Tony Hung’s Girlfriend Laughs Over How He Proposed

Known for his flirtatious image, TVB actor Tony Hung (洪永城) changed his ways since dating model/ fitness entrepreneur, Inez Leong (梁諾妍). Moving in together last year, the couple has been testing their marital compatibility. Today, Tony and Inez announced their engagement and excitedly shared they will be tying the knot soon!

Grateful for Each Other’s Love

The vibrant couple are made for each other, as they share a similar sense of humor, and interests in fitness and travel. Reflecting their easygoing personalities, the couple’s engagement photos were full of laughter and fun, and were taken in the outdoors to reflect their love for athletic activities.

Taking to social media to write a heartfelt post announcing the good news, Tony wrote, “From running together, to talking on the phone, to watching the sunrise, to dating, to vacations with no itinerary, to pretending to avoid running, to staying up all night watching anime, to cohabiting, to being together when our beloved Coco passed away, to working late hours and not being able to say good morning to you, to today where we will walk hand in hand on our new journey…I am fortunate to have you to hold my hand. I hope to have you by my side for the rest of my life. Being able to date you is my luck. Being able to marry you is my happiness. Let’s get married!”

Inez also wrote, “We will hold hands for the latter part of our lives. We will continue to run side-by-side together to the ends of the Earth. I am thankful to have met you. You always bring me joy, take care of me, and stay by my side to spend all night watching anime and tennis matches. We support one another through work. I hope that we will spend the rest of our lives smiling through it all together!”

Bathroom Proposal

When asked how Tony had proposed, Inez shared it took place at home inside the bathroom. “I think it’s quite funny, but it fits his style. I laughed until I cried, but was also very touched.”

Spilling more details, Inez continued, “One night after filming, he came home and went straight to the bathroom. When I needed to go to the bathroom, he followed me. Once I opened the door, I realized that he had set up the bathroom with a camera. He decorated with some fairy lights and had a bouquet of flowers. He posted a heart-shaped card on the mirror and wrote, ‘Marry Me?’ on it.”

Tony figured Inez would need the toilet sooner or later, so he decided to pop the big question in the bathroom. Although an unusual location, at least the couple will always have a humorous story to tell when recounting the proposal. Inez revealed, “The funniest part is when he got on one knee to propose, I really needed to pee, and asked him to wait a minute while I relieved myself first. He waited for me to finish before proposing and popping the question again. I said yes!”

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  1. This is kind of like Raymond Lam’s proposal. I personally find the bathroom an odd place to proposal but each to their own.

    1. @hbc1
      I agree and of all places to propose, they choose the bathroom. But I actually find it funny and some bathrooms are really nice.

    2. @hbc1 Lol I was thinking the same thing. Why do people think that is romantic? Other than that, good for them but I find tony so annoying and a terrible actor and she’s a nobody so not interesting but if they’re happy that’s all that matters

  2. No wonder Inez hasn’t streamed live for a while. Used to chat with Inez about Toronto back in the day.

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