Grace Chan is Content With Having Two Children

On July 27, Grace Chan (陳凱琳) and Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) welcomed their second son Yannick Cheng (鄭承亮) into the world, expanding their family of three into a family of four. Although the baby arrived before the due date, Grace was well-prepared, and both the mother and child have returned home safely. In an interview, Grace excitedly shared her experience of being a mother of two and how she feels now that her family is complete.

Within two years, Grace gave birth to her two sons, Rafael Cheng and Yannick, while juggling the establishment of her own skincare company and getting involved with the charity, LoveXpress. “We have always wanted two children who are close in age,” the actress expressed. “I have a twin brother, so I know that the closer the age, the better the relationship will be. I also know that growing up with a sibling is very special because you have someone to depend on and also someone to support you.”

She added that Rafael is a very good big brother who often takes care of Yannick. “I was originally afraid of how [Rafael] would react seeing his little brother. However, they got along well. When the baby is sleeping, [Rafael] will silently help me watch him with me and pat him gently. I love seeing the two brothers at home together and getting along.”

Will Grace Chase for a Baby Girl?

Since Grace has been resting at home after giving birth, she has been spending a lot of time filling her camera roll with photos of her children. She expressed, “After having children, I often look back at my childhood photos to see if my child resembles me. I am pretty sure every mother is like that and will take lots of photos of their children. My phone is filled with their photos and videos because I hope to document their growth, which they can look at when they grow up.”

With all her attention focused on her two children, Grace said there are no plans to try for a baby girl. “My youngest son was just born. Kevin and I are very grateful for our two children. It is already very lively at home with our family of four, so we don’t have that plan at the moment. We want to focus on our two sons first.”

She added that Kevin has been working extra hard for the family. Soon, he will start filming his first TVB drama in three years, Children’s Hospital <兒童醫院>, in which he will portray a doctor for the first time in his 27-year acting career. He is also in the midst of filming for his new movie, Burn <焚身> (tentative title).

“Our family has another member now, so Kevin is working hard. I will be focusing all my energy on my two children. I don’t have a planned schedule for work,” Grace shared.

Grace Gushes About Kevin

The actress also complimented her husband for taking care of her during her pregnancy, especially since she suffered from constant headaches, which has been a prevailing issue. Though she usually combats the headaches with pain killers and acupuncture, she was scared that the medicine would affect the baby during her pregnancy, so she didn’t take any. As a result, she took up Pilates, which helped ease some of her pain.

She said Kevin would give her head massages when she felt unwell. He also bought different desserts for her each day, and he spent a lot of time playing with Rafael so she could rest more. But most importantly, he was by her side throughout her childbirth.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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