Him Law Reveals Reasons Why He Loves Tavia Yeung

Him Law (羅仲謙) and Tavia Yeung’s (楊怡) romance was officially exposed in the most dramatic fashion this week. Photographed with her face in Him’s lap while he drove her home, Tavia was caught red-faced initially. Although Tavia was upset with the paparazzi for besmirching the report with sexual connotations, the “car shaking” incident has finally allowed the couple to take their relationship above ground.

Lashing out at unethical tabloids for twisting the story, Tavia maintained that her drunken state was the only reason for her compromising position. On the morning of her press conference, Tavia had cried over the scandalous reports although she realized that her tears will not resolve the situation. As she had few negative rumors since entering the industry, Tavia did not wish to worry her family and friends.

“Artists are people too; they know the basic rules of conduct. They will not do any known illegal activities,” Tavia defended her own reputation.

Tavia and Him maintained that they were in the midst of getting to know each other, but did not directly admit they were dating. Yet, there were signs that the couple is in a stable relationship. On the night that Tavia was drunk, Him drove Tavia’s car to pick her up. Him often ate meals at her house as well.

Him On Why He Loves Tavia

While Him Law was accused of hitting Theresa Fu (傅穎) last year in their breakup scandal, it was at this time that rumors of Him and Tavia’s romantic sparks started. Despite Tavia being older than Him by five years, the pair got along extremely well. Willing to be Tavia’s chauffeur, Him pursued her aggressively while filming The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>.

As to what he liked about Tavia, Him remarked, “She is very filial and takes care of her family. She has a strong sense of responsibility. She is principled towards herself and her work.”

Dismissing their five-year age gap, Him said, “Age does not matter in love. The most important thing is that we communicate well, and possess the same goals and direction in life.”

Denies Living Together

In June, tabloids claimed that Him and Tavia have been living together for six months. Although Him was photographed emerging from Tavia’s apartment one morning, the couple denied that they were living together.

“I often go to her house to eat meals and drink soup. I have met her mother, but we are not living together,” Him explained.

Tavia also countered that although they were photographed in the same car together, this did not demonstrate that they cohabited. “Living together is the public’s speculation. I am truly living together with my mother. Being photographed entering and leaving the premises do not mean that we are living together. Even if we sat in the same car, that only means we are car-mates.”

Tavia added that she has not yet considered marriage, while Him mentioned in an earlier interview that he would prefer to financially support his future wife so that she does not need to work. Him also hoped that his wife will either live with his parents or close to their home.

Source: Ming Pao #2289 via ihktv.com

Jayne: Although Him stated that his goals in life are similar with Tavia, the couple’s relationship gives me a sense that they get along well together and have fun. Their body language at the press conference indicates an easy flirtation and ease. They did not seem embarrassed in explaining the details of the evening, which added to more credibility to their story.

However, many older women dating younger men may worry whether the man will be ready to settle down when she wants to consider marriage. Many men already do not feel the “nesting” instinct until much later in life. 

Also, will going public give “TaTaHim” or “TLaw” (thanks to Facebook fans for cool couple name suggestions!) additional pressure? How do you feel about this couple now that they are officially public?

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    1. Nope, it’s still there as long as the participants are trying to blow it. Stuffs will come soon.

      1. Haha… Are u saying that tavia will be caught blowing again? Can she blame it on drunken stupor twice?

        I think the next scandal most likely will be them fighting or breaking up. It’s hard to forget Him’s past. When I was watching Him and Mandy in episode 19 of DiD, I kept thinking it was a reenactment of Him and Theresa’s volatile relationship. They argue and he puts her over his shoulder cave man style and slaps her butt. Though he must’ve hit theresa much harder to achieve the butt bruises.

        Hopefully tavia will be able to keep Bad!Him under her control.

      2. Next time wine wont be the reason, I bet. Maybe higher level to grass or drug, lmao.

        HimHim next time wont practice boxing, he will pratice wrestling to be more up-to-date.

