Hong Kong Celebrities Blast Stephen Chow’s Greed and Lack of Ethics

A recent online article praising Stephen Chow (周星馳) hinted at film producer Charles Heung (向華強) as a triad. Charles’ wife, Tiffany Chan (陳嵐), believed Stephen may be the instigator behind the article and was outraged by the contents. After revealing Stephen’s questionable ethics, Tiffany said, “If Stephen is really not responsible for this, he should come out to clarify the matter!”

According to the article, Stephen’s immigration application to Canada from 1993 to 1996 was rejected by authorities due to his boss Charles Heung’s triad background. Tiffany defended Charles’ reputation as he was able to turn China Star Entertainment Ltd into a publicly traded corporation in 1997. Tiffany said, “If Charles were a triad, the Hong Kong government would have taken him down. Mainland authorities do not tolerate triads!”  She further argued that more than 100 celebrities have filmed for China Star and some were able to immigrate to Canada.

Illustrating Stephen’s unreasonable side, Tiffany said that Stephen once requested Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) to shave her head bald. Stephen had possessed a soon-to-expire contract with Cecilia and hoped that she would be on standby to film his movie within a six-month time frame, thus asked Cecilia to shave her head to ensure her availability. When Stephen’s request was disputed, he scolded Cecilia for forgetting her roots and that he brought her fame through The King of Comedy <喜劇之王>. He threatened to sue Cecilia for $3.5 million HKD for contract violation. Tiffany said, “But he only gave us a deposit of $5000 HKD!” 

Andy Lau is Not Friends with Stephen Chow

Tiffany also revealed, “Andy Lau (劉德華) told me that he is not friends with Stephen. Not in the past, present, or in the future. Everyone can see how Andy treats his fans, and how sincerely he helps his friends. They are not the same type of people at all and would never click. Mr. Chow also did not respect Andy; Stephen asked for a filming fee of $20 million HKD, but he wanted to pay Andy only $1.2 million HKD.”

Andy responded that Charles Heung and Tiffany Chan were the best bosses in his entire life. Andy is upset at anyone who tarnishes the couple’s reputation and would step forward to defend them if necessary.

Johnnie To Reveals Stephen’s Selfish Side

Director Johnnie To (杜琪峰) stated that Stephen is selfish and lacked ethics. Johnnie said, “Stephen has his powerful place, but I don’t think he has contributed to the Hong Kong film industry. Although he is talented, his talent did not improve the work of Hong Kong films. I admire his talent, but not him as an individual.”

Wong Jing Scolds Stephen

Director Wong Jing (王晶), who collaborated with Stephen for 13 years, complained that Stephen was a tyrant. Stephen allegedly refused to attend a film premiere and only agreed after the film producer knelt before him. Wong Jing said, “There are no more words left to describe Stephen Chow. He has been scolded endlessly. I don’t want to scold him from a new angle.”

Daneil Lam Reveals Stephen’s Greed

Universal International’s Daneil Lam (林小明) had invested in Stephen’s Shaolin Soccer <少林足球>. Due to copyright issues, Daneil and Stephen ended up in court. Daneil criticized Stephen for his greed, “There is no one worse than Stephen Chow. It’s impossible to have a business partnership with him. Only he can have [the bigger] profits. Although he is talented, he never considers others’ feelings.”

Simon Yam, Sean Lau, Nick Cheung Draw Line from Stephen

Simon Yam (任達華)Sean Lau (劉青雲), and Nick Cheung (張家輝) said Charles Heung and Tiffany Chan treated their artistes very well. The stars claimed they did not know Stephen well enough to comment on his personality. Sean said, “I don’t know what type of person Stephen is. When we filmed dramas at TVB, he was an outstanding actor, but we did not have any contact in private.”

Sources: Ettoday.net; QQ.com; Ming Pao; Ettoday.net

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Never like his attitude, although he has great sense of humor but it’s always come with sarcastic cynicism. But you can’t deny his talent in acting and directing.

    1. A lot of “funny” people have a mean streak in them, it’s like they have so much fun making jokes at the expense of others. Stephen’s long rumored to have a mean personality. Didn’t he also fall out with his ex-longtime buddy Ng Man Tat?

      1. I heard about it re Ng Man Tat. They both became popular after a comedic TVB drama series ….. the one filmed with Jacqueline Law Wai-Kuen.

      2. They were so great together.
        Apart they are like 50% each. Together they equal 150%
        They just aren’t as funny on their own.

    2. ” Alot of de talented got attitude issues. Did Chow not contribute to de Kwong-chen silver-plated screen hard boil film industry? Red eye envy!!! …When is the next gangbang bang bang be release? ”

  2. I’m shocked though. When I first saw him onscreen playing chow sing sing undercover cop, I thought he was easy going and down to earth. Slowly he’s becoming this tyrant and after reading so many negative articles, I honestly think the money has gotten the best of him.

