Hawick Lau and Yang Mi’s Million-Dollar Wedding

Hawick Lau (劉愷威) and Yang Mi (楊冪) held their dream wedding in Bali on January 8. Despite being a simple and intimate event, the ceremony created many sweet memories and was very touching. Family and friends shed happy tears along with the newlyweds, and everyone walked away with smiles and a feeling of bliss.

Although Yang Mi was busy working even the day before, the wedding went off without a hitch under Hawick’s guidance. The loving groom reportedly dropped over $1 million HKD on his big day, and personally planned every detail.

Wearing a modest yet elegant wedding gown, Yang Mi walked down the aisle amidst applause and cheers. Hawick’s father Lau Dan (劉丹) presided over the ceremony and guided the couple through their vows. Worried about making a mistake, Lau Dan wrote down his speech in advance, joking, “I have filmed for so many years but have never once been so nervous that I had to rely on a cheat sheet!”

Yang Mi Hawick Lau weddingHawick appeared nervous as well but quickly relaxed after saying “I do”. Clearly emotional, Yang Mi teared up repeatedly throughout the ceremony and vowed to love Hawick with all of her heart. The couple exchanged wedding rings and sealed their love with a heartfelt kiss. Later, Yang Mi gifted her flower bouquet to close friend and Maid of Honor Tiffany Tang (唐嫣), with the sincere intent ” to give all the bliss and luck to my good sister”.

Wiping a tear after witnessing his son’s big moment, Lau Dan ended the ceremony on a happy note by passing out red envelopes containing hundred-dollar bills. Hawick and Yang Mi greeted reporters, sharing their joy and excitement. The bashful bride teared up once again when Hawick described her as the most beautiful in the world.

While some of the focus was on Yang Mi’s alleged baby bump, the couple only commented that children are in their plans, though they will focus on their careers for now and will allow nature to take its course.

Yang Mi Hawick Lau 2  Yang Mi Hawick Lau wedding 2  Yang Mi Hawick Lau wedding 4

Sources: Ming Pao; Oriental Daily

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Why does the reporting always have to include the amount of money spent on a wedding ceremony? Did the reporters ask the hosts the exact of amount of money spent on every single celebrity’s wedding? Very snobbish!

  2. Congrats to them (:
    I personally think that Hawick did a good job planning the marriage. Also from an interview I watched, it said that Hawick also planned out Yang Mi’s wedding dress. Suited her very nicely. Very simple but elegant.

    1. Agree. Yang Mi’s wedding dress is pretty and elegant.

      I think she looks a bit full (perhaps pregnant) in her wedding dress. She should be very skinny, but she does not look very slim in her wedding photo.

      1. she’s pregnant. If you seee their airport pictures she’s quite obvious.

      2. I saw it on AEU, don’t remember the link now hahaha LOL…sorry, but she is heavily pregnant from those pics.

      3. @windy I saw those photos of Yang Mi’s bulging belly underneath her loose sweater but now I wonder if those photos were doctored to make her look pregnant because she sure does not look pregnant in her wedding pix.

        HTS: Just search AEU hk Et news page.

      4. -clamine,

        Yes, her wedding pics does NOT show her bulging belly like it did on AEU airport pics. But think of it this way, no one does it in the order like the traditional way, marriage and then kids. Nowadays, it seems KIDS and THEN MARRIAGE? ahaa even if that is getting more n more common, I guess it will still look better concealing that belly a bit on your wedding day? haha LOL..From they way they reply on children, seems 99.9% they are already soon to be parents. But of course there is still that .01%. haaha lol..

      5. Thanks Puff and everyone. Is it me or I do not really see her pregnant? Thanks for sharing the links Puff! You are so sweet!

    2. Did she plan anything at all because the article made it seem like the groom did everything… which sounds unusual.

      1. I believe Harwick planned most of the wedding because he wanted it to be a suprise for her!! So sweet !

      2. Well, IF she really is pregnant (I believe so), then I see why Hawick did all the planning.

      3. The guy was so busy planning this “let’s make sure everyone knows about our wedding and how much money we spent and all” that up to the last minute, he forgot to shave!

  3. awww so happy! ;;;;
    I wish them happiness …

    I think YangMi’s wedding is too plain. I used always love seing her wearing pretty and glamorous wedding dress on magazine photo shoot.

      1. Indeed. Simplicity is elegance in this case. Love how Yang Mi and Tang Yan looked.

  4. Wow,very nice wedding they had. Congrats to them and I like Yang Mi and Tang Tan’s dresses. They are simple yet elegant. Hawick did a great job planning everything out. I wonder if there are more photos for the wedding?

