Jamie Chik Reflects on Being Michael Miu’s Wife and an 80s Star

Jamie Chik (戚美珍) is the devoted wife of Michael Miu (苗僑偉) and the loving mother of two children. Jamie and Michael began dating after costarring in the 1982 TVB drama, You Only Live Twice <飛越十八層>. After the couple got married in 1990, Jaime decided to leave her successful TV career and become a full-time mother. After 22 years of marriage, the couple is still very loving and close. Jamie and Michael are considered to be the ideal married couple and are respected by many in the entertainment circle.

In a recent interview, Jamie shared various details about her life ranging from her glory days as a TVB actress in the 1980s, and the wisdom she has gained as a mother and woman entering her fifties.

Not Impressed by Michael Miu Initially

In 1981, Jamie graduated from TVB acting class where many famous Hong Kong stars including Andy Lau (劉德華), Tony Leung Chiu Wai (梁朝偉), Felix Wong (黃日華), Tony Leung Ka Fai (梁家煇) Carina Lau (劉嘉玲), and many more legends began their careers.

Jamie has many fond memories of the time with her TVB classmates. She met Michael Miu for the first time in acting class. Jamie remembered how Michael and Felix Wong were parading themselves in the classroom trying to get attention from the girls. With their good looks and charm, the girls were mesmerized by the them and kept saying, “Felix Wong is so good looking! Michael Miu is so tall and well-built!”

However, Jamie was not impressed by Felix and Michael at that time. She said to herself, “So what!” and proceeded to ignore them.

Instead, Jamie directed her attention towards her classmates, Andy Lau and Tony Leung Ka Fai. Jamie often met with her classmates at a bar where classmate, Andy Dai (戴志偉) was a part- time singer. Jamie revealed that Andy Lau sang quite a few times during Andy Dai’s absence. Andy Lau always had a passion for singing very early on in his career, and would sing at any event. Therefore, Jamie was not surprised that Andy Lau became one of the Four Heavenly Kings during the 1990s.

EYT Years

After graduating from acting class, Jamie became a cast member of the popular variety show, Enjoy Yourself Tonight <歡樂今宵>. She gained more fame in her portrayal of Ah Chun in EYT’s humorous skit, Shrimp the Tsai Daddy <蝦仔爹哋> along with Louis Castro (賈思樂), Lo Hoi Peng (盧海鵬), and  Meg Lam (林建明). Together with her costars, Jamie brought much laughter to viewers in the 1980s.

Jamie’s fondest and happiest memories in her entertainment career were during her EYT years. She had the best time impersonating singers and actresses. Jaime was very nervous when impersonating pop diva, Paula Tsui (徐小鳳), for the first time. With Ivan Ho’s (何守信) cheering and clapping on the side, Jamie was able to gain confidence to continue with the performance. To this day, Jaime is still grateful for Ivan’s support and they still remain good friends.

Cast in her first drama, You Only Live Twice, Jamie started dating Michael Miu in 1982.

Although her relationship with Michael went well, Jamie remained focused on building her career. She later portrayed a number of prominent roles in many classic 1980s drama such as Flying Fox of Snowy Mountains <雪山飛狐>, The Yang Saga <楊家將>, and The Turbulent Decade <黄金十年>. Jamie said acting was quite a memorable experience, as she had to literally start from scratch to create a character.

A Dedicated Wife and Mother

After 8 years of an off-and-on relationship, Jamie and Michael finally tied the knot in 1990. Jamie gave up her successful TV career after the birth of her children. She became a dedicated full-time mother focusing all her energy on her son and daughter.

“Actually, I was never someone with big ambitions!” Jamie continued, “In the 1990s, I didn’t watch any TV series but I spent most of my time watching cartoons and listening to children’s songs. I had no clue of what was going on in the entertainment world.”

Living a happy life with a good husband and a pair of healthy babies, Jamie was satisfied being an ordinary housewife and did not even care about her appearance. Jamie ballooned up to 170 pounds during that period. Alan Tam (譚詠麟) even gave her a nickname “Ho Man Tin Fat Chun” (何文田肥珍). However, Michael never complained about her weight gain. He even jokingly said, “I like my wife when she’s round and smooth!”