    He’s funny but I’m certain his work isn’t 100% himself and had a lot of help from others. So as much as I’m sad about not seeing great works from him, I’m glad to read about how bad of a person he is.

    1. All comedians have inner demons and difficulty. Which proves how good an actor he is. No doubt he is egoistical. That’s the only way he can do things his way and produce the movies he want to make. As for greedy, he is not the first. But by paying the actors less, he can have more for other areas. Question is does he also pay the crew less?

      1. I don’t understand why an actor/actress has to be paid so much money when the extra money could be used to improve the quality of the film. I can’t comment on how Stephen uses that money though.

  3. “Stephen has his powerful place, but I don’t think he has contributed to the Hong Kong film industry.”

    Even though Stephen’s personality or greed is questionable, I highly think his movies contributed to the Hong Kong film industry. His movies are highly favored even till today.

  4. I’m a super huge Stephen Chow fan. Watched every single one of his films at least 4-5 times. He’s definitely talented as an entertainer and actor, but a horrible person as a man. There’s been tons of news about Stephen’s greed and selfishness that it is not up to me to not believe in it anymore. I’ve watched every celebrity’s comment of Stephen on Youthbe and not a single one of them praised Stephen. Even Tony Leung Chiu wai, whom Stephen brought into TVB if you guys didn’t know, said Stephen treated him as a toy and threw him aside after he used him. Danny Lee, who collaborated with Stephen just once in as early as 1991, said that he is someone who he would not and ever want to have anything to do with this person anymore just after 1 collaboration, made me quite shocked and surprised. It’s a fact that we all have to accept, that Stephen is a greedy and heartless person.

    1. Even Tony Leung Chiu wai, whom Stephen brought into TVB if you guys didn’t know, said Stephen treated him as a toy and threw him aside after he used him.
      I knew about it, but thought they were very good buddies since they met when they both were poor and before joining TVB.

      1. But I saw an interview of Tony Leung like earlier this year? Last year? He mentioned about Stephen in a friendly way, they have dinners and all. Doesn’t sound like how you described it.

      2. Tony was joking in the clip. They have an amicable relationship. But Tony has mentioned they are not in contact much.

    2. The girls fight and so are the boys. The monkey higher up on the monkey tree is always a bigger a$$h!@#$#$. Thumbs up to Stephen Chow for making us laugh. 😀 🙁 LOL!

  5. There has always been allegations from different sources about triad ties of Charles Heung .

    1. The artistes mentioned in the above article only said that Charles Heung is a good boss; they didn’t mention anything about Charles Heung’s triad ties.

      1. Of cos they wouldn’t dare but it’s an open secret. Lots of entertainment bosses are said to have ties with the triads who invest in their projects. They pump the money into, say, movies as a way to launder the money.

    2. Yeah I always thought that was common knowledge. I heard he was an ex-triad, which I’m sure he still has contact with some of his triad pals. That rumour has been around for ages.
      I would have thought that would help get his films made easier if he doesn’t have to fight them for fees and such.

      I also don’t see why Stephen would lie about what immigration told him, I know he was very mad at the time it was denied. Why would they lie to him, and why would he lie to us about something like that.

      I’m sure if he re-applied now, he would be accepted due to his success and fame. I doubt he would be where he is today if he had immigrated.

      1. Canada has toughened its immigrant laws and raised the requirements. just b/c hes a celebrity, it doesnt mean hes above the law.

  6. Stephen Chow is a comedic genius and the rare talented sort that HK has ever seen. His personal life may be in a shambles but you can’t deny his genius. As to the validity of these claims, I do not know since Stephen probably won’t respond. But to say he did nothing for the movie industry in HK is wrong. He gave opportunities to new actors, his films raked in millions if not billions, he made films that makes people go to cinemas. You can’t deny his contribution, whatever his personality was.

    1. If his films raked in millions, why didnt he win any prestigious awards such as Cannes, Oscars, Golden Globe as best foreign film?

      1. That is an insane question and I don’t feel any answer would satisfy you.

      2. how is it insane?
        You said that he made films that makes people go to cinemas and if his films are that great, one would assume he won international recognition for his films.

      3. or raked in “billions”.
        if a film hit millions or billions, its a blockbuster movie but one would also assume he won these prestigious awards.

      4. @Ben
        U surely didn’t watched Stephen movies before.
        It’s a fact that his movies or could say his name draw crowds to the cinema.
        Even the movies he is not starring in as he is more to the director/producer side now, his name draws crowds more than JackyChan and JetLi.

        And pleaseeee save those saying as if movies or artists that even won an oscar or any awards that’s worth mentioned!
        Seriously most of those oscar awards winning movies are so …..

      5. if his movies raked in millions doesnt automatically mean that he will win an oscar or golden globe,if thats is the case then any succesful foreign movies who raked in millions will win an oscar? plus his comedies are all “mo lee thou” so do you think hollywood will give him some artistic movie award?

