Jackson Wang’s “Date” With Influencer Trends on Social Media

Popular Korean boyband GOT7 member, Jackson Wang (王嘉爾), has been making many solo appearances in China capitalizing on his growing popularity. Known for his charisma and easy friendliness, the 26-year-old star has managed to keep speculations about his dating life out of the limelight until now. Spotted holding hands with popular Chinese influencer, Iris, speculations immediately arose regarding the duo’s involvement.

In the grainy video clip showing the pair holding hands, the person suspected to be Jackson is seen wearing a baseball cap while Iris is wearing a white-off the shoulder top. Although their faces are blurry in the video, Jackson and Iris were seen attending an event in July where they were wearing the same outfits.

After the news was released, the keyword phrase “Jackson Iris” quickly made it to the top trending topics on Weibo. Digging deeper into Iris’ background, the influencer has over 200,000 followers on Weibo which she has leveraged to collaborate with multiple skincare and cosmetics brands. However, her social media shows that she already has a boyfriend.

Suspecting the dating news to be false, many of Jackson’s fans immediately stepped up to defend their idol and accused the netizens of fabricating rumors. In the video, Jackson was wearing his own brand of clothing “Team Wang” and the logo can clearly be seen on the back of his shirt. Fans sarcastically asked which celebrity would wear clothing with his name on his back while on a date?

Fans also pointed out that the video clip was not taken at a nightclub, but rather at a party for Jackson’s clothing brand which was attended by many influencers. There were obviously staff and a large number of security at the event, thus it is very unlikely that it was a date. Furthermore, fans pointed to Jackson’s passionate personality and animated gestures with his friends, so it is not unusual for him to be holding Iris’ hand. Dismissing the rumors, fans laughed off the speculations and do not believe that Jackson is romantically involved with Iris.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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