Jerry Yan Responds to Gay Rumors with Jenson Tien

Although Jerry Yan‘s (言承旭) romantic rumors with Chiling Lin (林志玲) circulated for many years, he never directly addressed them. Others speculate that the 41-year-old actor is actually gay, gossip that has surrounded him since his Meteor Garden <流星花園> days 17 years ago. The recent sighting of 40-year-old Taiwanese actor Jenson Tien‘s (田家達) five-day stay at Jerry’s house further fueled gossip.

Formerly romantically linked with actor Delie Chen (陳德烈), Jenson grew close to Jerry after collaborating on Because Love <因為愛> and it was not the first time they were speculated to be a gay couple. Previously, Jenson had shared that when they initially met, Jerry texted him to go exercise together. Since Jenson didn’t have Jerry’s cell phone number at the time and didn’t know who had actually sent the text, Jenson coldly replied, “No need to.” Jenson recalled, “So Jerry initially thought I was very difficult to get along with.”

During Jenson’s recent five-day stay at Jerry’s house, the pair stepped out separately to buy takeout during mealtimes to avoid being sighted together. Some saw the behavior as being deliberate to avoid the paparazzi.

As the gossip spread, Jenson’s agent said, “In Beijing, they were roommates.” Jerry issued a statement via his company on December 30 to clarify the situation. Jerry said, “We’re friends and got together for a private gathering.”

Sources: Yahoo

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  1. I’m curious why people always complain Jerry is old and no longer famous blah blah blah but they will never leave him alone. Spending time with friends is considered gay these days. Not spending time with others will be called a loner too. The media will start finding problems with people breathing soon too.

  2. Gay or not, it is his own life. Just leave him alone to enjoy himself. He is not married, he does not need to answer to anyone.

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