Grace Wong Takes Center Stage Again with “My Dearly Sinful Mind”

After impressing viewers on screen with her award-winning performance of Fa Man in last year’s A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄>, Grace Wong (王君馨) is back to take center stage for TVB’s My Dearly Sinful Mind <心理追兇Mind Hunter>, which airs its series finale on Sunday.

The psychological crime drama, which premiered on April 3, follows psychologist TY Chung (Kenneth Ma 馬國明), who offers psychological insight to a detective team during their criminal investigations. The show has reached its climax with last week’s episodes, as Grace, who portrays the television presenter Wong Hoi-ching, goes on a murdering spree. Hoi-ching suffers from antisocial personality disorder, and manipulates the people around to her reach her goals.

Grace’s performance, though not without its criticism, has received widespread praise from viewers and drama critics. Viewers said Grace’s chilling presence in the drama has already overshadowed the main female lead Moon, portrayed by Sisley Choi (蔡思貝).

The actress thanked viewers for enjoying her performance, and urged everyone to continue watching to the end. Asking if her fiancé, Daniel, would also be watching the show, she said, “I don’t know if I should let him watch it! My character does terrible things to her husband. I don’t want to scare him!”

My Dearly Sinful Mind airs its finale on Sunday, April 30, 2017.

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  1. Grace has done a good job here. I hope Tvb will give her more chances, well she really deserves it. No offence but of course Sisley is nothing being compared to Grace. I dont know why Tvb promoted Sisley instead of Grace, sth fishy here lol. I only focused on Grace’s and Vivien’s acting.

    1. @alicesky Indeed! her performance here is so so so good!
      Actually I find that Sisley has improved a lot. While her role is quite boring, I actually find her quite pleasant to watch.

  2. Sisley’s role didn’t really require any finesse. It’s typical good girl. Grace’s role required a bigger range of emotions. I don’t think Sisley’s was intended to be the lead. Grace was.

  3. I love Grace’s character! Creepy af!

    Sisley’s character is boring but at least she is not annoying like her other show lol

  4. “…though not without its criticism…” What were the criticism?

    I find supporting characters have more opportunities to shine. TVB tends to write their leads as boring, Mary Sue / Gary Stu, and bland characters.

    Side note: can Pierre Ngo make up his mind about using English or Chinese name lol. Or at least, whoever credits him keep it straight…

  5. I feel it’s unfair to judge Sisley’s acting until TVB give her a more complicated role. I didn’t like Priscilla Wong’s acting but I was impressed with her in Two steps from heaven. Sisley has been given typical boring goodie goodie roles so far. I feel she needs a break through role. I don’t know why I keep having hope in her lol.

    1. @kaykay408 yup! For this role as Moon, she didnt overact and was doing quite a decent job. not a sisley fan but would give her credit as she deserves. her breakthrough role come later. grace’s breakthrough came very much later in AFWFW

    2. @kaykay408 Totally agree. Sisley have been with one role. However, she did improve in her execution from the one about bicycles to this one.

      Honestly, although I do prefer Grace character, both Grace and Sisley had average performance. Grace just had more depth (as little as was there) than Sisley. Both are on track on improving though. So good on them.

  6. Although Sisley/Moon was meant to be the lead female in this series, Grace/Hoi Ching’s performance overshadowed the rest of the cast. Very pleasant surprise, especially when in the beginning they only showed the sweet/gentle side of her. What a complete turn when her psycho/manipulative side was revealed. Not to say that Sisley did not act well coz she did. It’s just that Grace was outstanding.

    The other one who did well was Vivien Yeo. She has become a lot more relaxed and natural with expressions.

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