      3. Hey. In this case TY is the law offender. She didn’t wear seat belt LOL. Himhim isn’t the bad guy here 😛

    2. This scandal is over… the next will be when Tavia shows up with a black eye 😛

  1. i think its great.. as long as thy r happy. why nt. thy r more mismatched couples tht work out.

    1. Good question, why does everyone have to put their matters into their own dating buisness…So what if they are dating or not, it’s not like their relationship they share includes the public..society today is freaking ridiculous.

      1. Their relationship does not need the approval or criticism from anyone. And that goes for other artist couples as well, not just tavia and Him.

      2. most times, why the media is so invasive is because of society’s growing obsession with celebrities private lives. Of course the media is to blame for some part, but that does not rule out that it’s also the public too.

      3. It’s not they need approval or anything, but it is good for them to admit it so that they don’t have to lie and hide. Therefore, it will make their lives a lot easier and fans will not feel that they are being deceitful if they have to lie their way out of every situation that they are caught in. Now that everything is out in the open, they no longer have to do that…

    2. They are not the celeb Golden couple type to me ao whatever. They are both good looking in their own way and popular and what not but doesn’t come to me like Bosco and Myolie (too bad they are over) or Hawick and Yang Mi.

  2. meh. I think this relationship wont last long. Just use it as positive PR.

  3. Frankly they don’t look too great together but as long as they are happy haha…

  4. As much as I hate to say it, the rumors or whatever so-called make up story from tabloids mostly turn out to be true. Not all 100% but pretty close through out the many years I see.

  5. HimHim is cleaning name and PR well. But it’s like walking in high mountain. A wrong step and kaboom, the past will haunt him. Oh well, gud luck to HimHim and dont practice boxing at home anymore.

    Second MeMo Txb couple, only change from lovey dovey feeding couple to car shock couple. A new level.

      1. Public relations.

        And Him doesn’t need to clean his name/reputation – everyone else did it for him and swept the domestic violence issue under the carpet. Which I cannot stand. What would’ve happened if Theresa was a bigger name and more well loved (like Tavia) or if Him was ugly? But what has happened has happened, and people will still openly accept him just because he’s “hot”. I’m not saying never forgive the guy just because of the one mistake he made, but I’m just annoyed to see how easily the matter was brushed aside.

        Anyway, onto something more relevant; thank heavens the relationship is out in the open now. As if it wasn’t blindingly obvious right from the start. Good luck to the pair of them.

  6. I really like them together! it seems like they get along well, and have a great understanding of each other. Also feel that Him truly cares for tavia 🙂

      1. I agreed with you. i totally support them. no matter later what is going on to this couple. I hope Tavia and Him Him will happy forever. From the explanation i see from Him Him he is really care for Tavia and looking forward to see they have endless love.

  7. Hopefully their relationship will last 7 years, like Myolie’s and Bosco’s.

    1. HimHim and Theresa lasted for how long? I rmb 2 years, is it rite? HimHim did have 13 women, dont forget that, lolz.

    2. Sandcherry:

      But at tavia’s age, she can’t afford to waste 7 yrs!

    3. If she get her awards this year then it will be over by next year lol

      1. she will be to busy filming a lot after the awards and then HimHim will get to much free time, you know 13 ladies, who know what he will do.

      2. Tavia wont get award this year bc of her reputation and image are damage. Bad time for her. No matter of excusion the picture shows evident 🙁 and some of foreigner tourists watched them surprisely as well. Bad situation. Tavia did not seat belt. She violated the law.

      3. @Tiffany Ning

        I don’t think so. If TVB actually wanted to promote her to get the TV Queen title, this scandal is not gonna be something in the way.

      4. @Tiffany Ning: On the contrary, Ms. Lok linking arms with Tavia (aka taking Tavia under her wing) and TVB’s swift legal action against Appledaily show that they are very determined to make Tavia this year tv queen.

      5. It’s so sad that predicting TV Queen and TV King can be THAT easy lol. No excitement!

      6. Well, its about time to make TY queen this year. I gotta admit she’s pretty good in acting really.

    4. they really dont last long, if you look at the latest incident; different personalities.