      6. Comedies rarely win those kinds of prizes anyway. But Shaolin Coccer made him a household name in the US

      7. @Ben

        Chow’s brand of mindless slapstick comedy has no international appeals. In the global cinematic industry, he would not be mentioned in the same breath with Ang Lee, Zhan Yimou or even a Wong Kar Wai any time soon.

      8. Why put ourselves down and bring in Cannes, Oscars and Golden Globe. Do you laugh when you watch Chow’s movie? 😀 🙁 LOL!

      9. I think you have little knowledge about the film industry. Winning an award doesn’t always got to do with a film being a blockbuster. Most of the time highly artistic film like Wong Kar Wai’s would win such award as it involved artistic element in it. And conventional films will not always gain such appreciations among the highly critical panel of judges.

      10. No, no, he has knowledge, Cannes, Oscars and Golden Globe. 😀 🙁 LOL!

      11. Okay, was there any small-scale films or films with low budgeted ever won awards such as oscars, golden globes?

        Name one film that was NOT a blockbuster yet won a prestigious film award.

      12. A lot of Hollywood blockbuster movies are panned by critics but they made billions dollar such as Transformer 4 or Pirates of the Caribbean 4

      13. it takes ages for an american film producer to make a film and to get sponsorship. just look at james cameron with his avatar film. waited for years before finally releasing.

        @kolo: i dont think ben was talking about foreign films only. hes talking about hollywood blockbusters (e.g. titanic, crouching dragon hidden tiger, sound of music, disney classic movies)

      14. foreign films or not it is undoubtedly a fact that he and his movies has brought us many happy hours in our livingrooms,as the person in question everyone has it flaws nobody is perfect.

      15. Prestigious awards are not limited to only Cannes (France) and Oscars/Golden Globe (USA). Not a fan for SC or his films but one cannot simply wipe out his achievements despite how bad his character is.

        Plucked from his wiki:
        “In 2001 his film Shaolin Soccer grossed over 60 million HK dollars.[10] The film won Best Picture, and Chow won Best Actor and Best Director at the 2002 Hong Kong Film Awards, and the film went on to garner additional awards including a Blue Ribbon Award for Best Foreign Language Film and the Golden Bauhinia Award for Best Picture and Best Director.[11] It was his first international hit and established his reputation in the West. In 2004 he directed the film Kung Fu Hustle, which won a total of 18 awards, including the BAFTA award for Best Film not in the English Language, five Golden Horse Awards and six Hong Kong Film Awards.[12]”

        He did garner awards in the international prestigious award at BAFTA (UK) and Blue Ribbon Award (equivalent to Japanese Academy Award).

    2. he used to provide opportunities for new actresses who is successful: Karen Mok, Vicki Zhao, Sharla Cheung, Athena Chu, Michelle Reis, Christy Chung, Gigi Leung, Cecilia Cheung, Huang Shengyi, and Zhang Yuqi.

      1. Athena also confessed about Stephen cheating on her when they were dating

  7. Not dedending him, BUT! You can’t say he did not contribute to HK film industry. His films are still being showed on TV in HK today and many people I know still get a kick from watching it. And! It is still better than a lot of the comedy dross that’s being pumped out from HK today despite his films were more than a decade ago.

  8. I think Johnnie To may be talking about international success and recognition. Most people outside of hk and asia probably is more aware of johnnie to than stephen chow.

    I mean aside from kung fu hustle and shaolin soccer, which films of his had been nominated for really outstanding international awards?

    1. It’s very rare for a comedy or whatever you like to call that genre to get any film awards. He’s good at what he does and that is making people laugh, its just a shame that kind of stuff don’t get recognition.

  9. It would be interesting to find out when he took a turn for the worst. I’m sure he wasn’t always this way.
    Was is fame, success, money, or did he get treated poorly by powerful people and turned bitter and selfish.

    I have always thought he was a very unhappy guy. He never smiles outside of his movies and always looks sad to me.

    I hope that he can truly find something that fulfills him in his life and understand that money is worthless when you are unhappy.
    He should try some charity work in HK/Mainland/Africa. If you cant find happiness and perspective in helping others, you are truly dead on the inside.

  10. Charles Heung is a good boss and treats their employees well. But how does that exclude him from being a Triad boss?

    1. exactly! And when you think about it, a Triad or any boss is not going to be openly criticised by his staff as you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

      Whatever is said in the media is always part of somebody’s agenda. I have no doubt Stephen chow may be a bit of a **** (small people syndrome ah!) but not the only one I am sure.

  11. admit it, no matter how bad his attitude is, if he come up with a movie, people will still flock to see it.

  12. Stephen Chow movies are the only Cantonese speaking movies that I watched over and over again, that managed to make me laugh out loud without fail. No contribution to HK film industry? He is the creator of ‘mou lei tou’ genre!! Come on Johnny Boy, you gonna give him some credits! Personality and recognition shall not be bounded as one!

