Jennifer Yu Releases New Single with Cheronna Ng

Though once a model couple, Carlos Chan (陳家樂) and Jennifer Yu‘s (余香凝) breakup came as a surprise. There were many rumors afterwards about Jennifer cheating in the relationship, but this was denied by both parties.  After two years, Carlos has found new love with Shiga Lin (連詩雅), while Jennifer remains single and is focusing on new breakthroughs in her career, including restarting her singing career.

Collaborates with Cheronna Ng

Other than filming for dramas and movies, Jennifer recently released a song with Super Girls member Cheronna Ng (吳嘉熙) called “Heaven and Earth Split” <天地分裂> . In the music video, Jennifer plays the role of a rule-abiding angel while Cheronna is the devil. The music video has many daring scenes, including Cheronna’s bed scene where she takes off her bra and bares her back.

Jennifer does not mind baring skin as long as it is for a reasonable cause. “There was a movie that I filmed last year that was also very daring. I don’t have a limit because I will decide after reading the script. It is also important to trust your co-stars and the entire team. If it is worth it, I will give it my best effort.”

Angel Versus Devil

Everyone has had a moment in life where their inner angel and demon wrestle for control. Usually driven by her benevolent side, this can be tortuous for Jennifer in some cases. Remembering an incident from her school days when she felt picked on my a teacher, Jennifer silently endured it although it made her feel very conflicted. “The teacher felt that I was dyslexic, and asked whether I had gotten tested for it. Afterward, I cried through lunch, because I had never heard of this disorder and felt that it was a big deal. I feel that I didn’t have this disability because my grades were not bad. Teachers are not always right.” She joked that to this day, Jennifer still wonders if she has dyslexia, and will check her posts multiple times before sharing anything on social media.

Also sharing a story from her school days, Cheronna is someone who walks to the beat of her own drum. Her math grades were horrible, and a teacher once told her mom, “Can you please check to see if there are any problems with your daughter’s brain?’ The teacher’s harsh words did not bother Cheronna at all. In another incident, a different teacher complained Cheronna was problematic because she loved to talk during class. The teacher moved her seat to the back corner, but Cheronna still found a way to chat with her classmates.

Her biggest internal conflict was her indecisiveness over whether she should join the entertainment industry. Cheronna recalled, “The angel [inside me] said that my parents had raised me to be filial, so I should complete my education first before thinking about this. The devil said that my dream was to sing and dance, and this opportunity might be once in a lifetime.”


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