Hyun Bin May Finally Play a Doctor in “Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour”

South Korean star Hyun Bin recently won the grand prize at the 7th APAN Star Awards for his performance in the hit drama Crash Landing On You. Loved for his role as a North Korean army captain, fans are hoping that he would play a doctor in the upcoming webtoon-based medical drama, Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour. While there has not been an official announcement regarding his casting, fans are eager to see him in another uniform look.

Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour tells the story of a top surgeon Baek Kang Hyuk. Although he is described as a “mad dog” with a bad temper, he has a very strong sense of duty as a doctor. He tries to save as many people as he can while also revitalizing the traumatic intensive care center.

Rumors of Hyun Bin playing Kang Hyuk in the drama spread after Korean netizens posted screenshots of an upcoming drama schedule with Hyun Bin’s name and a question mark next to it under the series title. After the post circulated, fans began praising his suitability in playing the main character. As Kang Hyuk is tall and handsome, many deem Hyun Bin to fit the role.

In the past, he portrayed a CEO, solider, and police officer, but he has never acted as a doctor. Hence, it would be a dream come true for fans who have long awaited to see him in a white coat.

Source: Beauty321

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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