    Never like him as a person, but gonna say… he deserves some recognition on his contribution towards film indsutry especially HK!!

  13. stepehen in comedy is what bruce lee is in kung fu movies,its sad to know him possess such a character,hope this is not true and come up to clarifies for himself.

    1. although stephen is the mastermind in miss heung’s eye,he may have nothing to do with this case i think. she dont have any evidence to proof that stephen is the instigator,so stephen can sue her back for the allegation.

      1. miss heung: “If Charles were a triad, the Hong Kong government would have taken him down. Mainland authorities do not tolerate triads!”. lol, if true what she said then hk is triad free now,i also want this is true but im afraid that it never will happen.

  14. He’s definitely not a perfect guy what to many ppl, they are only interested in his movies. And a lot of them are classics. His movies are probably only ones where many ppl including me wld watch over and over again. Some of them sounded like sour grapes and wt envy. Give him a break. Didn’t he contribute back to these so called bosses and directors, even actors. Where wld they be without Stephen? How many ppl go and watch wong jing movies nowadays wt him? He is just one off – find me any Chinese star (hk, china or Taiwan) who is even close, talent and contribution wise.

  15. Sadly I don’t understand why people would go down this path however the happier path would be more clear to someone who has, since he is now being shown to have such a bad personality the best for him would be apologetic and try to mend bridges so he can continue on happier in his life, a simple thing but hard to do for everyone. Hopefully he can see the light and make more movies. His comedy is on par if not better than western comedies. (IMO)

  16. I wouldn’t watch Stephen Chow’s movies even if you paid me. Nothing but slapstick and mo lei tau. He’s funny in a couple of shows but after that it’s the same formulaic nonsense.

    1. i also dont find all his work good but this two movies( shaolin soccer and kung fu hustle was his masterpieces) a must see.

  17. This is the type of articles that are interesting to read. We don’t want to read about stars that don’t go to public toilets or use aromatherapy.

  18. “Andy Lau (劉德華) told me that he is not friends with Stephen. Not before, now, or in the future. Everyone can see how Andy treats his fans, and how sincerely he helps his friends.”
    – Indeed he treats his fans very well. He practically lied to them about his marriage status for years!

    “Director Wong Jing (王晶), who collaborated with Stephen for 13 years, complained that Stephen was a tyrant.”
    – A man who produced so many soft porn movies using young aspiring ladies but objected firmly when his own daughter wants to do the same.

    I do not know Stephen Chow in real life but even if he is a greedy tyrannical Mr Scrooge in reality, at least he is exhibiting his real self compared to those hypocrites. Let the one without sin cast the first stone!

    1. perhaps Andy Lau did not want to put his wife in the limelight? it is his private life after all

      1. We all lie sometimes especially more so with celebrities. 😀 🙁 LOL!

      2. There is something called silence. If you do not want to admit, keep quiet. So there is no excuse for lying over, and over to everyone and then threatening legal action if people continue to print that you are married or in a relationship. Where is the fan love in that??.

      3. “There is something called silence. If you do not want to admit, keep quiet. So there is no excuse for lying over, and over to everyone and then threatening legal action if people continue to print that you are married or in a relationship.”

        Agreed! 😀 🙁 LOL!

    2. “I do not know Stephen Chow in real life but even if he is a greedy tyrannical Mr Scrooge in reality, at least he is exhibiting his real self compared to those hypocrites. Let the one without sin cast the first stone!”


      1. Who is without sin on this world? There is a saying that even gods and immortals can be wrong and commit sin so humans of course are more capable? Who is 100% perfect, has not lied in their lives, is greedy,etc..? Everyone is to some extent.

  19. I think he still friends with small Tony.

    If you read his background, you will know what hardship he been thru.

    Only thing that can match is small Tony.

    Actor and people in entertaiment sometimes are lonely.

  20. I heard that Kent Cheng helped chow get into movies and then when Kent career went down chow said Kent was a big fat person that he does not know

  21. I only know him as the John Mayer of celebrity daters in Hong Kong when John Mayer hinted in an interview that he is the Edison Chen of American music.

  22. “Stephen has his powerful place, but I don’t think he has contributed to the Hong Kong film industry.”

    Heck?…although he doesn’t come out with movies every single yr, all of his movies are top notch. Saw this bts of him teaching other actors how to reenact some scenes and directing them proves that he’s not just trying to make movie to make money, he takes everything seriously so the movies would still be a hit yrs later.

    I’ve heard a lot of directors that are strict and mean, he’s not the only one. And don’t people know how an actor acts in front of the camera may not be the same person behind close doors? Look at that korean actor Kim Hyun Joong. Looked like a kind pretty boy but was recently sued for beating up his gf.

