Him Law and Mandy Wong to Star in Drama With Liza Wang

TVB’s “Top Treasure,” Liza Wang (汪明荃) was often paired with young, upcoming talent to boost their star power. In 2005, Liza starred in one of her first comedies, War of In-Laws <我的野蠻奶奶>, successfully raising the popularity levels of Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤). Liza’s was also credited in bringing the “Three Gods” Louis Yuen (阮兆祥), Johnson Lee (李思捷), and Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) to greater prominence. Liza’s latest call of duty from TVB was apparently to raise the popularity of rising stars, Him Law (羅仲謙) and Mandy Wong (黃智雯), in new drama, Mother To Mother <媽不得媽媽>.

Since their breakout onscreen coupling in Suspects In Love <搜下留情>, Him Law and Mandy Wong, have been regarded as rising talent by TVB. The pair can be seen recently in hit Hong Kong drama, The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>. With the recent exodus of artists, TVB producers were left scrambling with few actors to work with and forced to deal with last minute cast changes. Raising Him and Mandy to first-line actors would offer more flexibility in casting choices.

Producer Poon Ka Tak’s upcoming romantic comedy, Mother To Mother, will feature Liza Wang and Gigi Wong (黃淑儀). Filming was scheduled to occur in March. Him will portray Liza’s son in the drama. Him promised, “I will make full preparations and be on time for filming. There is a certain degree of stress, but I will treat it as if taking a ‘driving test!'” Mandy thanked Producer Poon for being her talent scout and offering her prominent roles as early as Suspects In Love.

Last year, it was declared that Producer Poon would film a sequel to A Chip Off The Old Block <巴不得爸爸>, even announcing that the name of the sequel would be named, Mother To Mother. At the time, Mr. Poon had announced that the original cast would be featured in the sequel, but a significant amount of time has since elapsed. Thus, it was unclear as to how much of the original cast will be able to partake in Mother To Mother, as well as whether the new drama bore resemblance to earlier leaked details.

Image source: Oriental Daily

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Jayne: More Him Law and Mandy Wong! TVB is placing its eggs on promoting Him to greater popularity!

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    1. I really like them together, actually! Definitely on my list of favorite couples. They had amazing chemistry in Suspects in Love.

  1. Perhaps TVB was too scared of featuring the hotter couple, Tavia Yeung and Him Law, together so quickly in “Mother to Mother.” Thus Mandy has become his other best onscreen partner. 🙂

    1. “Perhaps TVB was too scared of featuring the hotter couple, Tavia Yeung and Him Law, ”

      I don’t think they’re the hotter couple. I would not use the word “hot” when describing Tavia but people are just curious of this unlikeliest pair

      1. Agreed. Tavia where got hot but Him him yeap hot stuff

      2. I believe Jayne meant “hot” in the sense that they’ve been receiving a lot of attention from the press as of late.

        I do like this Him/Mandy pairing, though. They make a rather pleasant looking couple!

      3. i know gosh mandy looks way older than her age. him law always looks much younger next to her and tavia too. the only girl i see him good with is YOYO CHAN or some name like that. they are both very cute together.

    2. They should have tavia cameo as liza’s character in flashback scenes thereby making her in fact, Him Him’s mother.

      1. How old do you want and think Him is in the past to match Ms.TY?

  2. I support TVB move to promote Him him up! I love him him in Thc!

  3. Him him and Mandy will be next golden couple? Although Mandy still need to improve her acting I support this hot match!

  4. WHY IS TVB SO EAGERLY PROMOTING A WOMAN BEATER??? I find the public is so easy to forget and forgive…..people like Chris Brown and Hims Law are still hot in the industry !!!!

    1. because him him is hot and acting good and most potential young actor in TVB and he wasnt charged by law for woman beater only by theressa

      1. yeah those bruises didn’t mean anything theN??? It’s not as if she didn’t make this all so… SO APPALLING that TVB still want to use this guy after what he did…sure he is good looking… but so as all these wife and women beater and PSYCHOPATH …. geeezzzz

      2. and for acting.. I don’t find it that great… POOR TERESA… her career is definitely over.. makes me wonder why she didn’t press charges on him.. probably she knew she was going to get sue by FILMKO more if she kept going on ….

