Him Law and Mandy Wong Share Bed Scene in “Divas in Distress”

The cast of TVB comedy, Divas in Distress <巴不得媽媽…>, attended a celebratory dinner to commend the rising ratings for the drama. The average viewership rating increased to 31 points last week, averaging 1.98 million viewers per episode. Thursday’s episode also peaked to 35 points, at 2.25 million viewers. The episode also had an extremely high rate on the appreciation index, with 98%.

Eliza Sam: “Christine Kuo is the True Goddess!”

Among the fresh new stars that earned popularity through Divas in Distress is 2010 Miss Chinese International winner, Eliza Sam (岑麗香). Many Hong Kong male viewers dubbed Eliza to be the new generation “Goddess,” replacing past bachelor favorite, Christine Kuo (苟芸慧).

Eliza thanked the fans’ support and recognition, but humbly said, “Only Christine Kuo is the true Goddess!”

During the filming of Divas in Distress, Eliza was briefly rumored to be sending electric currents to costar, Chin Ka Lok (錢嘉樂). Eliza laughed in retrospect, “I’m really scared of seeing him now! I get really embarrassed!” Asked if Chin Ka Lok’s girlfriend, Angela Tong (湯盈盈), was jealous of the rumors, Eliza said that not only was Angela not jealous, she was also very supportive of Eliza, and told her to not worry too much about the rumors.

Thirty-seven-year-old Angela is currently pregnant with her first child with Chin Ka Lok. Asked if Angela is going through a period of mood swings, Chin Ka Lok joked, “Not at all! In fact, she’s always asking me if I want to eat anything so she can buy it for me! I feel like I’m the pregnant one!” Chin Ka Lok also said that he did not mind if the baby was a boy or a girl, but after a moment of thought, he said that he would prefer if it were a girl.

Him Law Naked with Mandy Wong; Koo Ming Wah is the Next Late Bloomer

Him Law (羅仲謙) and Mandy Wong’s (黃智雯) relationship in the drama is also receiving a lot of attention from viewers. He revealed that in the coming episodes, he will have a bed scene with Mandy, in which he will appear to be naked. However, he asserted that he was wearing pants when filming the scene.

Him also praised his costar, Koo Ming Wah (古明華), who portrays “So Gay,” Him’s older godbrother in the drama. Koo Ming Wah is currently a hot favorite to win Best Supporting Actor at the TVB Anniversary Awards this year.

Him told the press, “Koo Ming Wah is a natural talent. I’ve learned a lot about acting from him, and I feel very safe when I do scenes with him.”

Koo Ming Wah became an overnight sensation with the ongoing broadcast of Divas in Distress, but it did not take him just a few years to do it. Koo Ming Wah joined TVB in 1990. He is an alumnus from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and was a member of the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre. Suffering from a poor on-screen career, Koo Ming Wah decided to join TVB’s voice acting team in 2010. With the success of Divas in Distress, Koo Ming Wah may become the next Mak Cheung Ching (麥長青), another late bloomer in the television industry.

Source: ihktv.com

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  1. Koo Ming Wah was very memorable.

    As for this Him Law-Mandy Wong couple story, let me just say I am glad finally they’re jumping into bed. Because I was bored with the “I don’t deserve you, go away” Mandy and “But I don’t care” Him. It was going around in circles and it stopped being romantic when she kept rejecting him, he kept running after her.

    1. I love Koo Ming Wah’s acting too. When I read his interviews, I’m surprised to know he’s been in this industry quite long because I don’t remember noticing him before ‘So Gei’.

      1. Koo Ming Wah was also nomianted for HKFA Best New Performer in 1993 the year Anita Yuen won.

      2. Koo Ming Wah was also one of Michael Miu’s subordinates in Gun Metal Grey!

      3. Haha, I remember watching him back in the 90s and he was just another no name kelefe. I’m happy for him to have come this far!

