Gordon Liu Takes Former Assistant To Court Over Financial Dispute

Gordon Liu (劉家輝) may have a chance to reclaim his assets worth over 2 million RMB, which his former assistant Eva Fung (馮映華) refused to return to him. The 57-year-old martial arts star, who is left paralyzed on the left side of his body after suffering a stroke in 2011, has finally taken legal action against Eva.

Eva is reported to have finally accepted her subpoena to court after Gordon’s guardian Amy Fan (樊亦敏) and legal authorities confronted Eva at the lobby of a commercial building.

For over a year, Eva acted as Gordon’s spokesperson and financial adviser. Gordon had entrusted his remuneration fees under her care. After falling out with Eva, Gordon and his sister appointed Hong Kong actress Amy Fan to replace Eva as Gordon’s guardian. Eva, however, refused to return Gordon’s funds and declined to give up her current hold on Gordon’s two bank accounts. Gordon, Amy, and their legal team officially filed a legal petition against Eva last month.

A court hearing was scheduled to take place on May 25, but Eva refused to accept her subpoena. On June 5, several media outlets reported that Amy, along with four other companions, among them an attorney, confronted Eva at the lobby of a commercial building and tossed the subpoena document to her.

A witness said that Eva refused to accept her document upon seeing the group and rushed to the elevator. Amy followed her, and after a brief quarrel, both Eva and Amy returned to the lobby. It was reported that Eva kept her back towards Amy at all times and was dialing her phone.

Reportedly, one of the members of Amy’s team asked if she needed to call the police, in which Amy reportedly shouted, “Good! Let’s call the police! When the police come, I will personally hand the subpoena to Eva Fung again. She will not dare to not receive it!”

Upon hearing this, Eva reluctantly accepted the document. Amy then said, “You’ve received it! Now you know you must go to court!”

Later that day, Eva filed a report to police authorities, claiming that she has been cornered and harassed by a group of people who forced her to receive a letter. Eva also expressed that she has been receiving numerous anonymous calls.

Source: Apple Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

NOTE: This article was modified on June 13, 2013 at 10:57 a.m. to reflect that Gordon Liu’s financial assets amount to 2 million RMB in his dispute with Eva Fung, instead of the 200 million RMB as initially reported.

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  1. Karma is a b*tch …. Eva Fung will get what’s coming to her … she’s heartless and is pure with greed. Hope Gordon gets his money back plus interest.

    1. What kind of person would even cheated sick people money.

      1. I have seen even more disgusting people in real life so this is nothing surprising to me. I hope that if karma still works, what goes around will come around…

      2. Not going to lessen her sins, but at least she doesn’t have any ‘kin’ with Gordon. Have you seen what family members can do to one another for the ka-ching?

        Yeah, some people experience that cr*p every single day.

  2. FYI: 萬 in monetary term
    2萬 = 20,000
    20萬 = 200,000
    200萬 = 2,000,000 = 2 million
    200 million = 2亿

    In the original article Gordon’s assets are worth 200萬rmb (2 million), not 200 million as translated.

  3. Oh geee.. how greedy can someone be to withheld $$ from someone who needs it and its his own $$ too!! Hope she will get what she deserve! Probably spent some of his $$ already!

  4. What a B!
    Should publish her photo, so everyone knows how she looks like

    1. yes, yes** Some people can ‘lie with their eyes open’……Such a horrible person. Hope Gordon gets back his money and Eva gets fined heavily or even a jail term .

  5. Eva is so greedy and heartless.
    GOD is watching you and soon you will realize the meaning of karma

  6. such an A$$ F$&% B&%#H…Let the court judge her with jail

  7. oh no, why did gordon’s former assistant take his money and not return it to him? now she’s living in fear and anxiety, society even from the top politicians are all doing it, escaping taxes while they enjoy benefits from other taxpayers hard earned monies, then they pretend to give back to the poor, how untruthful and they think that people are stupid to not know what they are up to

  8. a lot of money yet difficult to sustain on this amount for the rest of life esp when the person need medical care

  9. I hope Gordon will get all his money back = almost $258,000 U.S. That Eva better watches her back in jail as there are so many who watch Gordon’s movie and like him that are willing to beat the crap out of her.

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