      3. That’s exagerated. Theresa invoke the fight first so she also share the fault not him him alone. besides him him’s job is acting and looking hot and not being a moral leader geez

      4. Vivien – it’s takes two to fight, and no matter what provokes it, it’s doesn’t excuse physical abuse imho…

    2. As long as txb see Him can make big profit to them, I dont think txb needs to care of what “minority” think of Him as woman beater. I’m not saying I support women beater, I hate them infact..I was just speaking from a profit making organisation view.

      1. Chris Brown hates were not in minority when it came to Rihanna beating.. but yet.. look at where his career is at these days… tsk tsk tsk…

    3. Yeah, Tvb is desperate these days so many newbies to promote still they choose a woman beater.

      Still don’t blame Tvb as it’s not a non-profit organization.

      1. Maybe too many complain TVB that they need to change new faces rather than using the old faces over and over again.

      2. Yeah, true still there are many other choices like Ben Yuen and some others in THC.

        Maybe he threatened 620 to beat her up if not promoting him, LOL

      3. or maybe HIM him is 620 new taste of boytoy? 620 Probably got tired of having less masculine handsome men like Kevin and LF so that’s why she’s starting to collect mascular boytoy like him? not sure..

      4. ROFL, now you made me think of 620 is a modern version of Wu Zetian with Tvb as her kingdom…

      5. manlier as in mature right?

        Him Him gives ppl that he’s a body builder.

        What I meant was maybe 620 changed her taste from mature and pretty men like LF and Kevin into a bodybuilder and young man.

      6. When Onion was lying on the couch, his arms were stretching out the shirt sleeves.

        I almost expect Him to have a Hulk moment where he gets angry and his muscles rip off his shirt.
        That might’ve been better than him punching out his pt’s son.

      7. I prefer to watch Benjamin Yuen, Jason Chan and Matt Yeung over Him Him.

      8. I actually find Benjamin to be more handsome than Him him lol.

      9. Matt Yeung ahh…

        Eh what’s the name of Yoyo (is it chan? That pregnant one?) husband? That one I like.

      10. all the new ones that TVB are promoting him him, Benjamin yuen, Vincent will be in special series called Flying Tiger Cubs

      11. Maybe his women threated Txb lol. 620’s taste seems to be the same for years. She still stays with KC after years and nothing seems to change it. EEG night proved so. Him Him can be new guy but won’t last long as long as KC is still there

      12. If i have a choice then Benjamin, Jason, Vincent are better choices. Especially Vincent when he smirks. Remind me of my cutie pie Shota.

      13. ROFL you mean KC is all time 620 favourite? While Him Him and others like LF are the interchangeable concubines? ROFL. I don’t want 620 tainted the adorable Him him

      14. It is too obbious, no need me to say. How can 620 tains your Him Him? Most of guys get through her hands have a better image and more fans than before her involvement.

      15. In that tiger Cub SDU series all of Himhim, Benjamin, Vincent and Oscar Leung will bare their bodies and get brotherly intimate. I will watch this series.

      16. If the series is merely about topless guys, I will give it a pass. I like them with clothes and want to leave their topless images to my imagination, not in real life :p. I’m scared of ruining the love in me like MM in MOL.

      17. I’m with Veejay… I find Benjamin Yuen more handsome than Him. Him looks like a beetle to me.

    4. I hate women beaters but honestly I love watching him onscreen, he’s so natural and is eye candy.

      1. Yea, this type of man only can be seen. No touching or else you’ll be hurt..

    5. Him’s looks is pleasant to watch and his acting is natural. He’s not wooden unlike many new actors. I get why his company push him up.

      1. but is Him signing something with TVB? I found it funny that TVB promotes an outsider to frstline earlier than their own bunch of newcomers such as benjamin Yuen, Matthew Ko and other newcomers. I’m not complaining because Him is easy on the eyes and his acting isn’t bad

      2. Maybe ot is a cpntract of Filmko and Txb. Like Raymond Wong, he is also not Txb’s

      3. Yes, he has contract with another company with some relationships to his wife.

    6. 1) Him Law has positive onscreen presence. It makes people like him.
      2) His rumors with Tavia probably also helped. I mean, Tavia’s a huge upgrade from Theresa LOL.
      3) A lot of his celebrity friends support him, which makes it different from Chris Brown’s case. Chris Brown’s case, it’s obvious to what he did to Rihanna, but with Him Law, it’s double-sided.