      4. It’s really great to see that these mostly-cameo actors (that have been with tv for N amount of years) come across a role that makes them shine and get the attention they deserve. I’m glad he is receiving the praises and compliments that he is getting now 🙂

      5. Koo Ming Wah is also subordinated with Myolie Wu in Ghetto Justice 2. The 1st episode when she was in court and he was a presiding judge. He is really funny in Divas in Distress and his acting is really good. He deserves all the praises and compliments!!!

      6. Which episode? Why I didn’t watch both of them ( him law n Mandy wong) jumped in the bed????
        Please let me know!!!!

    2. @Funn: Agreed regarding Him and Mandy….I liked their relationship at first, but then it started getting too torturous. Oh by the way, if you’re bored with the ‘running around in circles’ aspect of their relationship — well, get ready because ***SPOILERS**** there’s more of that to come in the last 4 episodes (or, as TVB Weekly Magazine puts it, the last 2 episodes spanning 2 hours each).

      On another note — I’m so glad Koo Ming Wah is finally getting recognition after 17 years of most people not even knowing he existed! He’s a great actor but just never had much luck with his career….and after reading the 6 interviews that he did recently with various Media outlets, my respect for him just went up several notches. I look forward to seeing more of him on TV!

  2. “Eliza Sam: “Christine Kuo is the True Goddess!”

    I think I heard Eliza repeated this many times already 😀

    1. Eliza Sam is a very nice person with a sincere personality, and she knows how to present herself nicely.

      When people asked Christine Kuo to comment on Eliza’s better Cantonese, she said that it should be the same as both of them were from overseas.

      Why didn’t Eliza say that “both Christine and herself were true goddesses as both of them were Miss Chinese International? Instead, Eliza repeated many times that “Christine Kuo is the True Goddess!”

  3. I really dislike this movie. The whole plot doesnt make sense and is boring.

  4. Mandy was wrong for this role…or maybe it’s her acting…very unnatural.

    1. agree, its kinda both. miscasting and unable to portray the character convincingly. kindof a waste.

      him however, did relatively good job. i had to laugh how he talks about commitment and stuf. 🙂

    2. I don’t feel anything for Mandy’s character and I like watching Eliza more but I like Him’s character. He’s cute and is good looking.

  5. I saw koo ming wah in a rerun episode of ghetto justice 1.. I kept staring at the judge then i suddenly realised… “so gay ”

    He did such a good job with the so gay character that i cannot see him when he does
    Other characters. Heee..

    1. Yeap. He looked so different than in GJ where he is my favourite magistrate of all time!

  6. I loved Mandy and Him together in Suspects in Love, wanted them to get together in Tiger Cubs, but I totally hate this couple here. I just don’t find their relationship sweet at all.

    1. I haven’t really been watching this, but of the few episodes I have seen, they seem to be in a pretty abusive relationship – Him yelling at Mandy for really no reason at all, and Mandy being such a dragger by not really accepting him or rejecting him. Eh… not really my kind of relationship. But I really like Him/Mandy as a pairing, so I’m in that situation where I have to just move on and watch them lol

      But yes to Suspects in Love! Loved them in there. Also really liked their sexual tension in Tiger Cubs.

      1. Exactly! If you replace Him with an uglier actor, than I’m sure more people will agree that it’s kinda creepy. lol

      2. AC, it’s exactly how it would be if you replaced Robert Pattinson/ Edward in Twilight with some not so good looking actor.

      3. For AC n Jen, if u replaced HIM by ugly man, Mandy will run away coz HIM is so handsome tht’s why worth dragging or even get scoled lol …..

    2. I like them in Tiger Cubs and Suspects of Love too, but not here. I like Eliza Sam here.

  7. So Gay is da best! haha

    Eliza is tooo cute and sweet!

    For some reason i don’t see any chemistry btwn Him Him n Mandy in the series. I do like them both.

  8. So fast, people have already forgotten the fat tenant in ‘No Good Either Way’ who was also a sensation during the time of airing of No Good.

    Will we see more of similar characters in TVB series in the future?

    1. I didn’t. In fact I thought So Kei is him until I looked again. I am still chuckling over the fact he was the stern magistrate in Ghetto Justice! It is times like these when such supporting actors are given such roles to play and play them well which makes me smile.

