Jerry Yan Getting Married Soon with Seanna Chang?

After achieving breakthroughs in their careers in the classic idol drama, Meteor Garden <流星花园> 15 years ago, all four members of F4 shot to stardom almost overnight. Currently, the F4 members are all in their late thirties and rapidly approaching the stage of life where they are expected to settle down and start a family.

Vanness Wu (吴建豪) got married in 2013, Vic Zhou (周渝民) announced on November 10 that he had registered his marriage with girlfriend of four years, Reen Yu (喻虹渊). Amid the speculation over which of the remaining two F4 members will be next, there are rumors that it could be Jerry Yan (言承旭), who was recently spotted spending an extended holiday with his girlfriend, Taiwanese model Seanna Chang (张熙恩).

In July, Jerry was spotted at a bakery in California. Despite putting on a face mask, he was still recognized by fans. Curiously, Seanna revealed via social media that she was also in California at the time. A month later, when Jerry was in Tokyo attending a meet-and-greet with fans, Seanna was once again in the same city at the same time. She even recommended to her friends a bookshop in Tokyo, posting on her Facebook that “A lot of friends are holidaying in Japan this year.”

Furthermore, Jerry had earlier remarked, “I was previously not very mature, but I’m a lot more serious about love now.” At the time, he also praised Jay Chou (周杰伦) for having found a life partner at his age, and said that he viewed Jay as a role model. Jerry’s words seemed to imply that he had intentions of getting married himself.

It is unclear when Jerry and Seanna started dating, but their romance was first speculated when they were photographed in March 2014 singing karaoke together and taking the same car home late at night. A month after the publication of the photographs, Seanna broke up with her then boyfriend, Tang Kuo Chang (唐国忠), who was also a good friend of Jerry’s.


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  1. Jerry is getting married, hmmmmm…….interesting. Another Taiwanese celebrity male getting married for perhaps the wrong reasons. If he is honest with the girlfriend, and she still agrees to marry him, then that is their family matter.

    1. @Janet2
      Isn’t there KEN guy? Don’t remember his last name.
      The girl above does look pretty above.

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