    1. Nevermind,just checked the sources for more info and photos.

  5. Saw Yang Mi’s parents family & in laws photos her nose look exactly like her father she doesn’t had ps on her nose like what ppl claimed she did ps on her nose not true.

    1. Yang Mi’s wedding gown simple yet elegant ….beautiful nice choice.

    2. I read somewhere that she had some form of PS. Not sure if it’s her nose.

      1. I don’t think it’s only her nose but I don’t think anyone can tell for sure unless it’s her and her doctor. For me, she looks plastic but done in a pretty cute way. All those perfect teeth, yes most of them are fake thats for sure. But hey, most ppl like fake these days? ahaha lol

      2. With teeth, people can get braces and I do not see the big deal with teeth since in some cases it is for health related reasons too and not just looks. I wonder if getting braces counts as PS? Yang Mi is not that plastic as many of you think. Just search for her childhood photos and she did not change much.

    3. Yang mi’s nose is natural for the most part but she did get it shaved down a bit. Also I think she had some minor injections to slim down her face, but she still looks like her old self. Just at her childhood photos and you can see that she did not change that much. Well lets see how her kids look then you will know for sure if she had major PS or not.

      1. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but apparently she also extracted some teeth to slim down her face? For a “character/role”…

        Anyway, I get what people mean when they say she looks plastic or doll-like. She even looked that way prior to the (minor?) work she had done. I think she already had nice features to begin with.

      2. Not sure about the teeth thing,but she did already look doll like before. Same with Fan Bing Bing. FBB’s original look already looked doll like. But of course she had some minor work done here and there but she still looks like her old self.

  6. Congratz to Hawick & Yang Mi 🙂 Yang Mi looks so prettyy 😀 <3

  7. Hawick sounds like such a sweet guy. Hehe a Congrats to them!

    1. He is 41 and she is only 26; another example of a HK uncle bagging a Mainland Lolita. LOL!

      1. Fault! He is 39 and she is 27, they are only 12 years apart.

      2. @term
        u seem to have a vendetta against hong hong guys?
        당신은 미쳤어!

      3. He can pass for 30. At least it’s not a 50 year age difference like A Nick Tse’s dad and his 20 year old gf.

    2. Hawick was born in 1974 and Yang Mi was born in 1986. They are both tigers.

  8. Thought it says Yang is 27 and Hawivk is 12 years older so you do the math. How can he be 41 already? Better to marry a mature man than an immature one.

  9. Congrats to them so happy they make a great couple!!! 12 years difference is nothing they look great!!! She does look fuller but that’s great if she’s prego!!!!

  10. Wow, not many celebs attended huh? We only see that Tiffany woman out of all those other celebs. They are cute, he does not look like a old 12 years older dude next to her.

  11. Congrats and best wishes to them. Hawick indeed came across as very attentive as Yang Mi said. I wonder if Liu Shi Shi was invited? I thought they used to be best buddy?

    1. rumors said that Yang Mi & Hu Ge dated years ago but break up for some reasons.. thus breakup what made shishi and her not bff anymore

      1. Not sure if that is true. There were even more recent reports where LSS and a Yang Mi were hugging like sisters and said that they were both happy since Yang Mi announced her engagement and marriage while LSS announced her relationship with Nicky. If you read above or other articles, Hawick and Yang mi said that most of their colleagues in the circle were busy with work and they did not want their wedding to bother them since they most likely will not make it anyways,so did not invite them. Tang Yan was able to make it because she was filming with Hawick so they both conveniently got a few days off for the wedding.

        I have never heard if Yang Mi and Hu ge ever dating in real life. I am guessing it may have been rumors or promotions since they filmed Xian Jian 3 together. Also, even if they did date and break up, what does that have to do with LSS? As far as I know,hu ge is still close to LSS and LSS is still close to Yang Mi.

      2. LSS got a wedding card and gift from Yang Mi. Why would she receive one if they got beef? think about it

      3. Thanks all. HTS, makes sense, especially how it was convenient for Tang Yan to have time off.

        @notasaint, how did you know that LSS got a wedding card from Yang Mi?

      4. @notasant.
        That’s not an invitation. Yang Mi sent candies and cards to all friends that’s not invited. The only one invited was her best friend Tang Yan.

  12. Looks like there may be a bump under her wedding dress….adds suspicion with the so much covering from neck down…double congrats if so!

  13. translator@ UGH…please don’t use the tired and annoying term ‘baby bump’ again.

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