Janice Man Started Rumor With Nicolas Tse For Publicity?

Although Janice Man (文詠珊) and Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) never had chances to collaborate in the past, the romantic rumors heated gossip columns. According to recent tabloids, Janice started romantic rumors with Nicholas so she can boost her own publicity. But in the end, Nicholas only addressed Janice as a “good friend”, forcing her to admit to her single status.

Signed under Leon Lai’s (黎明) A Music for four years as a model and actress, Janice did not have many opportunities to shine. She filmed few dramas and only appeared as cameos. In hopes to advance her career and earn more money, Janice reportedly aimed to get herself close to Nicholas, since he has the fame she needs to be recognized. Furthermore, Janice once publicly claimed she likes men with mustaches who are ten years older, hinting that Nicholas was her ideal man.

Since Janice did not know Nicholas personally, she asked their mutual friends to introduce her to him. The group had two dinners together, one of which was a birthday party for Nicholas’ business companion. That night, Janice reportedly attempted to flirt with Nicholas and took the initiative to ask for his number. According to tabloids, Janice quickly revealed to the press that she has a secret crush on Nicholas right after the dinner.

Janice’s reported claim aroused much suspicion. An insider working in the modeling industry hinted that Janice had leaked rumors of her relationship with Nicholas. “When we asked when the relationship started, she couldn’t answer!” the insider said.

After learning of Janice’s reported motives, her mutual friends who introduced her to Nicholas were enraged. A source exclaimed, “Everyone knows Nicholas likes women who are older than him! Why would he like a young woman? Using him for publicity like this is ridiculous!” Janice refused to respond when questioned about the reports.

Source: Oriental Sunday via ihktv.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Is Cecilia older than Nic? I know Bondy and Faye were both older than Nic though …

    My friend dated his sister for awhile and said he was so in love with faye even after their break up.

    I don’t see Nic liking Janice but who knows … anything is possible now .

  2. At some point Nicholas will want a younger woman as he himself gets older.

    Anyway my reaction to this news is

    yes…no… maybe..could be.. really?…err…ok…whatever.

    1. Some men tend to date older women when they are in their 18- late 20’s. Perhaps sexual drives or older women have more experience? However, As they hit their late 50’s, men tend to date someone younger than 25 yrs old LOL ? For example: Nick’s father? LOL

      1. OMG! Don’t even mention grandfather+granddaughter (or wider age gap) relationships.

  3. “Everyone knows Nicholas likes women who are older than him! Why would he like a young woman?

    it’s time ^^

  4. well nic starting to be like his dad , dating young girls half his age or younger lol

  5. If this is the case, Leon’s company needs to promote this girl better and get her recognized. She’s too beautiful to be acting all skanky for attention.

  6. Oh yeah im willing to bet a million bucks that she started the rumour herself!

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