Jay Chou Denies Marrying Girlfriend, Hannah Quinlivan

It was revealed earlier that 32-year-old Jay Chou (周杰伦)  and 18-year-old girlfriend, Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌), went on vacation in France and Japan. Tabloids claimed that Jay and Hannah even got secretly married in France. Clarifying the rumors, Jay noted that if he were married, he would make an announcement. Asked whether he had found an ideal partner yet, Jay said, “This question is quite special. Let me think about it and I will tell you!”

The Taiwan edition of Apple Daily published a photo of Jay and Hannah’s August vacation in France, which exposed the couple’s dating relationship. Netizens revealed that Jay and Hannah traveled to Tokyo, Japan this month. A recent photo of Jay’s mother taken in Japan’s Harajuku district [implying that she had traveled to Japan together with Jay and Hannah]. Yesterday, a netizen revealed that on October 9th, Jay and Hannah were spotted shopping in the Shibuya district of Japan, which matched the time frame of Jay’s mother’s photo taken in the Harajuku district. Apparently, the trio had indeed taken a vacation to Japan together!

According to the witness’ account, President Chou appeared reticent while maintaining his distance from Hannah on the streets of Japan. At the time, President Chou was shopping by himself and met up with Hannah afterward. When Hannah shopped, President Chou asked one of his dancer friends to serve as a lookout. A netizen supplied a photo of Hannah standing outside a Disney store in the Shibuya district. Asked to confirm whether Hannah and Jay vacationed together in Japan, Hannah’s manager replied, “We will not respond to the artist’s private affairs.”

Promoting at Hit FM yesterday, Jay noted that his intention to get married at the age of 35-years-old remained unchanged. “I do not want to have a generation gap with my children.” Regarding allegations that he got secretly married in France, Jay said, “When I saw the report, I just laughed! There is no need to hide if I were to get married and especially no need to get a marriage certificate at such a faraway location.” Jay vowed to announce his marriage when it occurs.

On the other hand, in a recent interview, Hannah stated, “I can get married right now!” Apparently, Hannah was intent on marrying only President Chou!


Source: Sohu.com

Jayne: So perhaps Jay did not get married yet, but Hannah is a lucky girl to be traveling across continents with President Chou! Ah, how to prove a secret marriage unless the press obtains a copy of their marriage certificate?

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  1. I suppose if he really went to such lengths to hide his marriage, he would not admit it even if it was true. But I never thought it was because he’s not the type to hide marriage.


    Because he has ridiculous old-fashioned ideals. He’s the type who would stake a “claim” on “his woman” which he can only do by acknowledging a marriage. Furthermore, he’s has the idea that his wife should not work (and instead cater to his every whim and wish – or his mother’s). That is unlikely if he married someone like Patty Hou or Jolin, mature women with established careers. However, on the other hand, someone like Hannah is still a child and already worships him, so she would do exactly as told. And it would become obvious that they married.

    And frankly, I can’t take the relationship seriously. Who goes on a romantic vacation WITH YOUR MOTHER?!! (Even someone as close to his mother as Jay is.)

    1. Maybe the mother was there as their witness to their marriage haha

      1. Then I feel sad for her because she didn’t have any family there. And anyways, if they got married in France why would she need to go on their honeymoon with them?

  2. We’ll probably know for sure if she starts popping out kids since that’s Jay’s intentions.

    I wonder if he really likes that fact that she’s young and fertile so it can happen sooner for him lol

    1. LOL. He’s hardly an old man so I doubt fertility is an issue. As long as the girl is under 30, she’s in prime state. Never heard the younger, the better before.

      1. Well it is just better that she is under 30 and he does obviously want more than one so he probably likes that she is extremely young and has many years to bear children for him.

        Haha just my thoughts since Jay has always said he would like lots of kids before he’s 35.

  3. She is young and beautiful. Jay is a good actor in the Green Hornet.

  4. shes is pretty cute, but damn 18? kinda robbing the cradle there jay, that a boy!

  5. Wow, that’s really a nice photo of Hannah. She looks very nice. What mixed heritage is she?

    If she is natural, I think she is the prettiest of all the recent Angelababy, Viann, Mavis, etc.

  6. The reporter should have asked if Jay Chou had broken the girl’s virginity instead of asking if there was a wedding.

  7. It gave me a surprise when I heard he marry an 18 year old girl.she sure is beautiful. somehow this is like a admirer who finally get to marry her idol but WOW to marry at 18 so early…

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