Losing Weight for Health Reasons

Although Michael did not care too much about Jamie being overweight, he was worried that her massive weight gain may affect her health. When Jamie started having pain walking up and down the stairs, Michael bought a treadmill to encourage her to lose weight.

It took Jamie 3 years to lose more than 50 pounds. The gossip magazines wrote that “Fat Chun” was forced to lose weight to keep her husband. Jamie could not care less about the gossip; she strongly believes that a woman should be willing to make the sacrifices for the man she loves and have no regrets.

The Secret of a Good Marriage

Many people admire Jamie and Michael’s ability to remain a loving couple after 22 years of marriage. Jamie said there is really no formula to having a good long-lasting marriage.

“The most important thing is: does the couple have the intention to be together forever? If the couple has the same goals, in which everything they do is for the family, then you will do many things naturally. Even if the other person is wrong, you will tolerate him.”

Jamie and Michael are each other’s boss. “Even now I will get permission from my boss, Michael, first before accepting any job. If he said okay then I will do it.” Jamie always put her family as her first priority. She will never accept any job when Michael is filming a drama. Someone has to be around to take care of the family.

Return to the Entertainment Industry

In 2008, Michael had time off between filming dramas, so Jaime made her TV comeback in Born Rich <富貴門>. Since her children are grown up, Jamie is shifting her focus back to the entertainment business again. After discussing with Michael, she became the host for the weekly TVB show, Tasting Life <珍情品味>. The feedback for the show was so good that TVB extended the show with additional episodes.

Recently, Jamie and the original cast of Shrimp the Tsai Daddy put the popular skit back on stage. Being a supportive husband, Michael attended every performance and acted as Jamie’s assistant taking care of her every need.

Source: Sudden Weekly #906 via ihktv.com

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  1. Jamie and Michael are a lovely couple. It is very hard to keep a marriage going after 22 years in the entertainment industry.

    1. They did leave the entertainment industry for many years. I think the years away from the limelight also helps.

    2. I agree that the years away from the industry certainly helped as well…

  2. I don’t remember the exact details of what he said, but Michael mentioned once in an interview that he unintentionally exposed his relationship with Jaime while they were holding hands at the airport, and the reporters caught up to them LOL. I also think Michael/Jaime went on double dates with Kent Tong/Barbara Yung frequently?

    1. I think they did. They were very good friends in the 80s.

      1. Very sad. Barbara Yung was quite popular when she passed away. She acted with Michael Miu in one of her very last drama series.

      2. Not true. They were best friends. Michael once said when Barbara died Jamie hired some taoist priest to try to recall her soul in the mortuary. It showed how close they were.

        By the way Barbara Yung was VERY popular when she passed away. Which explains why Kent Tong’s career died that day as well even if he is not to be blamed.

      3. really? heard differently, ppl say jamie laughed to herself at brabara’s funeral, also in the papers at that time.. kent tong went out with another lady actor, in order to get his attention, she turned on the gas stove

      4. Rumours are just rumours and only they would know. I also heard that Jamie and Barbara were not best friends. Some said that Jamie told Barbara that Kent hung out with Sandra Ng which made Barbara sad and jealous, which is why many of Barbara’s die hard fans don’t like Jamie. However, after Barbara passed away, Jamie was really sad and some thought it was out of guilt…But honestly, no ones the whole truth except for the ones involved. The past is the past and we should all let it go…

      5. Laughed during Barbara’s funeral? Now that is plain silly and malicious. I believe Michael’s version.

      6. “Kent tong went out with sandra ng……”

        Barbara Yung shouldn’t waste her life just like that when he was just dating or hanging out Sandra ng…

      7. I am watching The Fearless Duo starring Michael Miu and Barbara Yung. It is a good series and hilarious. I am laughing each time I watch them.

