Hunky Men Dominate “Tiger Cubs”; Drama to Air on June 24th!

TVB will be airing its new action drama, Tiger Cubs <飛虎>, on Sunday June 24th in Hong Kong! The cast boasts hunky stars, Joe Ma (馬德鐘), Him Law (羅仲謙), Vincent Wong (王浩信), William Chak (翟威廉), and Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) as members of the Special Duties Unit, nicknamed as the “Flying Tigers” unit. The men promised to tear off their shirts to reward fans should the drama’s ratings prove to be exceptional!

Aside from the thrilling action, Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), and Christine Kuo (茍芸慧) add to the star power of the cast of Tiger Cubs.

Thrilling Action and Intricate Love Relationships

Working in the Special Duties Unit of the Hong Kong Police Department for many years, Chin Ho To (Joe Ma) served as the A-Team leader. Despite his strict demands, his “Tiger Cubs” admired Ho To for his heroic feats and loyalty. Ho To was especially demanding towards subordinates, Yu Hok Lai (Him Law) and Yau Chun Hin (Vincent Wong), hoping to shape them into star performers of the SDU unit.

Although Ho To and Chong Cheuk Yuen (Oscar Leung) were good brothers,  will Ting Wai Wai (Christine Kuo) come between the friends? Wai Wai was originally Ho To’s girlfriend, but she soon falls for the cheerful Cheuk Yuen. To save his friendship with Ho To, Cheuk Yuen even feigns a romance with So Man Keung (Mandy Wong). Will the love rectangle spiral out of control, hurting even more hearts?

Collaborating on a case together, Ho To grows closer to the solitary Chong Cheuk Wah (Jessica Hsuan), the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (OCTB) Inspector. Cheuk Wah is also Cheuk Yuen’s elder sister. Despite her tough shell, Cheuk Wah was deeply scarred by the death of her ex-boyfriend, who was killed by dangerous criminals many years ago. Ho To glimpses into Cheuk Wah’s wounded heart and sees flashes of himself. A special bond forms between the pair….

Tiger Cubs promises thrilling action and big explosions. Hunky TVB actors will flaunt big guns as they combat the most dangerous criminals in Hong Kong! Sporting a massive tattoo on his neck, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) will guest star as a dangerous bank vault robber  who takes hostages on a bus. This may be Kenneth’s most ruthless character in his career to-date!

Joe Ma and Hunky Cast to Tear Off Shirts

If the ratings for TVB drama prove to be exceptional, Joe Ma promised to lead the male cast in tearing off their shirts to reward fans! Sporting an enviable 42-inch muscular chest, Him Law quipped, “If the ratings of Tiger Cubs are ideal, I will support Joe Ma! I will join the men in showing our muscles!” However, Him said that he lacked the time to exercise his body recently, so he will need to train for a fitter figure before revealing his muscles.

Causing a media circus earlier, wealthy gay businessman, Lau Ding Sing (劉定成), claimed that he had photographed numerous muscular actors in topless photos. Aside from Him Law, it was revealed that William Chak had addressed Mr. Lau as his “Godfather,” who happened to have paid for William’s birthday party expenses.

Mr. Lau allegedly claimed that he had also photographed Joe Ma for his private viewing pleasure. Joe replied, “I started working as a model when I was 18 to 19 years old. My first fashion show was for a swimwear brand. Of course, I have shot swimming briefs photos! But I do not know Mr. Lau! Does he wish to drag the entire Tiger Cubs cast into the scandal?”

Multi-million Dollar Production

Each episode of Tiger Cubs will run 90 minutes, in which an independent case will be featured. TVB spent a splashy $10 million HKD to produce each episode of the drama. The 13-episode drama will first air on Sundays in June, before expanding its broadcast slot to include both Saturday and Sunday evenings.

TVB described the production of Tiger Cubs to resemble a television movie, due to its high production cost, length of episode, and show format resembling overseas syndicated television series.  Since I-Cable secured the broadcasting rights of the London 2012 Olympics this summer, Tiger Cubs was TVB’s answer to strengthen its weekend ratings .


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Jayne: Female audiences may need to stay home on weekends to watch Tiger Cubs! More than anything, I wish to see Kenneth Ma as a ruthless criminal!

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  1. This show seems so interesting!! I’m so excited for it! I’m looking forward to Kenneth’s appearance the most! 🙂

  2. I like police series; therefore, I will watch this serie.

  3. I bet that the series will have many many topless scenes to make the girls jump and make the rating soar.

    But I’d rather watch Ruco Chan as ruthless criminal or series killer than MM. Recently, MM’s images are always with the puppy eyes, hard to imagine him as a ruthless killer. Ruco Chan has this look, might be more convincing.

