Hu Ge Reflects on Mother’s Passing

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Hu Ge Reflects on Mother’s Passing

Last month, the mother of Mainland star Hu Ge (胡歌) reportedly passed away from breast cancer after battling the disease for more than 30 years. His family allegedly held a low-profile memorial service for her last month, but outsiders only caught wind of the sad news on April 24th when he posted a touching tribute to her on Weibo.

Hu Ge’s close relationship with his mother is well known in the industry, as he often brings her up and repeatedly mentioned her impact on him. The actor once promoted breast cancer prevention as the ambassador of love and said in his speech, “She was diagnosed from breast cancer when I was five years old. She is a brave and strong woman. Her positivity and optimism, as well as the fearlessness and calmness she showed me in the face of death has had a profound impact in my life.”

However, he rarely posted photos of her so he took many by surprise when he suddenly updated his Weibo in the early hours with a black and white photo of his mom. Hu Ge captioned it, “Dedicated to a lady who’s far away (now).”

Fans confirmed his mother passed away in one of the comments that read, “Auntie is peacefully in heaven now, don’t be worried.”

They mourned for Hu Ge’s mother and hoped their idol can overcome his sadness and face the future head on.

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2 comments to Hu Ge Reflects on Mother’s Passing

  1. vbabe8 says:

    So, so, sorry to hear of Hu Ge’s mother’s passing. Condolences, with heartfelt sympathy to him and his family. It is a good thing that he participates in the Awareness of Breast Cancer because he recognizes the pain & suffering his mom went through for all of those 30 years. He will be mourning his mom’s passing for a long time, give him that time, it’s difficult to really get over. It appears that his missing his mom says a lot about how close they were. It appears that he is the only child. You could tell she was very proud and happy about her son. His parents took real good care of him you can tell. Hope he continues to be close to his dad, his dad will need him most at this most difficult time. May she rest in peace, she will be sorely missed by all who loved her, especially her son.

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    • hetieshou replied:


      Yes Hu Ge is an only child and is very close and filial to his parents. So sad to hear this as I have been there. It is very painful and hard so hope he stays strong and close to his father to make sure his father is ok. His mom will be loved and missed by everyone. She is definitely in a happier and better place now. His mom is forever in his heart and is always with him no matter what.

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