  5. I am dead sure that Mandy will win Most Improved award this year.

    1. Mandy can win most Improved with Kwan Yi Sor but if based in here she still got much to improve. I dislike her acting and her character both.

  6. How was the rating when Kenneth cried like hell on the basketball court? That was damn touching never seen a guy cried that hard. That means KM is doing a superb job.

    1. you’re missing out on him him’s hot stuff and natural funny and cute acting

  7. Mandy is improving and hope she can this year’s most improved actress.
    On the other hand, Him, hope he will still be successful despite the scandal news of heating a woman.

    Ps: All the best, both of you~

  8. Cant stand himhim.dont knw why. Well each to their own taste i supose.i like watchng chip off old blck.so mght watch ths as well if its a sequel.

  9. You gotta admit Him’s acting is not bad, he’s has good comedic timing…so does Benjamin Yuan, they both have this boyish charm. That being said I hope the story about Him beating his gf is not true.

  10. Liza Wang is a treasure alright, it’s about time TVB ship her off to ” once a star island” I can’t stand her lolz

  11. they should SO film a WOIL3 😀 😀 😀 i mean, they’re making a TITS2 like 10 years later- why not make a WOIL3?!?!?

  12. GEEZ GIVE HIMHIM A BREAK! Young people always made mistakes in their life! Who knows Himhim might turn into a better person even if you all keep ranting about him is true.

    1. Himhim is here to ACT and not to be MORAL AMBASSADOR Geez! I want to puke when I saw many netizens everywhere keep calling HIMHIM woman beater.

      1. They don’t even know how HIMhim is in Real person and believe Theresa blindly!

      2. Even murderers is given chance to defend their accusations Damn it! himhim only 20 plus yr old and even.if he did beat women in the past why prosecute a potential actor with a bad name and not giving him.a chance to clear his past?!

      3. Sorry for that I just met some netizen who keep talking about himhim beating Theresa and only take Theresa’s pov.

      4. lol….Cool down Vivien. Not all people believe Him is jerk guy. At least you and I dun believe. ‘Woman beater’ name just a joking and for fun purpose. Just like you all call Tavia ‘The Nose’and now upgrade to ‘Prominence Nose’ and keep making fun of it. But does this mean as fan of Tavia need to angry? No need too serious.

      5. I know but GEEZ why put down someone who can act just because he did something wrong to your idol actress? I suspect they’re fan of Theresa because they only pity Theresa and don’t even want to think from Himhim side. Poor himhim.

      6. and apop, even if Himhim is jerk guy as long as he got talent who cares? Himhim job isnt MORAL AMBASSAdOR. If hes wrong law will.punish him. I’m pissed LOL

    2. LOL viv u complain about Theresa fans. You yourself acting like crazed “himhim” fan. Who are you? TY?

  13. These netizen should listen to Himhim’s explanation too. @fox study law, isn’t in law also like that isn’t it.

  14. Young people are rash and often do things that they will regret later. Maybe himhim already learn his lesson now. Why else will Tavia support him and date.with him.

    1. Well, she could be blinded by his bulging biceps and sweet talk.

  15. hahaha.. i like this pair. although i will prefer benjamin & mandy more. 😛 good news for me.

    1. I like Mandy and Ben more as well. Hope they can be a on-screen couple again in the future cuz i think they have more chemistry 🙂 Even though this is only the second time Mandy and Him play an on-screen couple, I’m tired of seeing them in the same series together.

    2. Benjamin on last night episode was funny, he said “Getting contradicted to HIV thru injuries is only 0.03% but to get a beauty in return is 99%” which was meant to Mandy Wong.. I lol’ed.. I find that really amusing.

      1. haha love that bit of the series. Benjamin is so hot n cute

      2. I think he’s suited as playboy roles. He’s good at it.

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