Grace Wong Doesn’t Believe Relationships Can Be Bought

Opening her YouTube channel for over a year, Grace Wong (王君馨) now has 25,000 followers. She often shares her life experiences and hobbies. Showing her sense of humor, Grace has covered topics ranging from bullying, relationships, dancing, music, and her latest video is about how to choose your friends carefully.

While Grace was studying in university in the United States, she met a male friend whom many saw as arrogant and exaggerated. Grace felt otherwise and recalled, “For some reason, I really believed in this friend. After many heart-to-heart talks, we realized that we were very compatible. We became very good friends and would constantly encourage each other. After university, I returned to Hong Kong to start my career and he decided to invest in an online video site that became very popular. He made a lot of money and I was very happy for him.”

However, after many years, people change and even a close friend can become a stranger over time. When Grace met up with her college friend again, she was in for a big shock. “Once he came to Hong Kong and invited me out to dinner. He bragged to me that he has different girlfriends in different countries. With his social status, he had many events all over the world that he needed a partner to attend with. At this point, I wondered if he had let money cloud his vision. He was objectifying women and it seemed that he felt that we were not important. I felt that this was very against my values.”

Even though their values were different, Grace did not force her ideals upon him. Half a year later, her friend returned to Hong Kong for a business meeting and the two met again. This friend made a provoking suggestion during dinner and said, “Grace, you’ve always believed in me and supported me during the university years. I actually really admire you. If we were together, we would become invincible.”

Grace’s reaction was anger, hurt, and disgust that he suggested relationships can be bought. “My first thought was whether he wanted me to be his Hong-Kong-stop [girlfriend]. I felt that we had such a pure friendship from the time where we both started from nothing. Why should this change once you’ve become rich? I felt that I had become one of his conquests, something he needed to attain for his trophy cabinet. I was really hurt and that was the last time I saw that person. He had no intentions of breaking up with his various girlfriends from different countries, and I felt that this person did not deserve my time or effort. Manipulative people are a big no.”

Lastly, she shared her definition of a friend, “A friend must be truthful with no hidden agenda. Your core values must be in line.”

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