    1. Ditto! Ruco suits villain roles. Raymond Wong also fits the bill.

    2. I know, Kenneth can’t scare anyone w/ his puppy dog eyes. It’s like “killing me softly”.

      1. Yeah! Kenneth really needs to learn to do the Raymond Lam eyes cause his eyes looked so droopy and bored in On Call 36. His not sharp looking eye kinda took away from his acting cause he’s a doctor, not a spoiled and lazy young man who is half asleep most of the time.

    3. jessica hsuan has praised ma ming’s ruthless performance in this series

  4. OMG i can’t wait to see those HOT n Sexy Bodies! I didn’t know Vincent has such a hot bod.

    1. Yeah! I am looking forward to see Vincent too!

  5. Not only will the ladies be watching this, but I bet Lau Ding Sing will be watching this every week!

    1. Aly,
      “Not only will the ladies be watching this, but I bet Lau Ding Sing will be watching this every week!”

      Thumbs up for your comment! 🙂 Him’s muscles are quite awesome. I really prefer him topless than clothed.

      1. Hopefully Him’s recent success due to his muscular torso will make more TVB actors spend time lifting weights. As an actor, you simply have to capitalize on presenting your best side forward. Your looks is part of market appeal, along with some talent of course.

    2. Haha, Jayne, I just had to make that comment because Mr Lau wouldn’t need to pay to see Him and William topless in this series. Why wouldn’t he take advantage of this opportunity?

      And as scandalous as Him may be, I think we are going to still see him as one of the most promoted actors in the next few years. It’s hard to find an actor with that body nowadays. And his acting is slowing maturing. Although his acting still needs improvement, he’s comfortable to watch and definitely provides some eye candy.

      1. Aly,
        “And as scandalous as Him may be, I think we are going to still see him as one of the most promoted actors in the next few years.”

        Agree, Him seems to fill a void that other TVB actors do not have. Is it the hunky playfulness? The offbeat onscreen charisma?

        “It’s hard to find an actor with that body nowadays.”

        Men’s muscles are not that hard to build. Just ingest lots of protein and be consistent with the weight lifting. A guy’s body is a lot more responsive to exercise and body building then a woman trying to lose weight. Women have very stubborn fat pockets.

    3. Does he need to? Since he already seen at least one of them up close and personal. He will say “Bah humbug! That is nothing, compared to my precioussssssssssssssssss”.

  6. Great series! Will watch this for the awesome torsos and actions!

  7. Can’t wait to watch this *_* basically all of the hottest men in one show!

    1. Asians gals do not fetch much commercial value for being topless unless they go to shoot a complete seexx scene.!

  8. This is like HK version’s idol drama. Not sure if I will be watching unless the acting is good. I can zoom into 3 guys who can act but what about the female?

    1. Really Funn? U won’t give this series a peek? 😛
      Is your Him Him 1 of the 3 guys who can act?

      What Joe ma said about tearing off their shirts, makes me think of that male stripper movie “magic mike”.

      Anyway, this 1 case per episode format sounds like the ICAC series. Should be good.

    2. Funn this is a must watch! Didnt you say you love himhim and vincent and KM? they are great in here! Ignore the girls.

      1. My sugestion: skip Linda and Bosco’s low budget WI for good and watch this series which look 1000times better

      2. Ok ok I will watch, like a peek first. I can’t help NOT missing Linda’s series in a sense like watch 1 episode then decide. It is almost always the smaller more personal sort of series that always made the biggest impact on me.

      3. @Funn: agree with vivien’s suggestion. Linda and Bosco’s series look bad and done terribly.

        Besides Linda and Bosco are ugly and Lau Ka Ho is a crappy producer for serious drama. 3Kingdom is better because it’s a comedy. Tiger Cubs look better produced, have more meaningful and good plot and have a lot of cute and handsome men: Ma Ming, Him, Vincent, Oscar, Benjamin, William Chak, Joe Ma.

        Don’t waste your time watching Linda who look plain and Bosco who is never known as eye candy in Witness. In my opinion, Tiger Cubs and 3 Kingdom are better series to pass time.

      4. not yet out but comparing the premises, genres and producers, that’s the conclusion if you want a series with a good plot.

        If you are a woman who want eye candies, Linda and Bosco are not known as beautiful stars and they look ugly on the poster. While Tiger Cubs is using so many young and hot guys with great bodies to be eye candies to women.

