are willing to provide the story obviously the media is going to print.

  4. next we know the children wll go court claiming gordon nt sound of mind. wanting tke over hs estate.. n hs mney..

  5. Is Gordon Liu some kind of millionaire? i dont understand these dramas

    1. Every actor is a millionaire, especially those successful ones and I have no doubt Gordon is also well off until his treatment of course.

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