Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan Hold Second Wedding Banquet

Following their lavish fairy-tale wedding in England last month, Jay Chou (周杰倫) and Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) held a second wedding banquet on February 9, this time in Taiwan. The banquet’s special guest was Jay’s elderly grandmother, who was unable to attend the first ceremony due to the long-distance flight.

The wedding banquet, which was held by the outdoor pool at the Taipei W Hotel 10, was attended by 150 friends and family members, including TV hostess Chang Hsiaoyen (張小燕), actor Eric Tsang (曾志偉), singer Jody Chiang (江蕙), TV host Chang Fei (張菲), and singer Fei Yu-ching (費玉清). Jay also toted around his and Hannah’s beloved pet dog, named Maji.

Notably absent at the banquet was entertainer Jacky Wu (吳宗憲), who is often credited with discovering Jay’s talent and launching his career. However, he was not invited to the event, though he did express his congratulations toward Jay on a variety show appearance.

Despite the more elderly audience, Jay decorated the banquet to have a circus theme, complete with a ticket booth entrance and a carousel on the stage. Because of the cold weather, he also set up tents and space heaters for the guests. The atmosphere was so exciting that Jay’s grandmother, who was originally meant to sit inside, asked to sit outside with everyone else so she could feel more like a participant.

The décor was arranged by Jay and the same artistic team that he uses for his music videos. Entertainment for the evening included an 11-member choir, a jazz band accompaniment, and a breath-taking 15-minute-long magic show, during which the magician floated a paper rose bouquet into the air and then turned it into a bunch of genuine roses for Hannah.

Previously, Jay stated that he did not want any monetary gifts from his guests at this banquet, leading to much praise and thanks from the attendees.

Jay Chou wedding 9  Jay Chou wedding 8

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Either he’s having a serious case of hemorrhoids or his swaggering walk in the photo is more pronounced than the wedding in England.

  2. Reallyturn your wedding into a circus and u guys become the clown.its just not tasteful at all. Talk about elegance and romantic.

    1. The “elegance and romantic” was at the first wedding in a CASTLE in ENGLAND. They have a chance (and money) to hold a a second wedding, they can do whatever they want lol

    2. He missed out on that birthday theme when he’s small, so now he’s not wasting a perfect opportunity!

      I can’t say I like Hannah’s wedding dress, it look like a sleeping gown :/ and the cake, what’s that pink knob lol. That walk.. Thank god there is no video of this wedding walk either, so I don’t have to see that annoying walk he does lol.

  3. This is random, and I’m quite a Jay fan myself, as I like his performances and whatnot, but am I the only one who kinda finds him a wee bit shady…? lol. I hate kinda judging him like this, but idk, I’ve always gotten manipulative vibes from and it doesn’t seem like he’s always being genuine… Like he’s never shown his true self…?

    Anyway, the concept is fine since it’s just a banquet. Don’t know what the fuss is about lol.

    1. i thought the 1st one looked fake. this 2nd one is more natural…less acting involved.

      1. Ditto your thoughts on #2.

        #1 reeked of a pageant and staging of a fantasy romantic dream, the typical white-knight stuff of which makes school swoon and cream in their knickers.

        But #1 came out as too OTT ‘stagey’ complete with stallion … like a show house, which cannot be enjoyably lived in.

        This one seems more tongue in chee (life is a circus for people to gawk at, so let’s bring it on for our spectators) but a down to earth fu prankn, that they can actually enjoy.

      2. typo: school ___

        school(girls) swoon and …

        typo: tongue in chee(k)

        typo: a down to earth (fun prank)

  4. Can’t help but feel he’s merely putting on an act with very pretty arm candy. Regardless, one’s willing to splash out, the other’s willing to be a participant, who are we to judge.

  5. Personally I think he has done more than enuff for a wedding unlike so many other stars that kept mum and lied about their marriage status for years!!

  6. Still feel euw about him, dating Hannah since she was just turn 17.

  7. Okay it’s getting a tad ridiculous. Don’t know if he is being a egotistical groomzilla or just showing off his wealth.

    1. First lavish one in England, now followed by a circus in Taiwan and then another one in Australia.

      1. England wedding is what the couple wanted. Taiwan wedding is what the grandma and Taiwanese friends and family wanted.If it’s true about having a wedding in Australia, I guess it’s to appease Hannah’s family too.

        If you’ve got the money then why not? Personally I’d find it tiring haha

    2. @Just passing by – When is the China wedding? You know, to appease the ancestors 😛

      1. @PT-Lol Since when did the Taiwanese care about appeasing China? :p

  8. Hannah have pretty eyes but the nose looks weird. Also her pinkish skin alway reminds me of someone who just have a laser peel and is recovering. It just doesn’t look natural. But I guess she is one rich lucky girl.

    1. I think she has a nice nose since she is half Australian. At least she is natural.

  9. Do they think marriage is a fairytale or they want to live out their fantasies? Some people have a lot to learn about marriage and living together.

    1. Their wedding ceremonies seem like a show…but a marriage is more than all these drama. It’s a lifetime of tolerating and standing by each other.

  10. hmm…why wasn’t Jacky Wu invited? I thought they were at least buddies. And I should think Jacky can be considered an “elder” in the industry.

  11. What’s with the teddy bear? What is she? like 10? haha LOL…n that wedding pink dress, do you need to tell everyone that you are younger way younger than the groom? omg, rich is rich but that’s just weird. She definitely looks better in that English castle theme. This is like I am marrying someone 15 years older? haah lol…

      1. Oh my gosh, their dog truly looks like a stuffed teddy bear!

    1. Haha. That’s Maji, their pet dog. Looks cute right? Like a doll.

  12. I think their wedding theme is fun. Afterall, it is their day so they can do what they want. I actually love the carnival/circus theme since it looks really lively, happy and brings back many fond memories for me as well. Congrats to them and hope they enjoyed their day.

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