      5. But fiona, I want more than eye candy. If I want eye candy I can switch to KBS when korean actors take off their clothes every other episode. I want quality! I hope tiger cubs will be good acting 1st, eye candy 2nd if not, all those skins, are just fluke.

        Ahhhh come on, Bosco ain’t that bad looking. To me he is more boring actor than ugly guy. Linda… you all know how I feel.

      6. Is the Linda series air at the same time as Tiger Cub? Funn, why can’t you watch both?

        Haha, I find it funny how fiona and vivien are trying hard to get Funn to watch Tiger Cub. Why so?

      7. Do you like Linda? I respect your favourite but sorry imo she’s one of the most bland and boring actress in TVB. Tavia is another bland actress.

        I’m just trying to give my insight about which series I think looks better.

      8. Bosco’s skin is too dark and have dark lips. Glad he don’t appear much in TVB now. I also don’t like how Raymond looks now. I think Raymond really did something to his face he looks old and unnatural.

        It’s better to watch those with healthier appearance. Ma Ming has nice skin colour and handsome face. Ruco looks old, but he’s very handsome. Glad TVB is promoting them 🙂

      9. Funn,
        “Tiger Cubs” is airing on weekend timeslot in HK. It will air on Sunday, June 24th. Then extend to both Saturday and Sundays in July. Not sure if this is how Malaysia will broadcast as well.

  9. Him may be eye candy, but my mother and I (after watching many, many TVB dramas) do not find Him to be the “one.” His looks over ride his acting too much. I hope i’m making sense. But sometimes you need the whole package. Look at the Korean actors. I am a die hard TVB fan, but after watching some Korean dramas, I realized TVB is lacking some “umph” in the actors.

    1. Too much umph can be boring.Those Korean dramas’ actors sometimes feel like factory manufactured. They speak the same way, they look the same way, they even drag the girl along the same way. But the good ones are of course really good, but I do believe there are more bad actors in K-dramas than good ones. You must however hand it to them in the way they tailor made a series to make the leads look really really good to the point you wish you’re korean, that sort of mentality-brainwashing.

    2. I have to add to this..i used to be a diehard tvb fan watching every series…watching korean dramas lately myself and comparing tvb dramas… there seems to be something missing within the tvb actors and actresses

    1. He looks ok, not yet grotesque. But why his arm looks big is because he has a small head. If his head is bigger, I am sure everything looks proportionate. Ahh I see Vincent Wong in the picture. Don’t know why but I feel this guy can really act but somehow not that promoted, yet. He is more flexible as an actor than Him Him or the young breeds. I am almost worried for Oscar Leung with all these display of flesh but I think there was some pictures of him having a nice body as well right? This is the series to see tan booths in action I tell ya!

      1. Yes Oscar Leung also has a very fit body but he’s more skinny when standing next to the other guys. Well I’m sure he won’t lose out in acting skills!

      2. Lol, I don’t even care about Oscar’s body. I like him as an actor and he’s funny, cute, and caring guy =) Will definitely watch it for his acting too!

      3. @DC: Yup, I like Oscar’s acting than his body :P. Just let Him Him do his job and Oscar with the cutesy and good acting.

  10. I just noticed the title; Tiger Cubs. How apt. Is TVB feeding them milk? You know.. coo..coo..sort of way? Is this any clear indication like the revival of the 5 tigers time? Was it 4 tigers? Anyway are these few ones earmarked for greater promotion depending who gets more ads and such?

    1. So Joe Ma is now the obligatory old tiger now? Like passing on the mantle to younger ones? And I just again re-read the article and Jess is in it. That alone is reason enough to miss this one. Why must it be Jess? Are there no independend strong looking women in TVB?

  11. Tiger Cubs seems to be a very “good looking” series! the picture posted here looks very nice and professional. Looking forward to it!

  12. TVB spent a splashy $10 million HKD to produce each episode of the drama.

    Who says TVB is stingy?

    1. I have a feeling this series will be great because TVB put a lot of money and effort in it

      1. My past experience tells me everytime TVB puts in a lot of money and effort = disaster in terms of storyline and acting. It is always those smaller series with one good lead and many good secondary actors that excels in terms of storytelling and performances. Always.

      2. Him Law did a great job in Hippocratic Crush. He and Mandy are leading the younger generation now. Vincent Wong I remember was great in Gun Metal Grey. I love Carson and Nancy’s pairing. Benjamin Yuen and Mandy Wong also did a great job in Hippocratic Crush. So the acting won’t be bad.

