IP Drama “Tribe and Empires: Storm of Prophecy” Doing Better Than Expected

Though “IP” dramas (intellectual property) such as Empresses in the Palace <后宫·甄嬛传> and Nirvana in Fire <琅琊榜> are known for their unique and captivating stories, not all original stories are well-received in China. Recent IP dramas such as Ice Fantasy <幻城>, General and I <孤芳不自赏>, and Novoland: The Castle in the Sky <九州·天空城> are some dramas that have gotten mixed to poor reviews—if it wasn’t the dramatic storyline, then it was the poorly-done CG work.

Not all fantasy dramas, however, are getting the same criticism. Novoland’s sister production Tribe and Empires – Storm of Prophecy <九州·海上牧云记>, which premiered on Chinese video streaming sites last month, is getting positive feedback. The high production value, stunning cinematography, and binding storyline are some of the praises that it has received thus far, making it a huge hit among local and international viewers.

A video game based on the series is also released to positive reception.

Tribe and Empires is adapted from the book series of the same name, written by Jin Hezai (今何在). It takes place in the same fictional world as The Castle in the Sky, but the two stories are not related to each other. The fantasy drama stars Huang Xuan (黄轩) as the young prince Muyun Sheng, who had lived his entire life in seclusion due to a cursed identity. It costars Shawn Dou (窦骁) as Muru Hanjiang, an unlikely sidekick of the young prince. Zhou Yiwei (周一围) plays Shuofeng Heye, a young man who seeks to unite the nomadic tribes.

Tribe and Empires spent nearly nine months in production, with principal photography lasting until May 2016. After a series of postponements and cancellations, it finally premiered on China’s Big Three video streaming sites last month. The drama will start airing on Hunan TV on December 30, 2017.

“Tribes and Empires – Storm of Prophecy” Trailer

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.


    1. @funnlim I’m caught up to episode 60 and I actually feel this drama could be longer. The pacing is uneven at times because they have to go back and forth between the main 3 characters, but overall I felt this drama hasn’t lost any momentum yet. I typically hate long dramas and must fast forward most times, but I rarely had to speed up this drama.

  1. It’s getting raves on dramafever. Photography, scenery, OST is mindblowing. Obviously, the budget went to production and not to overpaid stars as in idol dramas.

    1. @msxie0714 Yes, they spent billions of Chinese Yuan but thank God most of that went to the production and cinematography. I’m glad Huna TV ended up rejecting the drama and postponing the release. Also, I felt everyone is well-casted. I don’t think I found any character, major or minor, or even the cameos who appear for only a minute, were out of place or didn’t play their role properly.

  2. I’m super biased towards this drama cause this was unexpectedly right up my alley. I started this drama because I wanted to see Shawn Dou in another action-packed drama and I liked the teasers for Janice Man+Huang Xuan. BUt I’m loving every character, though Shawn’s Muru Hanjiang is still my favourite.

    There’s less than 20 episodes left and there’s still the climax to the film, where the 3 main “parties” clash and decide who will rule Novoland” in the end. Then there’s also the whole anticlimax of how this universe will turn out after the “new throne/ruler”, which I hope they will show cause they better not do a TVB-style ending where a selfless hero saves the day and the world goes to peace.

    I really recommend this drama. For those who are worrying about the 73 or 80(?) episodes, (IN MY OPINION) this drama doesn’t lose its pace and will keep you interested with the 3 main storylines. It might be a little hard to start since there’s already 60 episodes out but I think it’s quite worth it (for now at least, I hope they don’t kill the ending).

    Huang Xuan’s supposedly the main, main character since he is supposed to bring chaos to the whole Novoland. However, I personally started to lose a bit of interest in his part after Janice Man “dies”, but I’m still interested to see how he’ll play King and his half-spirit side.
    Shawn Dou’s story has me invested the most cause I’m biased towards the actor and I find his clan to be fascinating and his fighting style is more kick-ass. His encounters with the other “races” is quite fun to watch as well. His love story is quite bland to me though but that’s mostly due to the main actress, whom I have yet to see why is so important in this universe.
    Zhou YiWei’s story however, is probably the most intriguing. I’m interested in how he ends up unifying all 8 tribes of HanZhou before the main battle and how he’ll retake position of Tieqin.

    1. @jaylee I am actually more interested into Muyun De, who though is supporting, is more unpredictable and intelligent that most of the people.

      I don’ think Panxi is really dead since she supposedly has some of the power of the god within her.

      1. @elizabeth Muyun De is really intriguing. He keeps pulling me in different directions and has me guessing what his next move is. I know Panxi isn’t dead, hence the quotations. Her threads of energy (?) don’t know how to translate to English are only dispersed. I accidentally read a spoiler about Panxi’s role in the later episodes ><

  3. Can anyone tell me what’s the difference between IP drama and normal drama? What constitute IP drama?

    1. @kidd I don’t know but this is just my guest. Ip drama is drama that was come from very popular novel and predicted to become big hit.

    2. @kidd IP drama is web drama? Only in internet?? Because there are elements in this series where it should be banned? Or only time traveling?

      1. @funnlim IP dramas just means they are adapted from another source (book, internet novel, play) which is copyrighted and not created from an original script. They have bought the rights from the owner to adapt the story to their own script, and they can make money from selling their product, but they do not have the rights to say make a second movie or make a game from it without buying additional rights.

        Normal drama means the production team supposedly wrote the script by themselves and they do whatever they want with it.

      2. @elizabeth

        Thanks for the definition. So, the wuxia novels adaptations such as ‘Legend of Condor Heroes’ and ‘Heaven Sword Dragon Sabre’ are also IP dramas?

      3. @kidd Hey! Long time no see!

        Technically, yes. IP dramas are made from anything with a copyrighted preconceived idea, which includes wuxia novels. But people tend to mostly think the term applies to internet novels or games.

  4. In total 75 episodes??

    Am at episode 5. Kinda pity the empress. I am however not enchanted by the so called enchantress. I mean the actress isn’t so beautiful. Perhaps is it because being a charmer (so says English subtitles) that eyes are blinded to her beauty to see beauty when it’s just pretty?

    I actually thought the empress was sun li. And I am kinda tired of would be empress being bullied. Can she be not so gullible?

    And I don’t understand. If 6th prince will be emperor and bring chaos, what about the prophecy that general’s son will be emperor too? And it just says the girl will be empress never really said married to who. Tricky prophecy.

    Anyway love the real scenery, love the epic themesong, love the epic story, love the epic costumes, even love the real voices because come on those are not standard Cdrama accent and I do love the make up and all. BUT not loving the lacking sound effects especially when punching and all.

    So far too many prophecies. No wonder kingdom is dying. Someone should just tell the fortune teller guy that if everything is foretold, why bother?

    1. @funnlim There is also the prophecy that there will be a king to rise to unite the tribes against their oppressors.

      The prophecy regarding MYS is that he will take the throne but he will bring chaos to the lands. Then the second prophecy is that MRHJ will become emperor. The two prophecies do not contradict if two empires can exist at the same time.

      1. @elizabeth But wouldn’t being emperor means uniting entire land and so either a land will be cut out or the other will usurp the other?

        So this is a story of 3 guys who could be king of their own lands?

  5. Am up to ep 70 now. Getting very interesting though I am predicting that the whole story will not be finished in 75 eps. May have to wait for a season 2. Cross fingers that they will make it. Peng Guan Ying is one good looking guy.

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