Grace Chan Gives Birth to Baby Boy Yannick

Though their second son arrived earlier than expected, 29-year-old Grace Chan (陳凱琳) and 50-year-old Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) were mentally prepared after already being experienced parents. The entire process went very smoothly and was full of happiness.Their son Yannick was born on July 27, and the couple enjoyed the tender moments of their son’s first week of life together before finally making the birth announcement yesterday.

Revealing Yannick’s Chinese name as Cheng Sing Leung (鄭承亮), Kevin shared, “I’m very happy! Both mommy and baby are safe. My second son looks exactly like my wife with his high nose and pointy chin.” He wishes nothing more than for his sons to be healthy and grow up happily.

Posting a happy photo of their family of four on social media, Grace appears glowing and does not have the common postpartum swelling seen in new mothers. The family is adjusting to a new routine at home, and their 18-month-old son Rafa has been a good big brother and trying to help take care of Yannick.

Welcoming a baby during COVID-19 is not easy, but Grace is taking everything in stride and is full of positivity. Grace wishes everyone safety and good health, “Thank you to everyone for their well wishes. I will be using my time in postpartum confinement to rest, and I hope that everyone can stay home to help fight the pandemic.”


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  1. another boy, congrats! they need a girl to inherit mommy’s pretty genes but boys are good too. the world needs more prettier men.

    1. @m0m0 cosign on the “world needs more prettier men.” lol.

      also, where did the name “yannick” originate from? is it another athlete? why Y? bizarre choice of name.

      1. @jcc10 Yannick Noah? He was relatively successful, but not really famous. I am surprised if that is who they named him after. It is a unique name without sounding too pretentious/out of place considering all the crazy names celebrities come up with.

      2. @jcc10
        I’m a huge tennis fan. The only Yannick I know (active) is the low ranking Yannick Mertens (belgium). I don’t think this name they chose is anything to do with tennis…

      3. @jimmyszeto The reason why I think his name is related to tennis is because they named his first son after a tennis player, so it won’t be surprising to do the same with the second one. Also Yannick is definitely not a popular name and there also happens to be a handful of Yannicks in tennis history.. just my thoughts, guess we’ll have to wait for them to reveal.

      4. @jcc10 yeah, they seem to have this thing with tennis players’ names. I remember Yannick Noah. He was no Nadal or Federer, but he was pretty well known and made a living from tennis. I guess they have the freedom and choice to name their children what they choose.

  2. Congratulations!! What’s with the name Yannick? That’s right Grace is one lucky lady who doesn’t gain any weight while pregnant I mean look at the rich Sabrina Ho she gain so much weight while she’s pregnant. Maybe the next baby will be a girl. Moses and Aimee 3rd child is a girl while her two older are boys. If they get lucky. Kevin still looks great for his age at 50?

    1. @cutie777

      S. Ho was a little chubby to begin with. She’s the one who went out with Joel Chan, and the one caught wandering with white stuff dribbling down her nose. The girl seems to have issues – stress of being Angela Ho’s daughter perhaps. And her ‘husband’ is a kid at only 21? 23?

      These names – I don’t know, they seem pretentious. I hope the kids can live up to unusual names, because they typically come with ‘expectations’. Like no one is probably
      expecting a plain Jane wallflower called Veronica for example.

      1. @tiffany I know she works out during her pregnancy but still it seems like she doesn’t gained weight it’s like hard to tell. She always stay so skinny even her back bone are showing when she wears something that are open from her back.

  3. Yannick is a pretty common name in Eastern Europe I think. I seem to recall some hockey players named that. Weird name for an Asian kid, but hey, not like Rafael is a common Asian name either.

  4. Beautiful family… good genes from the parents. Grace looks so good even after giving birth to 2 kids.
    But i hope Grace will stay home instead of going back to acting.. hahahaha

    1. @bennyjr
      Some actually end up looking better after having kids. She only had 2 kids so that is not a lot. I know women who have 5-6 kids but still look pretty good.

  5. Wow! You guys living in western countries are pretty sensitive about names, here in Singapore, we wouldn’t blink an eye if there’s a “plain Jane” called Veronica, I guess since we are all Asians (albeit different kinds, Malays/Indians/Chinese/Filipinos…), it doesn’t matter *that* much what our names are..?

    1. @linda very well said, a thousand thumbs up. Grace and Kevin have the right to name their children what they wish. Netizens need to get over it.

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