  13. Vincent Wong does not have a good body. He looks a bit flabby or fat in this picture especially when compared to Him Law in this pic.

    1. Vincent wong does not have a good body but he’s a really really real gentleman!

      Him Law has nothing better than vincent except being famously known as a woman backside bashing addict!!!

      1. Himhim: woman beater, lying nude model for old man
        Vincent: gentleman husband and dad

        but Himhim is the more popular 😛

  14. I’ve been anticipating this series and I love that they make it like a movie for every episode.

    1. I realize that you admire this Him Law like an addict. This guy is so fierce and so hateful. I don’t like that.

      If you wanna to choose a muscular guy to fall in love, I would be pleasure to suggest you to go for Mark Cheng Ho Nam – strong, muscular, sexy and most of all has a kind of non-fiery and comfortable type of looking face! Even such a high taste high profile actress like Brigitte Lin was once almost fell in love with this guy! Great….

      1. I don’t admire Him but it’s evident that he’s one of the better younger generation that TVB is promoting after Hippocratic where he acted naturally.

  15. Just saw the poster, Kenneth looks really cool and handsome. Let’s see if he can be a bad boy too. Lol

    1. ma ming look ruthless in the stills and Jessica also praised him :). The tattoo will make him look even more ruthless.

    2. Whatever he is, I think kenneth ma looks perfectly cool to everyone of all ages & mentality.

      1. ma ming is handsome, cool, and a fantastic actor. He and Ruco are the best in their generation 😀

    3. Summer,
      “Just saw the poster, Kenneth looks really cool and handsome. Let’s see if he can be a bad boy too. Lol”

      The Three Kingdoms RPG poster is beautiful. Kenneth appears to be a smart-mouth lazy guy in the series, addicted to playing games. The trailer on youtube is quite funny.

      This series will allow us to see Kenneth’s humorous side, which I find him to have a very funny sense of humor in real life. 🙂

      1. “This series will allow us to see Kenneth’s humorous side, which I find him to have a very funny sense of humor in real life.”


  16. Can’t wait for June 24th!

    Seems like the perfect cast! (drool)

    1. ma ming did an excellent job in first episode. He makes a hot and ruthless villain but he loves his wife JJ. He’s very convincing! Breajthrough acting for ma ming and yes lots of people are praising ma ming and JJ now. JJ surprisingly did very well and convincing

      1. the first Tiger episode got praised for the convincing and great quality and averaged at 29 points!

      2. Is 29 pts good for wknd ratings? It’ll probably be higher on the shower scene episode.

        Kenneth’s guest appearance was too short to think much of it. JJ’s cleavage was more eye-catching than him.

        Btw, how come Jessica dress like ICAC? Black and white only.

      3. Tiger was aired late and in weekend so 29 is good. netizens are praising the fast pace story, movie quality and action quality and surprised this is a TVB series

        Ma ming generate lots if noise praising him for his great acting and handsome looks. He’s the best villain TVB ever had since the 2000s.

      4. “He’s the best villain TVB ever had since the 2000s.”

        Fiona, seriously do tone down your excitement. That is one big claim to make and it may turn off potential viewers.

      5. @josie: 29 can be considered as not too bad even to a normal slot :P.

        But I dun like the first eps of Tiger Cubs is kinda so-so. I like JJ Jia’s performance and find Joe Ma is rather hot than he himself in other modern series. Maybe Joe Ma should act in more cop series in the future. His G4 past helped him to make his acting is convincing than normal.

        But, the content isn’t anything special. I can’t feel the movie feeling in it at all. It’s still very “drama”.

      6. 29 ratings mean good for weekend? Congrats to them

      7. agree the all actor and actress do wonderful acting and even JJ jia acting not bad. JJ jia have good expression and less dialogue making her more watchable. However the story line quite so so. Maybe because series too straight forward and very predictable. But enjoy the SDU battle with Kenneth scene. So intense

      8. Can’t say that 29 is good or bad because Tiger Cubs have a special airing slot. So can’t compare.

      9. JJ jia surprises. She should try more of this type of characters and less dialogues help her.

  17. first episode was superb. Ma ming is excellent as a villain.

    Him reminded me of Him in Hippocratic Crusb.

      1. you will fell for ma ming’s amazing acting and hotness

      2. KM hot like how? LOL and did Himhim and his friends showed their abs in the first episode? 😛

      3. Don’t know how to answer your first question, but Him did show his abs in the first episode….. and there will be more to come.

  18. Is the series that good as expected? Damn I want to DL now

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