Jeannie Chan and Sisley Choi Join “Flying Tiger 3”

With the first two seasons of Flying Tiger <飛虎> generating billions of views on Chinese online platforms and becoming Shaw Brothers’ biggest hit drama to-date, filming is currently under way for the third season of the police drama.

The new season sees the return of its main cast as well as some new faces. Michael Miu (苗僑偉), Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), and Ron Ng (吳卓羲) have already become synonymous with the Flying Tiger franchise. New cast members include Joe Ma (馬德鐘), Roger Kwok (郭晉安), Eddie Cheung (張兆輝), Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), Sisley Choi (蔡思貝),  Jeannie Chan (陳瀅), and Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), who attended Flying Tiger 3‘s <飛虎3之壯志英雄> blessing ceremony earlier this week.

Michael and Bosco both expressed that they hope Flying Tiger will have a long-running broadcast, just like popular sitcom Come Home Love <愛‧回家>. Although the first two seasons had many action scenes, Michael expressed that viewers can anticipate even more exciting fights in the third season. While Roger won’t be partaking in any of the action stunts due to his role as a microbiologist, viewers will be sure to enjoy his presence in the drama.

Another highlight will be Bosco’s new romance with Jeannie Chan (陳瀅), an OCTB detective. Jeannie revealed that this will be her most action-packed drama, “I have to wear a revealing dress while fighting in one scene. The action scenes are going to be hard for me–I’m not sure how to handle them yet.” When Bosco revealed that he has a bed scene with Jeannie, Michael joked, “All the pretty girls and the kiss scenes are given to him – I don’t have anything.”

Filming Legal Mavericks 2 <踩過界II> earlier, Sisley admits that she has to get in shape for Flying Tiger 3. “I have to go to the gym again and do more stretching to prepare for the upcoming action scenes.” Unlike Jeannie’s daring scenes, Sisley will have more emotional scenes as she is involved in a tearjerker romance with Ron.

As filming just started, Flying Tiger 3 will likely see a 2021 release.  With the new season boasting an incredible star-studded cast and an all-new female lead ensemble, fans can look forward to more fast-paced action that viewers have come to expect from the popular franchise.

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  1. This series would be way better if they just cut out all the female cast members that do nothing for the plot. Take Christine Kuo for example – waste of air time in FT2.

    1. @bubbles23 Agree or at least have them do more than just a love interest. For example, I liked Venus’ storyline in the first instalment as she was part of the team and story. Grace’s role was so pointless and didn’t add to anything.

      1. @tt23 ikr. I still cringe that they wrote in Grace’s character. Like Ron+Jeana was great… but they just had to have another love interest. Zoie was probably the only one worth watching in the second one.

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