Ali Lee’s Relationship With Her Boyfriend is Past Saving

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Ali Lee’s Relationship With Her Boyfriend is Past Saving

Ali Lee‘s (李佳芯) 6-year relationship with actor Danny Chan (陳炳銓) may finally be over. The 38-year-old actress moved out of their shared home in Sai Kung into a service apartment in Hung Hom last summer. Dodging breakup questions, Ali said she had moved temporarily for a more convenient commute to work. While Danny initially said their relationship was fine, sources claim the couple was unable to sort out issues and their relationship has really come to an end.

Continues to Live Separately

Even though Ali has finished her filming projects and her new residential building was diagnosed with COVID-19 cases, she refused to move back into her former shared home with Danny in Sai Kung.

For the past few days, Ali was seen driving by herself or returning home accompanied by her personal assistant. On her off days, Ali did not meet up with Danny, whereas in the past, the couple often went hiking and dog walking together.

One day, Ali was scheduled for work at TVB City in the evening hours. Surprisingly, she did not take advantage of her free time in the morning and afternoon to visit Danny. Instead, she left home around dusk and drove directly to the studio. After work, Ali hastily returned home by herself again.

Is Danny Sulking?

During this time, Danny has not been in the mood to see friends. Previously, he liked to post his activities on social media, but recent photos show him at home. One of his posts seems to reflect his current despondent mood, “Can’t walk at the end of the road? Well, then swim. Even better.” Ali did not respond or like his post, but in contrast good friend Anita Chui (崔碧珈) has been liking many of Danny’s posts.

After suffering a big setback in her career last year due to her pro-democracy message on social media, Ali’s her love life has also taken an unexpected hit. Though Ali and Danny were mockingly labelled by the local press as “Beauty and the Beast” due to her beauty and his ordinary looks and the disparity in their career achievements, she always ignored the negative comments and saw only Danny’s good traits. News of their split surfaced in January and have not died down since. Judging by the pair’s recent behavior, there may be truth behind the speculations.


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    1. yuaida says:

      Been waiting for this to happen for a long time………It was just a matter of time that Ali would outgrow this bf, and not because of his ugly looks………..but because she needs a more sophisticated man who knows how to adore her……….Someone like DCYL……….

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    2. conan2209 says:

      can we stop claiming it as “pro democracy views”?

      She has never ever supported any call re democracy and she has expressed very clearly independence never once crossed her mind.

      Stop putting words into her mouth please

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    3. bubbles23 says:

      That’s a pretty pic of Ali.
      I’m not happy it’s happened but I agree it was imminent, they seem to have a stagnant relationship that wasn’t going anywhere.

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    4. tnhb says:

      boring write up

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