    Tbh I don’t think fame changed him, I think fame made him to take everything more seriously. Like Wong Jing’s movies…I admit SOME are good, but most of his stuff are crap. Not trying to hate on him or anything…but really.

  23. I dont enjoy his films at all but To Kei Fung’s group gave dignity to many character actors who had played heavies at TVB and certainly made Richie Ren cooler than his previous persona. I dont think he has helped Josie Ho’s image at all though.

  24. thought it was a known fact that the heung family has a triad background….

  25. What makes me laugh is some people don’t want to b have anything to do with Stephen because they think they are too good for the likes of him. A lot of idols can put up a façade of loving their fans because it brings in the money, and God knows with their strange lifestyles, they need all the money they can get. Being there for the extended loves ones is an act too, to garner friends from the business, and to cover up their insecurities, which includes craving attention and approval from colleagues. Some of the same hypocrites who put down Stephen are ten times worse, yet they like to pretend that they are all pure like the driven snow, although their unethical, ruthless, heartless and cruel ways will make Stephen look like a choir boy. These same vultures want to show a perfect image to the world. Oh please, bring me the puke bucket.

    Stephen is no angel either, and he does get called greedy a lot, a whole lot.

    I will say this though, Canada does not turn down rich Chinese, no way!!!. Obviously something was awfully wrong for Canada immigration to turn down the Immigration visa request of a well known, rich celebrity.

    It is common knowledge that the Heung family has Triad ties, so what is Charles Heung’s wife’s problem????!!!

    1. It does not only apply to idols but even people you know on real life. You know a person, their face but do you know how they truly are? If you hate anyone, you will always blast them at every chance you get and not give them credit even when they do a good thing, but if you like anyone, you would always give them the benefit of the doubt and try to defend and protect them even when they are wrong. That goes for everyone.

      1. I just want to say I don’t know who she is referring to, but there are celebs who I like that I called them out for their disgusting behaviour. I am also not afraid to call them out for stuff they are hiding behind and deceiving fans about. I never defend or protect them because wrong is wrong, and I will tell my very own family and relatives they are wrong if they are. I am not like some illusional fool. I live in the real world. PLEASE. Goodbye.

      2. I was not referring to anyone but just saying in general. I am discovering more and more that none of us know or hardly know. But honestly even of they are wrong, just saying something a couple of times is enough. There is no point in repeating the same thing over and over again. I have an uncle that repeats the same thing that happened 30+ years ago over and over again. Gosh, can’t he let bygones be bygones? Life is short so just move on. There is no use in repeating hatred for anyone over and over again. The bad karma will just come back at you one day. For women, it is already annoying but for men it is twice as bad since they should know better. Not referring to anyone but just saying on general.

      3. @HTS
        LOLLL!! We are now talking about those “pure” celebrities and in this case will be Andy Lau and those stated in the article and not ur uncle, ur family members and lolll and not just anyone ==|||

    2. Even in the 1960s Canadian immigration was famous for being extra stringent in Hong Kong and maybe that had something to do with the many FEPOW survivors and the nonsurvivor’s families (Eric Liddell’s for example) who emigrated to Canada – the Japanese collected their addresses in England and Canada so they could keep track of prisoners after the war and even contacted them after the war – so if Hong Kong Chinese were guilty of being triad during the Three Years and Eight Months of violent occupation where the triad were going to massacre every European in the colony in the midst of the chaos, then Canada is not going to tolerate triad enjoying Canadian citizenship.

      I like that. I think zero tolerance is the honest response to what the triad and the Axis have done to the rest of us.

      1. It’s not racist if it is true.

        Canada is basically saying even if you personally didnt hurt someone like Jamie Gao but you consorted with triad and received or helped benefit triad then you get TAGGED.

        I’m pretty sure Five Eyes have more thoroughly tagged all of us more than ever.

        For his sake and his family’s sake, I hope and pray that Jamie Gao was a good guy whose death was faked to send a message to real triad and yakuza otherwise I think he was killed by real cops pretending to be dirty former cops to send a message to real triad and yakuza in which case his mother’s grief is real and I shouldn’t feel sorry for his mom if this is a triad family but it is a huge shock and the emotional violence just exists and is increased regardless of who the victims are:



        I hope and pray that the Allied governments control organized crime and just use them for deniability exactly like Akihito uses yakuza and third party foreign operatives.

  26. I’m sure Andy Lau is very happy that Tiffany felt it necessary to use him to attack Stephen Chow.

    1. @tvbfan

      Most people who are in the triads, or are protected by them are cowards. Tiffany is angry because of what Stephen might have said. She did not have to call names to try to scare Stephen that this person or that person said this and that.

      Like I said, Canada will not turn down a rich person, so obviously the same goes for a rich, popular celebrity. Something was not right. Tiffany should deal with Stephen directly, not drag others who are better, or worse than Stephen into the fray. She is a coward.

