“iSwim” Opens With a Splash

ViuTV youth drama, iSwim, made a big splash with its premiere. Starring members of boyband Mirror, the drama displays a tantalizing show of fit bodies and raunchy humor.

In the first episode, Jeffrey Ngai (魏浚笙) steps in for a swimming challenge in place of his friend. Unprepared without any swimwear, Jeffrey nevertheless strips down to his boxers and dives into the swimming pool. Swimming vigorously, his soaking boxers eventually slide off and he reveals himself before the student crowd. Although the scene is pixelated, it remains shockingly humorous.

In ViuTV talk show Chit Chat Drink <晚吹─有酒今晚吹>, Jeffrey spoke about his filming experience for the drama. Jeffrey said that it was painful to wax his torso smooth for the role. When asked who was the worst swimmer on the set, Jeffrey laughed that Edan Lui (呂爵安) was definitely the worst one although his character is written as a swimming champion.

Director and screenwriter, Fung Chih Chiang (馮志強), recalled that Edan fainted on the first day of filming during initial warmups. Although he was worried about Edan’s health, the actor quickly recovered and was able to continue filming.

Dixon Wong (黃奕晨) said it was like a carnival at work due to the popularity of the male cast.  “There were many booths with different fans, and they all had handmade signs and fan support gear. They brought snacks as well. There were fans of P1X3L, Edan, Stanley Yau (邱士縉), Alton Wong (王智德), Jeffrey, and ANSONBEAN (陳毅燊). We often went over to pick whatever we wanted to eat,” the actor said.

With his eye-catching role in iSwim, Jeffrey will be releasing his own single soon. In response, Jeffrey expressed, “I don’t like limiting myself – whenever an opportunity pops up, I try to take it and do my very best.”

“iSwim” Trailer

Source: On.cc, Ming Pao

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. bad drama… the actor is not even able to talk clearly, acting level is amateur…

    if they selling point is topless guys… that<s trash

    1. Oh good. I thought it was just me not understanding the guys that well. Just watched the trailer and some snippets and these boys really need to work on their lazy tones. So hard to understand them sometimes. Interestingly I didn’t notice this much of a annunciation problem when watching that other uncle’s love drama with Edan Lui. Wonder what happened.

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