Isabella Leong Denies Receiving Richard Li’s Million-Dollar Breakup Fee

With promised appearances in both Sylvia Chang’s (張艾嘉) film, Nian Nian <念念>, and theater production Sign of Happiness <快樂勿語>, Isabella Leong (梁洛施) hopes to earn her own money to take care of her three sons. The 25-year-old actress denies the popular perception that she has received millions from billionaire Richard Li (李澤楷) after their breakup in 2011.

In 2007, Isabella fell in love with Richard Li, the second son of Asia’s richest man, Li Ka Shing (李嘉誠), prompting her to end her contract with EEG early and take a hiatus in her career. Although the couple never got married, they have three sons together. Often labeled as a gold-digger in her relationship with Richard, Isabella said, “I have been wanting to clarify this matter. What alimony, break up fee? There is no such thing. The relationship Richard and I have is being parents [to our sons]. He did not give me anything, but he has the responsibility to take care of the children. Now that I have a new beginning, I also want to be independent. We will look after the children together in the future. I also want to earn money for the family.”

Isabella also refuted the rumors that she has been on a dating spree since splitting with Richard. She hopes to be a good role model, and is focused on caring for her sons and prioritizing their needs first. Isabella shared that her eldest son is nicknamed Mao Mao while the older of the twins is named Squeaky and the younger one, Fat Pig. She lamented that when she was separated from her sons while filming earlier, the twins got angry and did not want to speak to her for some time. Eventually, her sons understood that their mother needed to work.

A paparazzi magnet since being linked with Richard, Isabella hopes to avoid unwanted attention and raise her children in as much privacy as possible. She intends to raise her sons in Canada, preferring low-key lifestyle away from the Chinese media.


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  1. I do not believe she did not receive any payment in any form or size, not for one second. And she need not earn money to raise her children because i will be a fool to believe Richard li a rich man in his own right is not paying for everything unless he is a terrible father. No grandchildren of li kashing ever need to starve or in need of anything.

    1. As for wanting to be independent good for her. But again I do not believe there was no settlement money because i am sure there must be a non disclosure contract signed. He is too rich with a formidable father not to have not signed such son agreement hence her silence and her rebuttal. Frankly if she received nothing why would any girl want to give birth to three children without any marriage cert at such a young age and when at a time where her career was going somewhere? Unless of course she is the surrogate so to speak. Maybe he wants beautiful children.

      1. Of course she received money from Li. If not for her, then at least it is for her sons, and they are Richard’s sons too.

        So, he should be a responsible father, and take care of the mother who bears them for him.

        I don’t see anything wrong in receiving, there’s actually no need to deny.

        She is not a gold digger, the breakup is mutual (and perhaps maybe not, Richard’s father does not like an actress as his daughter-in-law maybe)

        So, take it, Isabella. We are supporting you.

      2. So many women claimed not to get any money after breaking up/ divorcing their husbands/lovers who have money. Who is going to believe that?

      3. Isabella just want to save her face but claiming that she receives no money, but these artistes lying all the time, and Isabella has always have a bad image from the first place. Her act will just backfire, who’s gonna believe her?

    2. She did not receive any money from Li?……….hahah…….that was the whole reason she went to bed with him in the first place.

      Sometimes, these gold diggers are such hypocrites after they pocket a load of $$$$$ from their sugar-daddies.

      1. Ah c’mon! She might be actually attracted by his looks and “youthfulness”.

    3. What exactly is there to say to anyone because she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. Again we don’t here any complaints from the Li.

  2. Answering a question with a question to the press or anyone. One smart girl. In her situation break up fee is an insult. She has the respect from the Li and that is more than enough and everything will come naturally for her.

  3. There’s a mistake. She didn’t have kids when she was filming Bug Me Not. We’re the same age and she would be barely underage if she had her kids then.

    But yeah, she might not have received money from him but I doubt he wouldn’t leave anything for her children. He never struck me as a deadbeat father type. Anyways, I hope the best for her but it’s going to be tough because there’s no way she cannot be labeled as a gold digger given her association with his family.