    2. Well I too was talking in general. Why would, or should men know better than women?. Is there a rule that says men ought to know better than women?. Such asinine comment is sexist to modern, smart, independent women. As for holding grudges, pot calling the kettle black much??, lol. Well the wonderful one insulted the fans just a short while back at a fan meet, not thirty years ago, lol.

    3. @tvbfanatic

      I get your point about what you are saying.

      You are saying that Andy is probably none too please that Tiffany is dragging him into her public fight with Stephen Chow. That is why I SAID SHE IS A COWARD. OF COURSE ANDY IS NOT PLEASED. You are being sarcastic towards Tif by saying it like that. Some people don’t get it, they just know how to attack me, lol.

      1. Trini said:
        “I get your point about what you are saying.

        You are saying that Andy is probably none too please that Tiffany is dragging him into her public fight with Stephen Chow.”

        Yup… that’s exactly what I meant.

    4. is that really needed?
      “other ethnic Chinese immigrants, tend to see Canada as an “insurance passport,” a potential safe haven in case of crackdowns by the mainland Chinese government.
      That, Kurland says, could cause hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong residents with Canadian passports to suddenly flood back to this country – where they would be immediately eligible for health care, education and other taxpayer-funded benefits”

      1. look on youtube there are good Hong Kong Canadians genuinely honored to be in the presence of Royal Canadian WW2 veterans

    1. canada does not turn awsy Chinese with money, if anyone does not know that, they are naïve, simply don’t know about what happens in Canada, or they are plain ignorant. In order for Canada to turn away Stephen chow from having his visa, something would have to be wrong. Anyone knows that. You do not have to work for the Feds to know that. The Chinese are the ones pumping all the money into the Canadian economy. They are investing in real estate and other business ventures, and right now, Vancouver practically is owned by Hong Kong.

      1. and making the housing unaffordable. and surely thats a great thing.

      2. @Vickie
        One doesn’t need to stay in Vancouver to know what happens there.
        There is something call INTERNET.
        And as at Trini stated RICHHHHH CHINESE PPLS okay? To them, they can buy a land or a mansion there, so, they don’t really care about the price of those house

      3. I’m not staying in Johor Bahru, Malaysia but I know almost 90% of those high end properties there are owned mostly by foreigners! Singaporeans and yes, China richies and also Arabian.

      4. @Achelle
        Then what will be ur suggestion?
        U read the news in the internet, there’s a bombing in Thailand, war overthere, so? What u do? U booked ur tickets to travel there?
        And of course, lollllZzz u decide what to believe okay?? =.=|||
        And may I add for that Q of urs “u believe everything in the internet?” Such a LAME Q!
        AHAHAHAS!!!! My A : That depends on urself, whether u r a bright person or u are silly/stupid 😉

      5. was it really necessarily to attack back?
        I can see why people leave this website and newcomers are discouraged to comment due to people like you.

      6. LollllZzz…
        U asked a Q and I reply MY opinions/thoughts..
        So that is wrong?? LOLLZZZZ!!!

      7. Or ermm should I correct you, is NEWBIES like u that post irrelevant comments and when someone replied, u will lolzzzz feel ATTACKED.. when the one started the attack is non other than u-urself.

      8. @Jiro
        LOLZZZ seriously I don’t really take-note of who is commenting or who isn’t or LOLZZZ who left and who is still staying..
        OMAIGOSHH..I just find ur comment to be terribly hilarious or funny!!!
        Goshh!! This is just an ENTERTAINMENT / GOSSIP SITE!
        Why the needs to take ATTENDANCE?? =_____=||
        Plus lolzz I haven’t browse thru this site for quite some time, that is because I’m BUSY WORKING…
        LOLZZZ I do hope u get my point.

  27. What’s obvious & certain …..
    1. Charles Heung has triad links
    2. Sing Yeah is a greedy, stingy, selfish, aloof, unethical person
    3. Sing Yeah’s Mo Lei Tao style of comedy has contributed immensely to HK film industry in the 80’s & 90’s

    1. The government says one thing but they always do another. So the government put their foot down eh?, when?. I have to laugh. Then do you care to tell me why three condo buildings on Cambie & Marine in Vancouver sold out to Chinese investors in FOUR hours?. They are now being built. So please tell me when has the government clamped down.

    2. Leeching off what???. The rich Chinese do not leech off of anyone here in Canada. Theybring investments to the country which equals big monetary profit to the country. Why is this crazy nonsense about leeching being mentioned?. It was mentioned that immigration does not turn away rich Chinese. leechers are obviously not rich, so maybe that is why they leech?, DUH!!. How did they get into the conversation. I really have to laugh.

  28. We turn him into this.. Imagine people around treating him like clown and expect him to make u laugh when ever u see him.. Psychologically it affected him.. Never blame him and wish to thank him for sacrificing himself for the laughter and sweet memory we enjoy with our friends.. Nick Cheung stop performing comedy once he knew he cant stand being mock.. Imagine yourself being laugh at whenever people meets u.. You lose sense of dignity there..