  8. Fessed up what???? The press con was for them to clarify that they did not conduct any car sex as claimed by AppleDaily. How has that got to do with any fessing up of their dating status? Even if they did, that does not stop the fact that reporters would take such photos and turn it into their own story.

    They are not dumb. Holding a press con to clear things would be much better than waiting around for other reporters to come up with other bullsh*t stories to follow up their absence of a press con if they hadnt done so. And of course, with the false claims being blasted down, reporters would obviously instead take the opportunity of asking their relationship status..it’s not like they were purposely holding a press con to announce to the entire world “WE ARE DATING…” They didn’t even admit that they were dating.

    1. What is the truth, only them and reporters know, lolz. But now everyone is finding the pic to see why AppleDaily is sued.

      Oops, and if there is a court, if AppleDaily win, they will be more tarnished. But even if AppleDaily lose, they only have to apologize but the pix will be speard to more ppl to see and let their imagination works freely. So press conference is stupid but acceptable, but suing is very stupid and cant be helped.

      Look at the case of Apple and Samsung to know more.

  9. Him mentioned in an earlier interview that he would prefer to financially support his future wife so that she does not need to work.

    I appreciate the offer, and I’m sure all girlfriends/wives would love to hear that from their significant other, but being a girlfriend doesn’t mean that she has to stay at home and leech on her husband all day. They can provide for themselves, thank you very much.

    1. Wanting to lessen a partner’s financial burden does not mean that he would force her to stay at home against her wishes. I know so many women who would love to have the option of staying at home and pursuing their interests instead of dragging themselves to some unfulfilling job day after day.

    2. It good to have an option to stay at home or work if the husband is able to provide enough. Do you think…sonja kowk would come back to work so early if they had enough money? Which if he can..then good for him….
      But I don’t know about this living w/his mom thing. Is this a traditional asian thing…since KennethMa said the same thing? Seriously…living w/in-laws is like a death sentence….Guys get smart!

    3. I know what you mean Addy and I agree that it is great for women to be able to work and help provide for themselves and their family. It is just too traditional to think that the guy has to be the one that provides for the family. These days in many cases, it is the woman that is the main provider, not the the guy.

      Living with inlaws can be a pain but in some cases you don’t have a choice…

  10. When we love someone,we can not find a reason y we love them.if there is a reason,then it is not true love.
    Him loves tavia cuz she’s filial n responsible?i m filial n responsible too! *winks*

    1. So true what you say. Reminds me of this Steven Ma weibo post:

      When you truly love a person, the reason for it simply can’t be found.
      When you find the reason for your love, you will at the same time find the reason to not love.

      Anyway, good luck to Tavia and Him.

    2. Here’s today Steven Ma weibo dedicated to the one he’s fond of. (送給我疼的妳) Undoubtedly meant for Tavia but also for all those people he cares about, and for those who take comfort by his words.

      9/21 21:55 “The journey of life is always capricious, now cold now warm now sunny now rainy, even if the stride has been stable and steady but an astral wind gust* can upset the rhythm. Fall? No problem, stand up and continue to move forward. When one day the wound turns to scab, it will become the best proof of unyielding perseverance. As for those occasional minor turbulences encountered in the journey of life, think of them as little tests before embracing the light**. Dedicated to the one I’m fond of (疼)

    3. That is somewhat true since many say that love is irrational which is why many cannot truly define what love is. However, I think in some cases you can say why you love a person if you really had to..

  11. So now they declare their relationshop after all this furore. All this mess could have been avoided by declaring ages ago rather then cloak and dagger! I cant see what the problem is with Tavia only 5 yrs older. Its going to take some time for this to die down and the media will be intensely following them even more

    1. It’s not that easy cos we have heard of TVB downplaying the actors/actresses’ private lives where they don’t approve of some actors exposing their dating lives.
      It is quite a pity sometimes when we see how their private lives are probed, even having a meal together can be such a nuisance with papparazzi hounding their every move.
      Just wish them the best.