    1. Richard Li walked into her life one day. She didn’t go to dig up gold but gold came to her.LOL

      1. The gold might’ve come to her, but she becomes a digger when she agreed to be with him at her barely legal age and right away leave her career to live an easy life and produce kids for her wealthy husband.

  4. i don’t believe that she didn’t any sort of payment from the li family.

  5. Ehh… I don’t understand why people look down upon golddiggers. As long as they are not hurting anyone and not doing anything illegal, let them do whatever they want.

  6. no matter what it sucks to be them because that family is a kidnapping target – there is really nothing to say about their situation other than to hope that there will be no more violence.

    1. Haha, she looks pretty still but def a 25 year old looking like she’s about 35. That ex sugar daddy looks to be about 55. AWWWW…creepy.

    2. She does look 45 rather than 25, looks much older than her age. I don’t think Isabella has any market value in the entertainment industry too because of her gold digger image. She wasn’t even a good actress back then, but at least at that time she had her youth and looks, now she has nothing except her divorcee status.

  7. Such a tender age with a mature thinking anyway she has her own problem now Richard Li had solved all her debts and her sons future still responsible by Richard. There is no way she could depend on her own.

    1. Not to mention OLD and UGLY. haha..
      They still have the nerve/face to say it has NOTHING to do w/money? Sighhh…. Good lord…

  8. I think it will be an insult to Richard Li if he did not give her some money after breaking up. Money is not an important issue to such a rich guy, 2nd son of a billionaire in Hong Kong.

  9. She’s obviously lying. Who’s gonna believe that she divorced without a single cent from the wealthy Richard? These young celebs married young because they want to secure the money and easy life from their wealthy husbands so that they won’t have to work anymore, too bad Isabella’s wealthy life doesn’t last.

    If there are entertainers who said that she doesn’t wants to quit her work after getting married(with exception to those who quit after having babies) that means she wants to marry a wealthy guy to have an easy wealthy life, in other words – gold diggers.

    1. Isabella Leong and Richard Li never got married officially.

      1. That makes it more tragic on her side. Was she just content bearing his kids out of wedlock as long as she get to live a wealthy life without needing to work her bottom out? I have no sympathy and respect for girls like this.

    2. What are you so angry about? It’s her life and nothing from you she wanted.

  10. Like as if she’s gonna admit she received money from the Li family.

  11. She married him in her teens, gave birth to his sons, didn’t get married, and broke up. She wasted her youth and people here are saying she looks 45. If she didn’t get any money after all these, then I’ll say DARN STUPID!!!

    1. Greed and stupidity, I guess. The barely legal Isabella might only be thinking that she gets to live a comfortable life without needing to work at all but what she didn’t know is years later she will lost her wealth, her partner, her youthful good looks and her career, everything.

  12. It doesn’t matter if she didn’t get any settlement $$ as long as her kids gets it. As who else but her will manage their money right? But come on, i really doubt she didn’t get anything….. just want to roll my eyes on that one..

  13. Gold-digger or not, well, it’s none of my business, and so are you. I just want to watch some good movies, like the one “Isabella”, starring Chapman To and herself.

    Btw anyone know the title of the song she sang in the movie in the street stall/restaurant?

    1. now all isabella is remembered and known for is for her affair with richard li and for being a gold digger

  14. All comments here failed to note one point:

    Isabella was a NOT free soul – she was under a very long contract with Empress (also owned by thug-man Albert Yeung).

    This was one of her routes to freedom, under those circumstances and with a mom who signed her teenhood (since 14?) away to Albert Yeung … who knows if we might not also do the same under those circumstances?!?

    Lee Jr probably the one of the few with more clout and power than Albert Yeung to buy her freedom and peace, without repercussions or any bullying from Albert Yeung.

    I believe she would be grateful just for that, and her connection to the Lees.

  15. Maybe not break-up fee but I’m sure he does finance her or helping the finance the 3 children in some ways.

    1. Well, the way I see it … it’s still a better alternative.

      More peace of mind and freedom than the ‘prison’ of being tied to some 15? yr contract to the ruthless Empire group.

      They’re Lee kids, it’s only right he should help finance them.

  16. I am surprised thee Lees let her bring the children to Canada.

    Senior Lee won’t be able to see his grandchildren often.

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