  29. His characters have always been questioned. This is not the first time such negative news about his ethics. Such man will never get any respects.

    1. I meant to say free medical coverage is available for everyone 18 and under. It is given whether the families of the children are rich or poor.

    2. it’s not full coverage. And they have toughened the laws on new immigrants.

      And you have a very small mind in thinking that the other Canadians don’t mind the chinese signs. Actually they do have a problem with it.

      It’s not a green light. You clearly do not live in Vancouver. THis has been a debate since 2013. Even the chinese agree that English should predominate.


    3. hope you got some proof of that rl is having multiple aliases. does everyone on this site accuse each other of things? no wonder people leave.

    1. you need to calm down.. there wasnt a need for all those name calling.

      it doesnt make you a better person or better than that person. and uh the changes made were aimed at those who planned on taking advantage of canada. Aka the chinese immigrants who plan to avoid crackdowns from the chinese govt as well as taxpayerfunded benefits (e.g. healthcare, education, etc.) but not working for it.

    1. I thought the same too!! By the way, Mr Gold is my favorite character in that series because he is more “real” than the others.

      1. @bunny Finding a belle among HK or Mainland China girls? We can safely tell him to “forget it and stay single” then.

  30. Lmao. Tell us something new about Mr. Chow. He is notorious for having a cold personality, so I don’t know what’s up with these repetitive articles “pointing out” his flaws. Flaws that EVERYONE has. At least he’s not a cold-blooded murderer. Right? Well, who knows. LOL. Just kidding.

    It’s ironic how they say he’s greedy and money got to him when he spends years and years and years focusing on a single project to ensure it comes out a masterpiece. Tell me he’s not sincere and is only out for the greens?? And hey, when his projects do finally get released, are they masterpieces?? H*ll yeah! I didn’t like CJ7 at all, but was it a success? H*ll yeah it was. At least he doesn’t pop out movies left to right hoping one becomes a hit. Just saying.

    Chow may not be a phenomenal human being, but he’s a phenomenal actor/director/producer; he’s a gem in the HK film industry. I probably won’t work with him either, but I’ll watch his stuff most definitely. LMAO.

    BTW, Chow and Leung are still good friends.

  31. I don’t get this article. I thought everyone in Hong Kong knows that Charles Heung is a triad, why is it a big deal now?
    Also this “news” seems to be trying to make money by using Stephen Chow’s name. The wife is saying why Stephen is not responding to this. Maybe because Stephen Chow is smart enough to know that this is not true and he is not going to give a chance for the media to make money out of him. I think people are calling Stephen Chow greedy is because he never comes out for any media or front events but is kept really low key in his life but all these other famous rich people is pushing him to come out so that they can all use each other to make more money from the public. But Stephen doesn’t want to do that. He wants to do what his interest is without all the hassle of fame. That is how I see it from his perspective.

    1. I heard that though Charles Heung inherited his position as the triad Dragonhead, he never really wanted it and his passion was in movies. But he could get of his ramily ties. I dont believe all that this YouTube clup said but i do agree that Charles seemed to enjoy acting in those action movies for a short while. So maybe there is some hint if truth that Charles does not want to be a triad so his wife is helping defend him?

      Stephen is now a recluse anyway and he hardly responds to anything unless it really affected him. He has always been a bit of a cocky jerk, even when he was doing tvb kid shows before his fame. I do think rhat he is a nice person, but probably not yjat horrible either.

  32. There are probably more complex reasons for turning the immigration application down.

    Spot on in that Chinese with money is almost always accepted in Canada, in Vancouver and Toronto. Chinese money in the background generates the otherwise very sluggish local economy, and makes Vancouver more progressive though nowhere world-class edgy.

    And some of the Asian immigrants accepted DO have triad backgrounds and connections. They’re just more discreet about it and have legit fronts. Or they’re retired triad. If documents are in Chinese … the Cdn govt often passes stuff without being able to make sense of anything.

    Even refugee claimnants can be fake – they’re an organised ring for tourists claiming to be persecuted. Canada buys the story.

    Eons ago, a certain important former HK immigration personnel retired here – his daughter was shot down with a cross bow from a distance. Vancouver.
    Coincidence? Or some kind of traid revenge for an injustice in HK?

    Even the nouveau-riche super rich China crowd of new immigrants coming in in planeloads taking over Vancouver (and some fun cities in Singapore) – some have dubious shady backgrounds.
    Their $6 million dollar Westside homes, luxury cars and private school teens driving Lambos = ask what dad is doing back in China. Often it doesn’t add up.