  12. I dont think the relationship will last, Him Law will soon realized Tavia too old and motherly love to him. Different personality too.

    1. Maybe motherly love is what he craves. I don’t think the relationship will last either because I firmly believe Him Law is in this for the PR. He’ll dump her once he gets even more popular.

    2. well its been a year already and looks like they’re going fine. so who knows. could be a surprise. maybe him is sick of those immature pretty doll up girls who are materialistic and superficial

  13. well, there’s a saying opposites attract. who says having different personalities will definitely end up in a break up? having similar personalities may not work out either. Tavia may look a bit too mature for her age but who knows maybe Him likes her for that, lolz. give them a chance, even if their relationship didn’t work out, at least they were happy together before. and as outsiders, who are we to comment & judge?
    just my opinion. 😛

  14. Congratulations. Him now has become the idol of many lovestruck female fans who melt at his confrssions of love in the clarifying interviews.

    Him now no longer woman beater, but is a perfect boyfriend who waits hours for his womab and protects his woman from the press.

  15. My two cents worth..Who is Him Law? Tavia, I know. She is quite a good actor but not great, not yet. I view these “celebrities, stars” as simply folks who act, sing, etc for a living. I am so bombarded by details of these entertainers’ lives, I honestly don’t care much anymore. I yearn the good old days when the tabloids still had some sense of decency and know when to stop. But then again tabloids are there to make money. Do they care if love lives, family lives are ruined, NO. I like to know a little less about my favorite stars like who they blow or do not bow or have not blown! Thank you very much. As for Tavia, if, and that’s a big if, she did do what Apple Daily claimed she allegedly did, EWE!! , then it’s her own fault but I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt. No one can be that stupid. This will probably be the subject of conversation for some time and that is most unfortunate. Most disgusting. Have a good day everyone.

    1. if ty is indeed blowing him why eww… its normal for couples.. noones a saint. its nt a big deal. am sure alot of ppl hve dne it. tht doeant degrade a woman..

      1. +1 with everything that Elin said. BJ or anything other forms of love making is normal. And I don’t care for the fact that they did it in their car. As far as I’m concerned, they can do it wherever they like. Loosen up.

  16. “Because she sucks a mean ****”

    See, that’s all you gotta say Him Law. We saw the pics, we understand.

    We understand.

  17. Would love to have a husband that supports me financially so i dont have to work.

    1. Don’t think you should think that way since it is better to not rely too much on anyone…

  18. Poor Tavia! Urgly situation and she lost lot of fans in Asia over this matter because she lies them on dating with Him Law. If she admitted it month ago then it would be better. She tries to cover for her image and this is for $$. I think she is good but not fit for best attress award. I go for Linda Chung. Him law takes benefit on this relationship. Age does not matter but only when dating. Is Him Law serious in toward marriage? Surely he will not be ready 🙂

    1. She may have hold it secret because TVB don’t let them tell it? You know the world of TVB, is scary.

    2. Isn’t Linda Chung hiding her underground relationship with Philip Ng? She said she wasn’t dating him in the past but what if she’s exposed to be a liar – that means she’s lying. are you gonna stop liking her?

      How do you know his not ready for marriage? His playboy image have slowly worn off over the past year….. and he tends to be more focused on work …. im just saying, ppl can be a certain type of person up to a stage in their life until they experience a changing experience or meeting someone special…. that changes them…..

  19. Agree. Tavia is almost 34. How old when she wants to mary? She bet this dating game with a younger guy who wont sure to marry within 5 yrs? Lie Him. Tavia does not need your $$ to stay home after marriage 🙂 she has lot more $$ than you. You said for other girl? Are you sure you wont repeat beating her like Theresa? Sure you said same good reason why you loved Theresa. All lovers say same when things are good start 🙂

    1. Split personality here? lol! Nathan Guo aka Felix Chan talking to himself?

      1. So what? I agree with them. All relationship starts with sweet time 🙂 then suffers and get challenge by time.

      2. lol… you weckon a lot of ppl here actually do that? Those constant nose comments and constant age differences comments which extremely repetitive are probably also from the same ppl.