  3. I think MM made a return to tvb series with The Academy (costarred with Ron Ng, Sammual Chan, Chin Kar Lok, Michelle Yim and Tavia). From that series todate, he has also lost some weight and looking even hotter. I enjoy Jamie as co-host for tvb variety programme.

  4. I was told Michael was considering 2 ladies to woo, one was Jamie and the other was Anita Mui but in the end he chose the more subdue private Jamie. Is that true?

    1. Yeah. I heard about it. I think it was true. Michael Miu admitted that in one of his interviews.

      Michael Miu fell for Anita Mui after filming a TVB drama series “香江花月夜”, in 1984. Anita Mui was the 1st lead actress in this drama series.

      1. I think Michael and Anita always had a thing for each other. There was a period when Jaime and Michael were separated, and that’s when he began dating Anita publicly.

        Anita always had great taste in men, lol!

      2. Serious? I thought it was at the very beginning and not during their relationship?

  5. That’s so sweet! Michael Miu is one of my favourite actors. I haven’t seen Jaime Chik’s acting yet..

    1. wow you need to watch her old series. She was very beautiful and was a great actress. She does not age too well. LOVE HER REGARDLESS.

    2. jamie chik is one of the hottest tvb fadan in the 80′.one of her memorable role is in the smiling proud wanderers(1984) with fatgor.

    3. Heh. I mostly remember her in The Smiling, Proud Wanderer and Police Cadet. As the one who’d fall for the wrong guy.

    4. I think the series that she was the most beautiful in was her debut one which is The Sacred Commandment. She was really beautiful in there but yea, she does not age well..

  6. I noticed her in Born Rich and was taken up by her acting and looks and then only found out who she was. That’s great, esp. when they are actors, to have their marriage last this long. I do wish that they have many more years together.

  7. michael looks so hot for his age. he looks better when he older than when he was younger, judging from the photo. they are the golden couple

  8. As previously said. Jamie has not aged so well and was very pretty back then. Opposite for Michael as he looks better now than when he was younger.

  9. love Michael. love his acting love his sexy voice. think he has a business w Jamie in Vancouver, true? anyone? Jamie was a very pretty in 80s.. Love both

    1. I think that Michael sometimes overacts a bit. But he really looks good for his age.

      I read that they sold their business before they came back to HK.

      She really was very pretty, but I can’t really remember her acting. For now, I haven’t seen her yet.

      It’s great that they are married for 22 years now but if they stayed in the spotlight they probably wouldn’t have lasted that long. Let’s see if they manage to hold on for the next 10 years after the revivals of their careers.

  10. Very admire & loving couple and an ideal family model role. Wish them keeping it.
    Prefer to see Jasmie come back into more dramas.

    1. Jamie Chik was pretty but she was not good in acting when she was young.

  11. I think the American couple need to see this relationship. True and Grounded!!!!
    amazing! This is why ties couples together…LOVELOVELOVE

  12. she has deep set eyes, ppl with that kind of eyes won’t age well, jamie has balloned into a grizzly before, to lose a lot of weight from that size would certainly make her look old, read about an article that MM was involved in an affair, don’t know if it was the first time but their marriage is not as smooth sailing as many ppl think

    1. Michael Miu is already better than many male artistes with his handsome look and good built.

      I think Michael Miu could be the best in love rumours during their prime time among the 5 tigers (Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Felix Wong, Ken Tong, and Michael Miu) in the 80’s

  13. I myself have been very happily married for just ovger 25 years and therefore it is great to hear of other happily married couples. Yes, I agree with the comment that there are very few long term marriages in the entertainment industry these days. I have always liked Jaime and thinks she is one of the most nicest people around but also a good actress. Michael was so manly in his younger days and still is even in middle age. I think he is also a good actor. Good luck to them and may they have many many more years of blissful married life.

  14. i wud say jamie still looks very much pretty at least in my own eyes, being a mom is not easy leh…. she still looks good hor, though hb still very handsome now… but they make a great couple, leng zhai leng lui during their younger days….

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