    1. I don’t enjoy mo-le-tou in general. Some of Stephen’s movies I find silly, not enjoyable or entertaining.

      But this has no bearing on whether Stephen Chow is whatever he’s accused of.
      And so maybe he’s arrogant, but really … for everyone around him to comment, just makes me think:

      The people supporting Charles Heung = well, maybe they’re business partners, or people who rose up … benefitting from hHeung favours. What else can they say?

      HK is a very materialistic society. Money and power talks, even if you’re a rotten character. Those with the biggest guns win. And no prizes for guessing who has more clout to boost (or influence to ruin) someone or their careers.

      1. Everyone hates him, even NG man tat turns his back on him. Says a lot about Stephen Chow’s personality and how he treats other people.

        Not denying his talent though.

      2. @Nomad 822

        You covered what I was saying, so well said Nomad. You must be a writer, such an eloquent way with words.

        I merely said that Stephen must have been telling the truth about the rumor that his visa in the 90’s got rejected because his then boss, was also a triad boss, or Stephen must have done something pretty dark himself, cause Canada does not usually turn away rich people, whether they are celebrities or not.

        Even government rules and regulations do not apply to Chinese anymore. I have listed a few above.

        Again, well said Nomad 822.

      3. @Ohgee
        U are wrong. NgManTat and Stephen fall out because he didn’t invite NMT into that KungfuHustle movie. NMT felt left out thus the fall out.
        To me, if u watched that movie, I too doesn’t know which character that NMT will fit in that movie.
        He expects too much from SingYeh – to include him in all his movies.
        Or simple put : he sees SingYeh as his best buddy but SingYeh doesn’t see him as one.
        No one’a fault. He is old enough to realised the cruel fact that is do not expect too much from others.

  33. How telling and biased people here are. You are all so quick to ‘defend’ this man by saying ‘we don’t know how he really is’ just because he is talented. While simultaneously quick to judge any other celebrity for minor things.

    I’m basing my conclusions on articles and comments here, just saying.

    1. So…are we suppose to jump to conclusions and say, “Stephen, I don’t like you anymore because you’re mean…?” So what if he’s mean? Why are we suppose to dislike him just because he’s not the person he portrays in television? I don’t like his personality, but I admire his work and like I said before, he has phenomenal talent and that’s the truth. From what I see people aren’t really defending him, just merely stating facts about his profession.

      1. No one has to dislike him because he’s a horrible person. Hell, I still adore his movies but I also realize that there must be some truth about his rotten personality. And I get the feeling people here are dismissing what is said about his personality or saying it doesn’t matter, not necessarily ‘defending’ him but clearly brushing it off and always emphasizing on his talent. While the comments here are never so kind to other celebs. For example: Eason Chan, whenever there is some slight controversy about him people here are ripping him apart while he is also very talented AND nowhere near as hated or horrible as Stephen Chow.

      2. Anyun is propbably just pointing out the double standard in treatment here.

      3. @Ohgee
        I guess I just got a little worked up when Anyun said: “You are all so quick to ‘defend’ this man by saying ‘we don’t know how he really is’ just because he is talented.” I understand though.

  34. So, Stephen Chow is a horrible person and no one in the industry likes him?

    Where is the news?

  35. If even his arguable ‘closest friend in the industy’ Tony Leung says that they ‘aren’t in contact very much’ and the only positive thing he can say about Chow is that ‘he is talented’ you know that he’s not a friendly person.

  36. what is the article about? not relevants to the film industry at all. It all about his characters so what every have their views, objectives in different ways.
    Indrectly, the article emphasis on how Stephen misuse his power. I think is not right for the media to write negatively about peoples characters.

  37. He was great and is smart enough to understand his time as an actor is truely finished. I doubt he will star in another movie….

  38. It’s undoubtable to say Chow is a talented comedian and an actor, we are all respect his artistic work as we do to all other artists but he is a poor role model. Those endless alligation has been raised in his entire career, that he is mean, unfriendly and treat his associates with no respect. I believe life means a lot not just making lots of cash in expenses of others and injuring their hearts and emotions, this is what Chow should learn.

  39. I think he’s always had a bad reputation for being a big azz jerk of a guy but it’s just ppl dont talk much about him cuz of his status or whatever. je’s
    I remember a long time ago my mom mentioned he openly cheated on that Anthena woman right caught red handed?
    N then another show this guy who is NOT a tiny bit famous his last name was Liang or something he said the most horrible things about this guy how he will go homeless before accepting any offers from him ever again. he was intensely disgusted haah lol..

  40. There is people rejected Steven;

    So do there is peoples wanted so much to work with Steven………..

    To me he is successful film director and actor…. I myself enjoy his work and acting….

    Is his choice to choose whatever life he wanna be…..

    There always people worst then him…..

    I personally think his movie contribute a big impact to Hong Kong Movie Industrial..

    As well as part of contribution to young Chinese talent to success….

    1. “There always people worst then him…”

      Charles Heung (triad) and a scrooge. 😀 🙁 LOL!

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