  20. i cannot understand why the tabloid and fans need to make such a big fuss about the 5 years age gap. Goodness we are not living in the 60’s ir 70’s anymore !!! and there is so many other couples who have bigger age gap, got married and is happy together till old age. As long as both of them are happy what does it have to do with age ?

    1. Couples where the man is much older seem to have fewer problems… my sister once got involved with a guy 7 years younger and he started to make snide comments about how quickly she was ageing, etc. I think women in such relationships will always be afraid that the man will leave for younger women. My sister ditched the guy and ended up marrying someone 10 years older than her who treated her with respect and always made her feel beautiful. However, this is just an anecdote, so I’m sure there are a few mature young guys out there who are on a different page than their female peers. BTW, when you say that there are so many other couples with bigger age gaps, are you still talking about ones where the woman is older? Showbiz is a bit different but beyond my sister’s doomed relationship, I haven’t seen any in real life.

      1. Lee, yes i’m talking about women older than guys and in real life i have personally encounter alot between 1 – 6 years age gap. i guess the women needs to be of confident of themselves but in all relationship i feel both parties needs always to be mature in handling things and also otherwise its just wasting time irregardless of age. i have personally dated a 11 years older guy to me he can be in his mid 30’s but mentality is just as young as a 23 yr old.

      2. yes. I agree with Ravenz and enlin. In a relationship, it is the love, trust and also commitment to make it work. Age doesn’t really matter at all especially we are not living in those traditional era. This news might be a disadvantage to TY but human are not perfect. They are artists so it is inevitable to hide their relationship. Just give them a break!

    2. i dont think 5 yrs too much of a gap.. but all relationships we need work at it.. so as long as thy r willing to work on it put in endless love n commitment dont c why it cant work out

      1. yup i agree working on the relationship, understanding, compatibility is all very important part of it.

    3. It’s not the age but the personality of the person that’s impt. My uncle is 10 years older then my aunt- that’s good right? Well no…. after about 15 yrs of marriage, he still went after a girl in her 20’s. So even if a woman is younger then the man at the pt of marriage, it dont guarantee anything.
      Wish Tavia & Him best of luck here!

      1. don’t know what’s wrong with the men now? they like sweet young things. 🙁 Guess they find it hard to resist to temptation.

    4. 5 years is nothing. Some ppl just have old-fashioned thinking. Tavia has a playful personality anyway….. its not like she sits at home and knits geezzz

  21. Have been a fan of Tavia since her days of kelefe. Think she looks her worst in the clarification interview. Her nose is way too big for her small face.
    I think him law is more suited with Mandy Wong. With Tavia, the age difference does show, but oh well, as long as they both love each other, other things does not matter.

    1. I so agree ! After their collaboration in diva in distress, I reckon they’ll make a good couple.

  22. that 5 year age gap comes in handy…both of them are in different levels in their entertainment career. I still think this couple wont last very long…

  23. Honesty then after watching Diva, I can’t see HimHim as a caring sweet guy :P. His actions seem to be quite violent, more than the requirement of the scenes, so I guess it isn’t the acting but himself. The image of “woman beater” is clearer in my head after finishing it. I think it won’t be a surprise to me if HimHim involves in another beating case. It happened after he has the 6 packs…

    1. He does look like someone who will beat a woman, TY better becareful not to anger him..but there is something I think HIM is interested in TY though.. I can’t tell what is it now but its definitely not LOVE.. It can’t be Pr either.. it could be wealth? I heard TY is a little rich gal with properties in hand.

      1. Sorry I meant to say HIm sure looks like he will beat woman “again”. I know he beaten Theresa before..and I think he will beat TY soon if she angers or overcontrolling him.