    2. I haven’t. the minute I saw ‘So Gay’ I immediately thought of the fat tenant in ‘No Good Either Way’. He was more natural but ‘so gay’ is okay as well.

  9. i love these 2 couples, him n mandy very,very much. 1 is handsome and the girl is charming. They acted very, very well when both of them exchanging of words, arguing, giving negative comments about each other. It really happens in our real life when we start to have chemistry with someone we like!! I want to see them going to Tokyo together (not Mandy n Apple) Give them a happy ending, please! How nice if Him make Mandy pregnant. he, he he…..

  10. Him Law and Mandy such a sweet couple, like to watch them together with so much chemistry. . very compatible.
    Cant wait for series no 19 where they will be in Tokyo, the bed scene might be there too. Hope it will be a very happy ending for them. Hope they will appear more as a couple in future dramas.

  11. Koo Ming Wah was so good in the episode when he made the orange scarf. He is excellent!

    Heung Heung is adorable, Him Him and Mandy are so cute together! A very enjoyable series.

  12. I’m watching esp 16 and getting really sick of Mandy rejecting Him Law. Okay we know about her pass but HEY move on and get on with life! don’t keep feeling sorry for herself and say she don’t deserve this or that! What is she trying to tell the society? One mistake and you are banish for life? You can’t make up for your mistake? Can’t live in the society? Him Law is doing everything to accomdate her to the point he’s give give give and she reject reject reject. Either accept him or cut him lose. Don’t waste everyone’s time. She wants to feel sorry for herself for the rest of her life then so be it. No need for the whole world to be sorry for her.

    1. Yah. At the start I like Mandy’s character but more and more she become annoying. Where can you find a guy like Himhim who will do everything to accommodate a girl like you? Mandy is wasting Himhim’s effort and time! If like this I prefer watching the loud Kwan Yi So.

  13. Limping towards a bed scene in episode 17 and still the girl shies away. Why don’t they just get a move on already? How much more must the man do, prove by words or acts before she even give him a decent hug? How much more must I suffer her indecision when So Kei, within the same episode met and fell for the love of his life and is having a relationship and these 2 young hot blooded attractive couple is still limping, dragging towards an obvious end? If I were the guy I will give up. She is obviously wasting BOTH of their time with her fear and indecision. A very timid and clingy sort.

    1. Him and Mandy’s relationship in this series is really weird and frustrating — for most of the series, Him does everything he can to accommodate Mandy and she continues to reject him time and time again, then in the last few episodes **MAJOR SPOILER here****, when she finally accepts him, the tables are turned…..aiye…maybe it’s just me, but these types of ‘torturous’ relationships annoy the hell out of me! Not sure if the problem is with the way their relationship was written or maybe the chemistry just isn’t there….whatever the case, it’s starting to annoy me. I actually prefer Mimi Chu and King Sir’s storyline now over Him and Mandy’s (no, I’m not kidding….)

      1. you know what I do when I see relationship like this in the movie? I skip it lol. I keep skipping untill I don’t get annoyed by the relationship anymore 😛

      2. No, you’re not crazy… I think the Mimi Chu/King Sir story is really bittersweet, nostalgic, and tragically touching.

        Whereas the Mandy/Him story makes me want to smack some sense into both of them.

    2. Its getting so stupid and pointless to have Him and Mandy sort of together. Too painfully draggy.

  14. Unfortunately Snoopy, in real life, plots like this do occur between two different social classes so let the story play on. Of course everyone wants a fairy tale ending which usually happens but was not the case as in Witness Insecurity.

  15. Mandy’s character is suppose to be a tomboy, but I think she acts quite girly. Doesn’t make sense. :/

  16. I enjoy watching the scenes between Mandy and Him. I think they are really cute together and some of their scenes are quite funny. I don’t really see what Him’s character is attracted to in Mandy but I like the courting b/w them.

    1. Yup agreed I luv Him he’s super handsome in this role especially in the suits

  17. I personnal really love Him and Mandy, especially Mandy..I really enjoy this drama and watch it over and over and over again…but it is interesting to see many different views from all of you…it is okay…thx

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