      2. yeh but tavia doesn’t look like a weak woman that would allow a guy to hit her violently. She seems to be a dominant one though. She doesn’t rely on men, she’s always been independant. maybe because she comes from a single family (think her dad died when she was young) so she’s the main person in her family that brings in the money and cares for them. And usually a person who does that is strong-minded. Hence I don’t think she’ll allow Him to overpower like that. And maybe that’s something that attracts Him coz Tavia’s different? (maybe his past gfs were all subs) *shrugs*

  24. ew. The thought of him and tavia, it just doesnt click. but what I am to judge…

  25. At least they are more open to their relationship now and the reporter won’t stalk them all the time.

    1. Kidding? Reporters will follow any couple until they find them with 3rd party or breakup and some couples don’t mind to feed the reporters their love story.

  26. Leave them alone, yeah, it’s wild to have *** in the car but who cares, they are together.

  27. Tavia and Him look very cute in THC but in real life they don’t like as cute as they are in THC. A lot of people don’t have confident in their relationship, but it’s more power for the girls when they can date younger guys. How many of us can attract younger men?

    1. their relationship in THC was HILARIOUS! CUTE AND HILARIOUS! haha

  28. Good PR for Himhim, not so good for Tavs…although she looks good in the above pic — I almost mistook her for Charmaine Sheh.

  29. Tavia is more like babysitting himhim, rock him on the tree top & buy him a diamond ring he., he….he…

  30. Too bad there wasn’t a picture of them kissing, or that would of been papparazzi’s gold mine, now it is worthless to see them share saliva.

  31. i still find it a bit hard to believe how that ex g/f of his accused him of beating her up and we dont hear anything of her at all now? wow, it certainly dies down fast and it seems that beating incident has not lessen his attraction from the ladies and still he gets TVB series one after another when the supposedly female ex g/f victim was FROZEN from her side of the media or something. one thing is for sure, this Him Law certainly is lucky.

  32. tell u the truth, they dont look that bad together and 5 years really is no MAJOR issue this day and age. I have 2 female colleagues that’s dating 5-6 years younger as well. it seriously seems like a trend but from what we see of Tavia Yeung i thought she would be more cautious w/o much of negative media attention is all but i guess she is attracted to his FACE and BODY? hahaha LOL….how else would we explain it? she’s in the business for such a long while and yet she gets involved w/this younger cute guy must be serious attraction involved. ahha

    1. him law is pretty hot…. his bodyyyyyyyyy GASPS!!!!! so good looking too… omg omg

  33. I don’t want to say this, but the media sometimes is so full of shit. The scandal was absolutely ridiculous. Do they have nothing better to report, so they have resort to such low means? Gosh -_-

    And whether or not they are dating, it doesn’t matter. Tavia is still a good actress and that’s that.

    1. it is pretty stupid. and to think that some ppl actually believed it. some here even – i quote – said along the lines of: ‘shame on tavia. no wonder she’s lost a lot of fans because of this car scandal.” which is not true blah blah blah….

      be reasonable. if she really wanted to give him head, why would they do it whilst a car is in motion? Just stop the car and do it at a park? And its pretty unsafe to come whilst driving. And Him was wearing white shorts. WHITE shorts. you’d see everything if it got wet.

  34. oh my gosh… -_- I was waiting for Him to get together with Mandy Wong, they would be such a cute couple! ♥ But no… he had to go for Tavia, though I don’t have anything against her. I just wish that he would get with Mandy.

  35. @sushiroll: no you are dumb. what you say applies to every celebrity couple that kept it underground. who the ef goes and holds a press con to say ‘we’re dating’?!??!?!?! FYI, Boscolie played dumb for the 7 years they were together. They never fessed up until recently but they broke up in the end anyway. or what about Nancy and Kenneth? or Ron and Viann. Or Raymond & PSS? These celebs must be ALL DUMB in your mind because they didn’t give you a personal phone call to say they are dating each other…. omg… what a dumba$$…. they have no obligation to announce to the world that they’re dating, its a personal matter. but obviously the media likes to target them coz news of 2 celebs dating are good for magazine sales.

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